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Italy -Rome, Venice, Milan, Como Lake, Bellagio, Florence, Bologna. United Kingdom -The whole Kingdom including scottish land. Belgium France -Paris, Lille, Calais, Metz, Nancy. The Netherland -Amsterdam, Utretcht, Roermond, Mastricht, Rotterdam, Zaans schans, Velondam, keukenhof etc. Chez Republic -Prague. Slovakia -Bratislava. Hungary -Budapest. Austria -Vienna, Salzburg. Switzerland -Basel, Zurich, Interlaken Lake, jungfraujich, geneva, brig, lausanne, Lugano Germany -West and East Germany except Munich. Luxembourg United States of America -San Francisco, Hawaii. Poland -Warsaw and Lodz Spain -Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Barcelona Turkey -Istanbul Singapore Russia -st.petersburg and counting...


Friday, 31 December 2010

Yesterday, when I was young

I watched TOAST last night. It was adaptation from the real life story of Nigel Slater. The great cook nowadays in the UK.

The heart wrenching story of him when he was a child. The hunger kid who lost his mum at a young age etc..I love the soundtrack of the movie..Here take a listen to this song.

Yesterday, when I was young,
The taste of life was sweet, as rain upon my tongue,
I teased at life, as if it were a foolish game,
The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame

The thousand dreams I dreamed, the splendid things I planned,
I always built, alas, on weak and shifting sand,
I lived by night, and shunned the naked light of day,
And only now, I see, how the years ran away

Yesterday, when I was young,
So many happy songs were waiting to be sung,
So many wild pleasures lay in store for me,
And so much pain, my dazzled eyes refused to see

I ran so fast that time, and youth at last ran out,
I never stopped to think, what life, was all about,
And every conversation, I can now recall,
Concerned itself with me, and nothing else at all

Yesterday, the moon was blue,
And every crazy day, brought something new to do,
I used my magic age, as if it were a wand,
And never saw the worst, and the emptiness beyond

The game of love I played, with arrogance and pride,
And every flame I lit, too quickly, quickly died,
The friends I made, all seemed somehow to drift away,
And only I am left, on stage to end the play

There are so many songs in me, that won't be sung,
I feel the bitter taste, of tears upon my tongue,
The time has come for me to pay,
For yesterday, when I was young

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Mini chocolate moist muffins

I made this for our tea..

The little peanut just lovessssss them so much!

Nursery rhymes

Haris loves nursery rhymes so much . Hence, every time he requests for the nursery rhymes he will say 'wa wa wa'.

Nevertheless, some people did throw me with this question. 'Where is the 'wa wa wa' words come from?'. Actually, when I introduced ' The wheels on the bus' song to him, there was the rhyme which saying ' the baby on the bus goes wa wa wa, in the song' . 'Nursery rhymes' words are too tricky and difficult for a 17 months old baby to say it, so he just said wa wa wa instead. But no worries, we do understand him. The latest song that he is really falling in love is, 'Five little ducks'. He noticed this song when he watched 'Mr. Tumble' on the Cbeebies.

The lyrics of the song is,

Five little ducks

Went out one day

Over the hill and far away

Mother duck said

"Quack, quack, quack, quack."

But only four little ducks came back.

Four little ducks

Went out one day

Over the hill and far away

Mother duck said

"Quack, quack, quack, quack."

But only three little ducks came back.

Three little ducks

Went out one day

Over the hill and far away

Mother duck said

"Quack, quack, quack, quack."

But only two little ducks came back.

Two little ducks

Went out one day

Over the hill and far away

Mother duck said

"Quack, quack, quack, quack."

But only one little duck came back.

One little duck

Went out one day

Over the hill and far away

Mother duck said

"Quack, quack, quack, quack."

But none of the five little ducks came back.

Sad mother duck

Went out one day

Over the hill and far away

The sad mother duck said

"Quack, quack, quack."

And all of the five little ducks came back.

Nursery rhymes are really good for the babies and toddlers develpment. As for Haris, he knows and recognises duck after he was introduced to this song, and the funny thing is, he can make the duck sound 'quack' everytime I ask him 'what's the sound does the duck make?'. Such a cutie pie!

Anyone knows an interesting nursery rhymes songs? If yes, please do share them with me. So far we have been listening to many songs such as,

-The wheels on the bus.

-Row row your boat


-Are you sleeping


-Incy wincy spider

-Ba ba black sheep

-Mary had a little lamb

-I am a little teapot

-Mulbery bush

-Humpty dumpty

-ring2 a roses

-I am a music man

-ABC song

-Small world

-10 green bottles

-12345 when I caught a fish alive

and many more. Before this I only know very little about nursery rhymes but trust me, I can sing all those songs pretty well ( oh I shall say very well instead!) since i had Haris.hehehehe

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Epiphany of a little girl, used to be..

