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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Pre giving birthday gift

Ok Aret as I promised. The netbook that I bought last two days. Actually it is my birthday or maybe pre gift for this year birthday..Ok la kan. Senang nak bawak travel and nak surfing..kalau guna biasa2 kat umah aku stil setia dengan laptop aku yg 17 inches tu..And aku harap, 13hb ni kalau ada rezeki aku dapat la gift lg satu..

the brand is Compaq by Hp.
size screen 10 inches.

The moment I was in tears

Weaving a cold weather was the thing that we did in the early morning for Haris consultation. The appointment was at 9.30am. On the way to the consultation place, I had a mix feelings about Haris first jab. Thinking about he was going to get two jabs made me felt sorrow. I know it is for his own sake. The wellbeing of my baby.

After arriving at the place we had to wait for ten minutes. When the nurse called Haris's name, my heart was pumping quickly. The adrenaline kept rushing into my body. Am kept saying,' do not worry, it is nothing to worry about'. Ok and there we off to the Paed's room.

In the room, the Paed gave an overall examination on him. Everything went very well. Haris put on another grams of weight. Now his weight is 4.93kg. His length is 56cm. His weight and height are within the good range of other babies at his age. Then the Paed told me in a well spoken that it was the time for his jabs. He asked me to hold Haris's legs tightly and Am needed to hold Haris's arms still. In count of three the Paed shot the first injection. When the needle went trough his body he cried out loud until he lost his small voice for a while. I kept shushing him to sooth him down but after a few seconds, the Paed asked to inject the other leg for his second jabs. That was mean Haris got one injection at each tight. Poor baby. Mama is sorry for you dear.

The funny thing was, when the Paed did his job, I had a teary eyes and I did not dare to take a look. I turned my face at the opposite side of Haris's face. Am was dare enough to take a look but I could see his sorry face when his son got the jabs.

After finished, we went home and bought some medicine that was prescribed by the doctor just if Haris runs a temperature. Fingers crossed! But I hope not. A moment when I saw Haris in pain, I was feeling the pain twice than him. It was unbearable compared to the pain I had when I was in labor and gave birth to him. Seriously, If I could replace himself to get the injection, I will do it undoubtedly. Motherhood experiences are so priceless.

Now, I agree the whole heartedly with one of my friends, she says..
" No matter how tough a mum is, when it involves with our kids we will rise a white flag. Surrender with our tear".

Monday, 21 September 2009

Salam Aidilfitri 20092009

Salam Aidilfitri dan maaf zahir batin dari kami sekeluarga..

Monday, 14 September 2009

my sunshine

you are my sunshine,
my only sunshine,
you make me happy when skies are grey,
you'll never know dear how much i love you,
please don't take my sunshine away...

Haris is not feeling well since the last two days. He has runny nose and coughing. At his new age (read = not even two months old yet ) it is so heart wrenching and I cannot stop my heart from thumping hard every time I see him like that. One thing about my poor baby is, eventhough his ill, he does not cranky and grumpy so much. He just crying when he asks for milk and when he could not stand the blockage nose anymore. When I hold her tight and keep talking to him about how good he is and the cold will goes away, he seems to understand what I was rambling about. Well, of course he does not but he could calm when he heard my persuade voice on him. Wait, one more thing I love when we are interacting between us is, Haris will look at me puzzledly and out of the blue he will beam at me and the smile he gave me is the purest smile in the world!

Taking care of a baby is really a hard work. I have to concentrate on him and gives him my full time consuming that I could offer. In fact I could not offer more! Whimpering asking for my attention is the best he could do to attract my attention. He is not crying out loud just 'ekk..ekkk..ekk'..Poor baby.

Sometimes when I am pretty busy in the kitchen to cook for break fasting dishes, he will cry and whimper more in hope I could come to place him in my arms. As I said, he is not into his papa so much. I started cooking at 6.30pm because the Iftar time is about 8pm. So this time is the bed time for Haris. To be placed in bed must be done by me. If not he refuses to sleep at all. It really hard to cook and accompany my baby off to bed, and me usually will give priority in cooking. By the time I finished, he is so damn sleepy and cranky. Sigh, sorry baby for did that! Trust me my darling, mama has to have the strength of elephants to do that .

Now, Haris is sleeping (not too soundly though) in his cot. He sleeps by his own since he was born in the cot. I just placed him in my bed after 5 am in the morning after his feeding time. I know he feels safe and cocoons from the world everytime I wrap him up in his fleece blanket. His face so peaceful and I love to watch him sleep. And everytime I do that, my heart is full of love towards him.

When he cries, I feel like crumpling into tears and when he sick, I feel twice time sickie than him..I guess this is what we called, mother's love..It grows in me now and then..InsyaAllah..I know this entry is hardly a big deal for others and no need to make a song and dance about it, but it is for me as a new mum. The one who is trying very hard to adjust herself with motherhood.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Day by day,
He is getting cheekier,
I am getting busier,
but rather than that I am a happier mum to Haris...