I was staring at one of my cousin status on the Facebook. She shouted about, when she was a little girl nobody had ever told how cute or beautiful she was. Referring to her status, she said people should tell or even pretend on saying how beautiful of each little girl is.

Frankly, I remember having an epiphany similar to her. 'Waking up and thinking, why am I not as beautiful as this or that girl'. I envied them especially when they were a center of attraction of the boys and teachers.They are like a shining stars on the cloudy skies. Their confidence is soaring high and they look very attractive indeed.

During my matriculation year, one of our Biology teacher showed favouritism towards fair and lovely looking students only, regardless the fact that some of them are brainless. Thus, me being an ugly duck in the class always reserved and lack of confidence in communication and giving idea in that subject. The worst thing was, I badly admired one of the boy in my class and sadly, he did not even notice my existence. Well, who will remember the bushy eyebrows girl with brown skin? Sigh!

When I started working and having my own money, I still did not know the right way to dress up and look good. I am quite impressed with the teenagers nowadays. They are much daring and too fashionable until overdressing if compared to non Muslim people. They are too sexy I shall say. Well, they are looking well sometimes, but unfortunately it is not a right way on showing it.

Beauty is not about 14 inches thick of make up which you apply on your face and it just not about the minimal fabrics you are putting on to cover your body either. The truth is, beauty is coming from inside out. Beauty lies in the purest heart and good attitude.

Whatever it is, now I know. I learn that fashion is unique and subjective. Something good on you do not mean good on others, or otherwise! So, just be yourself no matter what! You are beautiful in your own way...Just listen to this song and the lyrics, You are beautiful by James Blunt...

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Friday, 24 December 2010

White Christmast

This year Belgium is definitely having a white christmast. The snow has been falling from the sky since yesterday morning and until now, still has.

I think this christmast brings us and our wicked neighbour together. Both of us are offering truce. I have my good old neighbour back but my upper stairs neighbour is moving out at the end of this month. What a shame! He has been a very good neighbour for all these years. So far, we are the longest and oldest tenant in this block.

Anyway, I take this opportunity to wish merry christmast to all my christian friends and a very happy new year to all...

Friday, 17 December 2010

The 'beauty' lies under the imperfection..

'If you expect perfect, you are not gonna be happy. So, just accept and tolerate with the imperfection.'

How lovely the quote above is. I trully agree with it. In this world, nothing is perfect so how come some people claim they are perfectionist.

Perfection is just like 'beauty'. They are only exist in the eyes of the beholder. Something might be perfect for me but not for others, otherwise!

The pink legging looks good and perfect on my eyes when I pair it with the blue jacket but the combination maybe look ugly and very odd to other people. That is the simple example I can give in the context of toleration with the imperfection. What to do, I only have one snow jacket for Haris and if the legging is orange by any chance, still I will put it on with the same winter jacket.hehhehee.

The conclution is, do not expect perfect or if not we are not gonna be happy in life...

16 going on 17

In a few days away, Haris will turn 17 months old. Only one month left before entering one and half year of his age. Most of the babies are sleeping through the whole night, perhaps ten to twelve hours stretch but it is far to happen for Haris. He keeps waking up in the night twice or thrice. Though, I do hope he will settle for the whole night when he reaches 18 months. Fingers crossed!

He gets less like a baby and more like a toddler day by day. Every time I give him a good bath in the morning, I notice how much his body's shape has changed. The pudgy limbs are gone. He still has his 'leftover' chubby cheeks and babyish pot belly but his arms and legs are long and lean.His hair is starting to cover his head and waving good bye to the baldness babyish looks. Oh he even got a little curly mullet but I trimmed it.

Haris is growing up in his own way too. He knows what he wanted and he shows his rebel by shouting out loud if he failed to get it. I tried to teach him to less shouting by saying 'turn your voice down, please' in a very soft voice every time he screams. Alhamdulillah, so far so good. I can see the improvement. Shouting back to him is not a good way because I read somewhere. The article says, babies are not trying to annoy you by screaming. It is just the way they channel their demand and request thus, shouting back to them will make they think you are trying to test their voice and the 'shouting' problems will never ending.

The little boss also has decided cutlery is must if he eats by his own on the highchair and he prefers to drink from beaker.I am impressed by his determination to master his fork and spoon. Normally, he easily loses his temper and starts crying when he could not do something that he eager to do, but not in the cutlery skills learning.

Haris also starts copying my behaviour. One day I see him put my hand phone on his ear and keep saying 'ello ello' and when he put the phone on the floor he said 'by, by'. How sweet is that!

There are many examples of him copying my action and talking over the phone is one of them.

How fast the time flies. I can't wait to have the second babies when he reaches three years old and is the sweetest creature in the whole world ..I can't deny it! Who can?

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Plain consideration

I don't know whether it's premonition or just plain consideration towards my feelings. Im in the midst of browsing the online designer handbag until I came across with this bag. I was aimed for Gucci and LV for the past few months and now I have made up my mind. After taking into account a few reasons, I chose Gucci. Plus, someone promised to buy me LV if he gets PHD. InsyaAllah.

Thus, one thing for sure, I am going to make sure this bag is mine. Just give me at least three months top to save my pocket money. InsyaAllah.


If the boss has an extra budget, I shall go for salvatore. The last one to 'pau' his money on handbag.

Monday, 13 December 2010

catch red handed

I think from the title above, people can guess what I try to say in this note. That idiom brings the meaning of catching someone in the middle of doing something wrong.

So, the story begins...

Everytime we go to the launderette, we will bring all the clothes in the blue Ikea bags. Those bags will be leaving on the top of the washing machine all together with the fabric softener and the washing powder. It just not us who left the Ikea bags like that, most of the customers will do the same thing, regardless the brand and type of the bags that they bring to the launderette.

A couple of weeks ago, the incident happened to Am whereby after loading the dryer and switching it on, he left the Ikea bags before the dryer and soon after that he went out for smoking. After five minutes and so, he returned to the launderette and find out the bags had been stolen. Suddenly, he spotted the bags with the black guy. Nicely, he said to the guy, ' all those bags are mine and I put them on the floor right in front of the dryer like others did!' Without drama, the black guy returned the bags to Am.

Can you see what is the problem here? Stealing! That is the problem. The icing on the cake was, the black man never said sorry for stealing and never felt guilty of his wrong doing.

Until one fine morning in the last two weeks, the incident happened again but this time I was at the location.

After loading the clothes in the washing machines, We went to the Sunday market to buy some fruits and veggies. We returned to the launderette after 45 minutes and I find out, two of my Ikea bags had gone. I brought three all together.

My hunch kept saying the black lady in the launderette was the one who stole my bags, but I did not have a proof of accusing her of doing so.

Hmm...I just kept thinking how to get my hands on the bags nearby her piled up clothes. So, I kept back and forth in front of her to wait for the right moment to do so.


Suddenly, out of the blue, when she tried to lift the bags, the bottle of my fabric softener fell down from the bags. Gotcha! I just knew it! The woman was caught red-handed when she tried to use my bags to fill in her laundry. The adrenaline rushed all over my body and I could feel the strength of saying something to her. I said to her out loud,

' Those are my bags and I put them over there, and why are you stealing them?'. She could not understand me very well, she replied to me in French but she could guess I called her a thief, until there was a lady who could understand English popped in to the shop and be our spoke person. I asked the lady to tell the black woman this, 'for me, it is not acceptable to take everybody stuff without permission. Somehow, I put the bags on the machines that full of my clothes. So, if she took my bags, how on earth could I bring all my clothes back home? With my bare hands ?It ridiculous ok'.

Unfortunately, for this black lady, she did not read it as a stealing. She jumped up her arse when she knew I said her action is called 'stealing'. She kept saying she could pay the price of those bags straight on my face and kept repeating the price of the bags just only 50 cent.

OMG! I almost lost my sanity in dealing with the idiots. I did not care about the money, what I really pissed off was, stealing. Oh and I was lucky though because I was thinking of leaving my Deuter bag instead. If I did leave my Deuter, you can call me moron. hehehe

Some people maybe think and say, it just only the Ikea bags, for god sake! Do not take it too much or make drama , but for me, the point is, taking other people stuff without permission is stealing. Does not matter how cheap the thing is. Stealing is not permitted.Dishonourable!

I cannot see the reason why we need to steal. Sometimes, you have money but you still stealing. Some people said, stealing is a habit. A really bad habit. I guess it is right after all and I could not agree more, when hudud is the best action to tackle this problem.

Ok la ni Belgium is not a muslim country but kalau dapat lempang si pencuri ni bagus gak hehehehe.

Moral is, jangan mencuri la..moron

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Haris at 16 months old

We bought him this swing when he was four months old but when he was 9 months old I kept it on unreachable place for Haris until today I asked his papa to assemble it properly. Haris knows how to use this swing already plus we just press the button so the swing will swing by itself. Easy job for us as the parents.

This photos's taken when he fell asleep while watching the third and bird on Cbeeebies..

Friday, 10 December 2010

Saints and Sins

Picture is not related to the story but the quote is.

"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Belgium is a unique country!

Do you want to know why do I say so? The answer is because this country is divided to two part. One part is Flanders and people speak Dutch as their main language and the other part is Wallonia, and they speak French. Though, there are a few languages available in this country such as English and German.

Since I've been living in Belgium there are twice time the local people from Dutch speaking part tried to annoy us with the question or statement like this, 'this is the first class couch' or ' do you know this is the first class couch?'.

Ok let's me get it straight. When I wrote those sentences, I was talking about the people who tried to remind or reassure that we sit in the right coach in the train. Well, of course only first and second class coaches are available in any trains.

Before reading the whole story, bear in mind that the first class ticket is almost double the price of the second class one.

The first incident happened when I sat by a man in my journey from Brussels to Liege. We got the time wrong when we departed at the peak hours. The train was packed with working people and we were fortunate to have the first class tickets in hand. After five minutes of journey, that man did ask me this question, 'Do you know this is the first class couch?' The way he asked me was like, I was not having enough money to buy the first class ticket! Shallow ok! Without having second thought and doubt I answered to him politely but in a sarcastic intonation like this,

'Oh yes, I do and I do not think the first class ticket is so expensive , isn't? Oh by the way, I never travelled in second class, It is not my standard' While giving him a fake smile.

I tell you, this man looked disgusted with my sarcastic answer and he went quite for the whole journey. I shall say this to his face but I did not.' Dude, we are in the lower score, you do not like me and I do not like you either!'. Serve him right, I reckon.

The second incident was happened when we sat by this middle age couple, from the moment I sat my arse on the seat the lady kept looking at us from head to toe like we did something wrong. At the first time I just ignored her but after a couple of moments I could not stand her glance anymore. Suddenly, out of the blue I popped out this question to her and trust me I did not know where is the strength come from. I said to her,' Hi, Is there something wrong with us?' and she said 'nothing' but I could sense her guilty voice. I continued talking to her by saying ' Ok, if nothing is wrong, can you please stop staring because it is rude to stare at other people!'. After hearing I said something like that, she turned her head around to the window and never had a gut to give us even a little peek.

I learnt something from those experiences.

Sometimes, we have to say it loud if we know we are right. Never let people bully us and do remember nothing to be afraid of. Speak out loud and that is it. But, never ever showed how thick you are. Always be smart in handling situation.

Again,life abroad teaches me to stand on my two feet!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Does divorce is the last resort?


Those seven letters are really easy to spell out but the meaning of it is heart wrenching.

Lately, so many divorce cases I have witnessed with. Most of the cases happened in my closed proximity friends and family. The consequences of those word is undeniable. The causes of the divorce cases are varying. One of the common reason is the existance of the third party in their relationship. Have you ever heard this idiom,

Two is company, three is a crowd, ring a bell folks?

Sometimes, I am petrified if our marriage could destroy like them. It does not mean we are at the wits end.

We are fine.


So far so good.

The truth is, this notes is not related to us at all and it just the rambling idea from a lady who has an ample time to write.

Four years of this marriage is a blessed, but as a normal human being, I could not deprive myself from feeling scared and unsecured etc. What if this and that happened in the future. Nauzubillahhiminzaliq.

Being me, naive in some aspect of life makes me bragging about this matter to my best friend, Am. I share everything with him, plus he is a very good listener. He does not talk too much but when he gives his opinion, it always end up in me feeling blessed and proud to have him as my other half.


Nothing I should be afraid of actually. I should pray more so that HE will bless this marriage until the death does us apart...InsyaAllah.

Though, one thing I realized. When wedded blessed marriage is destroyed, people will say 'dah takde jodoh' but otherwise to not wedded blessed. People tend to say' dah kahwin takde restu, padanla tak kekal'. Oh dear, have we forgotten that, 'jodoh, pertemuan, ajal dan maut di tangan Tuhan'? So, stop being judgemental. Stop saying something nasty until you are in their shoes.

I should not complaint more and frankly, I do not fancy to tittle tattle about people's problem with others but what I want to stress in here is, I am an ordinary lady who is hoping the ending of her love story like in the fairy tales.

Happily married ever after and if this is too much to ask for, perhaps I shall say, May Allah bestows his rahmah to us..Ameen.

'Jangan amik hak orang kalau taknak orang amik hak kita..what goes around comes around. Though I agree maybe, divorce is the best way for some couple and soon they will realize they were not meant to be together...


Again one of my friend bercerai...sigh! Nauzubillah...

Ya Allah, peliharalah rumahtangga kami dr rintangan yang tak termampu untuk kami hambamu menanggungnya...

Monday, 6 December 2010

Chic Frock- Go frock yourself!

Loving it!

The model

The ankle boots

The legging

The top

Just very eye catching trend to follow with. Yes, I know some of the comments about wearing legging, but I just could not resist the temptation. Thus, I am going to find and buy tiger or snake pattern leggings very soon...Harap2 la ada!

cencalok, budu and I

Let's me get it straight. I am so into cencalok compared to budu but both are not a good choice for my hubby. He does not eat cencalok, budu, sambal belacan and all type of sambal etc. He is a very straightforward person. Curry and vegies, or any gravy will do except all those types of masak lemak.

I could vividly remember one of the incident happened to us when the first time I stepped my foot in Manchester in the four years back. I could picture the incident as much as I can remember the story line of my favourite film 'The green miles'.

One day, I found cencalok in one of the Asian shop called Apna. The price of one bottle of cencalok was very intriguing which was two pound per bottle and during that time, the currency exchange was about 1 pound = RM7. Do the maths please...

I was so damn happy to find cencalok so straightaway I bought one to satisfy my taste buds. Wasting time not, I asked my hubby to open the lid so that I could indulge myself to the fullest. To be honest, that cencalok had the worst lid ever. We could not simply opened it like the one which sell back home. We tried to use can opener but still we were struggling to open it until 'pop'!!!!

The big and echo sound came along with the filling of the cencalok spreaded and scatter all over the ceiling, the walls and the floors in our kitchen. Am was so furious when the cencalok safely 'landed' on his hair. Well, you know the smell of the cencalok was a nightmare. Even though, he had a great shower did not means he could get rid of the smell easily.

From the night onwards, he forbade me from buying cencalok, budu or whatsoever that related to these types of foods. Being stubborn me, I bought one of the budu and hid it in my kitchen cabinet and only ate it when he was not at home.

The hatred feeling towards cencalok and budu were obvious, but who cares..I love them so cencalok or budu will always be one of my stock in my kitchen cabinet.


And this is why I need budu..

nasi kerabu kuning with baked chicken..

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Backdated entry about Eid ul fitri 2010

We have celebrated Eid ul Fitri at Embassy of Malaysia in Brussels. A day before the Eid, we went off to one of embassy staff and overnight at her house. The celebration was wonderful with mouth watering foods and drinks. I have taken some pictures, so here they are..

I only selected three from one album in my facebook.


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Last day of our trip

On the third day in Salzburg, we decided to catch a train at 11am after considering the checked in time in the last hotel in Vienna. Our last night, we booked a hotel at Wien Praterstern. We chose this hotel after taking into account of the easiest way to go to the airport since we needed to check in as early as 8.40am. There was a nearby train station from the hotel. It took 30 minutes to arrive at the airport.

at salzburg train station before departing a train to Vienna

he will cover his face like this when people are staring at him

The best thing was, we had time to visit Wiener Reisenrad, as known as Vienna eye. This was one of the tourist attraction in Vienna. The panoramic view of the city could be viewed from this ferris wheels.

Wiener reisenrad

Apart from that, we went to visit the city center for the last time before bidding farewell to this big city. As early as 7 pm we returned to the hotel before dozzing off to the slumberland and woke up as early as 6 am to get ready before departing into the train and went off to the airport.

haris for sale

Our flight took off at 940am and arrived in Brussels around 1120am. We arrived at home around 3pm and needed a week to recover from holidays mood..

Can't wait for the next holiday....

the end

My boy

Up to this date, Haris really shows his true characters. Apart from that, he can say a few words and for 16 months old baby, he develops very well in many aspects. The words he knows how to say are,

1. A duck
2. A ball.
3. Papa
4. Mama
5. Lamp
6. Hello but it sounds like 'ello'
7. A book
8. Wawa if he requested for the nursery rhymes.
9. Maman- if he wanted to eat. I keep telling him eat instead of maman, sigh!
10. Waybuloo- he said like 'blu'. hehehe so cute
11. A bird

One thing for sure is, he doesnot have accent like 'babies talk' because I do not use the 'telo' slanag when I speak to him. I read in the parenting sources, they strictly forbidden for the parents to use the 'babies talk' even though it sounds cute.

The example of babies talk are, 'tido=bum', 'susu=cucu' etc.

Anyway, will tell in details about his development pace in my next entry.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The heavy snow for year 2010

When I write this entry, the snow is still falling from the skies. The soft white flakes keep piling on the road, buiding ets and the white blanket is everywhere. The worst and earliest snow falls ever and the temperature is dropping to -7 degree celcius...welcome winter 2010.

Hoping to make a snowman in this coming weekend..InsyaAllah..

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Against the clock

Tick tock tick tock..The mouse run up the clock..the clock turn one, the mouse run down..Ok it is not funny.

The time shows half past twelve. I just have a couple of hours before going out and heading to Brussels. We are going to overnight at my friend's house before taking a taxi to the airport in the very early morning tomorrow.

Now, I am in the midst of preparing our stuffs. My head is haywired with all the 'pack -light way'.Finishing the food and clothes to be brought are a race against the clock.

Anyway, Salam Aidiladha and maaf zahir batin to all..

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Plain White Ts

The songs from Plain White Ts are really bang straight on my ears and head. I just love this group and their songs. As usual, I listen to the songs because I love the melody not the lyrics.

Part of the songs that I lurve are
1. Someday

2. Rainy day

3. Serious mistakes


4. 1234

Let's enjoy it!

ops..and this song, Written in the stars by Tini Tempah is not bad at all..Lately, this song is top 5 song in UK chart top songs.

And there is a joke about this song, A teacher asked his student about the homework that has been given to his student.

Teacher : Where is your homework?

And the student answered it plainly..

Student : Written in the stars, million miles away, sir....

hehehhe, If the student meant to be my student, I shall ask him to write the whole lyrics 100 times!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

kesilapan sendiri and belajar drpdnya..

I realized..

1. I used to gossip with friends about certain people who are too into their kids..and labeled them PIBG type of people but now after having my own kid I became one of them, just take a look at my entries. More on my kid la dari cite lain. Moral of the story, I should not say something like that if I am not in their shoes. Serve me right!

2. People who I hate or sick off before (maybe I was jealous with them,I mean maybe at that time life was so stressful for me etc) eventually, they are the one who helped me out when I really needed someone to rely on..Again serve me right! Moral jgn kutuk org lebey2 sb kadang2 org tu la yg tlg kita seme..takkah malu sendiri..sigh!

3. Now, I am free to write about my shopping etc..apa2 yg I like because I learn from my previous mistake..never ever ever kutuk people sb kita menyampah this and that sb one day kita pasti akan buat bende yg I am pasrah kalau kena kutuk bab over in expressing my feeling towards everything because I know, I did it before..serve me I am glad because..I write because I want to write about those entries without having mix feelings kena kutuk or pulau oleh sape2..

I learn to be b continued

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dear foods, I 'loath' you


It is not a good idea when you start your entry with loath. I really loath foods. Read-'Loath' in brackets. Everytime I see foods I seem to lost my sanity. I am having a habit of munching foods everytime I have nothing to do.

If the selected food is healthy, it is not a big problem then, but I just love snacking cake, biscuits, etc. Sometimes those foods are too salty and sometimes they are too sweet. It is not like I am developing a sweet tooth or whatsoever. It just a bad habit. A very bad habit!

Who can say no to this triffle!

and this 'laksa'


No wonder if I have gained a few kilos back then and until now, I have 2 kilos to get rid off before reaching my ideal weight. However, I rarely take a sweet drink. I heart plain water very much. I can get my hands on a glass of water in the middle of the night or very early in the morning after waking up from my night sleep without brushing my teeth in advance.

Oh, and tonight I just realized I like goat cheese. Though I hate the idea of foods based on goat or lamb but the cheese itself just so yummy and creamy.Nyum nyum nyum..

I am wondering now, how much weight I could pile on in this cold weather. I am hoping it is not too much and it will be better if I could shed a few kilos instead...heheee

Oh, I just remember I have cheeseballs from Quick burger in my fridge, keyboard off.

And off I go to finish up my cheeseballs..nyum nyum nyuim...

Going mental!

Having such an idiot as a neighbour could be a nightmare especially if we live in apartment or flat. The condition goes mental if the neighbour could not tolerate the idea of their neighbour is having a baby. As we know, when you have a baby so it is normal to have a buggy. If we use buggy it is completely normal to have tyres stain on the hallway especially on the flooring tiles. The condition is getting worst when the floor is wet especially during a rainy day. Rainy day is not the main problem here but the understanding is the main key.

What I want to say is,

Our downstairs neighbour is a pair of not working couple. I am pretty sure both of them live their life based on the benefit from the tax payers money because they just shut temselves behind the door for like 24/7. Indirect way to say this is, they earn their living from my husband's money as well because he pays tax monthly. But it is not something to complaint about. Like the oldies said, 'when in Rome do like as Romans do', so we as a foreigner have to adapt with the country's system.

We should be grateful enough for this country to give us, the foreigners a child benefit because of the monthly tax paid by my husband. I do not think even though my own country could offer this type of benefit to the foreigner, just narrow the scope to different races who were born in Malaysia, they are Malaysian but they do not receive any benefits like ours Bumiputras' do. So what is the new? And sometimes it is weird though, when we as the foreigners who live in a foreign land without contributing in paying tax keep 'cari lubang' to get the benefit. This situation is commonly happened in the UK. And some of Malaysian faked their information just to get the benefit and after so many cases the UK government has decided to totally stop giving Malaysian the benefit like they used to offer in the old days. It has already stated in our visas' ' no resource to the public fund'.

Oh I do not care enough which party leads the country as long as they can do their best to the country.

Ok, back to my neighbour.

I am completely mental with the guy not the lady! The guy is like doing cleaning or mopping the hallway floor and the staircase. The problem is, he left the wet floor after cleaning! As we know, wet floor can cause accident. It a common sense for a normal people to understand this. Only retarded needs to be told I guess!

This incident happened in the last June.

One day, when we passed by the wet floor with our buggy, the tyres left black stain on the wet floor ( we used to wipe out the stain on the floor ok !). He scolded my husband by saying 'cleaning cleaning cleaning'. Oh he could not speak English properly so what he tried to say was, he did the cleaning and right after that the floor was dirty again. Oh hello, he was lucky to scold the person who has a very high limit of patient. I could see I talk back right on his face if he said or scolded on my face instead.

This stupido is really stupid. After mopping around the whole floor, he used to throw out the dirty water from the bucket right in front of the main door. So, the condition could get worst because when you stepped in the puddle, your shoes could easily left stain on the white tiles in the hallway's floor.

So, what is the point of doing the cleaning if the right concept of cleaning does not apply in here. Moron!

The other thing that I really piss off with this guy is, he is soooo getting used by the habit of shutting the door by slamming instead of closing it properly or quietly. So the echo of the 'slamming sound' is really annoying. Sometimes, when Haris is taking forty winks, he used to get shock with the sound. Of course I would not slam the door back unless I really mad and I will ensure the 'door slamming' by me is thrice louder!. hahahahhaa.

Truthfully, I never had a problem with my previous neighbours. Perhaps that is the price you have to pay to have uneducated people who are living under the 'same roof'.

Until today, I just wait until he really makes something that I could not hold my anger anymore. And if this happen, I will write an official letter to the landlord to file my complaints.

Gripping my hands and teeth while writing this...sigh!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Called it technology or pram envy!

Before I became a mother, other people babies and children never really registered. The streets maybe full of them but I just did not notice them. They like invisible objects to me. But, once I fell pregnant I started to notice all the brands that offered for the babies stuffs. The most inevitable thing is, the buggy or the oldies called it pram.

I started browsing via internet the buggies and the brands. Finally four brands were my choices.

1. Stokke explory

2.Quinny buzz



I really wanted to buy stokke xplory. But, the price tag was the drawback. With the price offered for the buggy itself was the price that I could buy Quinny buzz and maxicosi infant carrier seat. Thanks to Quinny Buzz. It sounds reasonable indeed.

I haven't complaints but I did come to my miserliness. Over the next couple of months, everytime I see a stokke on the street I was like, damn I should buy them instead of Buzz. The most thing that I regret so much was, I did see stokke on sale before. The orange color buggy with the price around Euro 666 after reduction from Euro 999. What a great bargain. But, being a procrostinate me ( I really have a bad habit like putting off or delaying my action until a later time), I opted to wait until the baby was born, so it ended up I lost the bargain. I could not wait any longer since I needed to bring Haris for fortnightly consultation, so I badly needed a buggy and eventually I bought Buzz instead. The hubby kept asking, either I satisfied enough with Buzz or I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to buy Stokke. Damn..I should wait! I really envy watching mothers and babies with their stokke. Sigh!

The technology offered by stokke is really eye catching. The design, the colours you just named it- really marvellous.

Maybe for the second baby I have to opt for this stroller because I know the tiny cargo that I always dream on will make my day-as in an overwhelming way I'd never expected. heheheh.

Though, I could not agree more, he seems happy in his cargo 'Mr. Buzz'..

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

World changed so do the people.

In this life, I never believed when people said,'nothing has changed'. It pretty same as I never believed the existence of 'perfectionist' in this world. As we know, nothing is perfect so how come some people claimed they are perfecionist. It ridiculous! They are totally self proclaimed, well I guess! I do not want to write an entry about 'perfectionist' though. So just ignore my rambling.

Frankly, everything will change parallel with the time. Let's take the simple example, if nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies!

People changed, so do I.

When my friend said , 'You have changed,' normally I will reply something like, no, I never! But when I have a deep thinking, pause and reflecting myself, I will definitely agree that I have changed. Eventhough not in all aspects but I do change in some though.

I realised, I change in the way I think. I used to judge people easily at the first sight. But, after I met various of people that are very closed to me, my personal impression towards people have changed. I learn a lot! I learn how to keep my mouth shut and I learn how to respect some people privacy even though they are our closed friends.

I change in aspect of self appearance. Seriously, before this I do not mind to step my foot into the mall with a flip flop or whatsoever . I do not mind my attire and so does the make up. But, now it changed. I will take at least 30 minutes to get ready. Make up on, accessories on, clothes on ( after numerous trying ;-) ) and then I ready to hit the road. Sometimes, when I asked Am, what does he think about me now. He will definitely said, he loves the way I look today compared to when I was a teenager. I am now gaining more confidence eventhough I have a flabby stomach, who does not? Even Tyra Bank used to show her flabby stomach in one of those America next top model series. I put on some kilos, but what the heck? I still can look good with a right clothes and shoes. Though I am glad now because only two kilos left before reaching my pre pregnancy weight.

Oh and I realised, I am so into self appearance after having a baby. I want to look good when I push the stroller around. I want to look better when I hold my baby's hand on the road. I want to look best when I take photo with my family. Overall, I want to look like some yummy mummy out there. I want my husband and my baby to be proud of me. Wish me luck!

So, what I want to stress here is, everything will change and it either for better or for worst. The other words is change is inevitable except from a vending machine. Ok it just a joke, but trust me, people, things, friendship, etc will change. We as a grown up people should not think those changes as a problem but we take it as a challenge and hope for the best to come for us.

Do remember this, If you are in a bad situation, do not worry it will change and if you are in a good situation, do not worry it will change either!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Where is the puddle comes from?

I was watching 'Do not tell a bride' programme on the telly while the idea of writing about this came across my mind. The incident is about my boy. This thing happened in the last week when I was in the middle of cooking our dinner and doing the washing up. Spare the question of asking me where was the father because at the same time Am was busy with his job in front of the notebook and that little munchkin was playing alone nearby the window.

Suddenly, when I turned my head around,I could see vividly, the position of Haris was like squatting on his knees and there was puddle around his feet. I kept blinking my eyes to make sure what I had just seen and yes, I could see his 'bird'.

Nevertheless, I asked Am in hesitate voice. I was like,

'Ling, where is the water comes from?' and then Am replied
'I do not know' and I said,
'look, Haris is pee pee on the floor, but where is the pampers?'.

I just about to scream to the top of my voice but, I did not! What is the point though, and if I did, it is useless. sigh!

In the nick of time Am took Haris to the bathroom to be cleaned up.

Believe it or not, Haris just put off his pant and his napkin by his own without us realising it, and it ended up he peed on the floor. Luckily our floor is laminated flooring so I could clean it up easily. The double fortunate was, when he did not pee on my carpet, if not I just could see myself lift the carpet in the middle of the town and off to the launderette. Hmm, now you see, boys will always be boys. Oh I found this quote once in the past years but I could not recall who is the writer. It says,

What are little boys, made of?
Frogs and snails,
And puppy dog tails,
That's what little boys, are made of.

See, it is not an easy peasy job to look after a kid 24/7. This task is really time consuming and needing more patient. Still, sometimes I just let it be as how it should be. Well done, mama! Please read it in a sarcastic way hehehhe

After that incident, Am and I just keep our eyes on him to make sure he does not come out with a new 'adventure' anymore. Though at the same time, we are still struggling to keep on track in handling our beloved precious parcel ;-).

I do realize this peeps, Babies are always more trouble than you thought and more wonderful and that is why I cannot stop beaming wide eventhough I am feeling exhausted.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

Ok, back to the title. Have you ever heard about Roberto Cavalli? He is one of the well known designer from Italy.

Yesterday I went to buy my birthday gift. I chose to buy sunglasses instead of handbag since I haven't got a proper sunglasses and I kept complaining everytime the sun shines so bright.

Back and forth for a couple of time at the numerous optical shops, so resulting in me choosing Just Cavalli brand by Roberto Cavalli. I opted for Gucci, Marc Jcob and Prada but the designs did not suit my visage or figure at all. The short nose and square face do not make any better in choosing the sunglasses.

So, after numerous trying on the sunglasses and it including various brand, I agree to buy this one.

Hoping the sun to shine brightly very soon eventhough it a small chances in this autumn season...hehehe

A mother's word

Words and Music: Anthony W. Carter

Tying little shoe laces
Wiping off dirty faces
Are just a couple of things
...That a mother will do...

Mending a broken heart
Is only just a part
Of the care and the love
That I've given you...

With a Kool-aid smile
And a sparkle in your eyes
I wrap you in my arms
And whisper this advice...

Be strong, be kind
Be patient and in time
You'll find out, my son
What true love is all about

Be faithful and be true
Show love in all you do
Then you'll know, just how
You make your mother proud

Now, little boy days have passed
And you've grown up so fast
But in my heart
That little boy will never be far...

So on this blessed day
There's so much I want to say
But above all, I thank God
For the man that you are...

With a tender smile
And a twinkle in your eyes
I wrap you in my arms
And whisper this advice...

Be strong, be kind
Be patient and in time
You'll find out, my son
What true love is all about

Be faithful and be true
Show love in all you do
Then you'll know, just how
You make your mother proud

You've made your mother so proud...

Friday, 15 October 2010


Is he cute? He always grab my hairban whenever he see me wear it and put it properly on his head..sigh!

October annual funfair

October annual funfair is a yearly event in Liege. The funfair lasts for a month. Nothing much we can ride or play since we have baby and buggy to take care of. But, still it worth to go and just enjoy ourselves.

The leaves have fallen

Last week, my family and I went for a day trip to Ardennes. Ardenees is located in the province of Luxembourg. a small part of Belgium. Ardennes is popular for his countryside and ski. We went there on sunday morning. We departed at Liege Palais train station and got off at Marloia station. It took one hour plus journey by train. From that station we had to take a bus no.15 that headed to La roche. It took 35 minutes journey by bus. The verdict is, nice place to visit, though I still missing UK very much for its picturesque countryside...Anyway, the leaves have fallen since now is an autumn season in Europe, but we were lucky coz the weather was sunny and bright during the trip.

Let's the pictures do the story...