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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Introducing my new baby

Please welcome our new and the most precious parcel from the heaven...Baby Haris.

Name = Haris bin Norizham...yet to be finalized in one week time.

weight = 2.82kg.

D.O.B = 21st July 2009.

Length = 46cm.

Method of Delivery = Normal delivery.

Will update more details about the birth story soon.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The 2nd gift from Laurence and Greg, specially made by the touch of love...

Ok I told about the baa baa black sheep have you any wool in my previous entry.

So, today my friend Laurence came to visit me to give the second gift that she knitted by herself. The first gift was, the GAP clothes that she bought when she joined her husband in Washington last month for the conference. I love it soo much especially the pom pom. The cutest and special thing about these poms poms are, those were knitted by Laurence husband, Greg. See how creative this man is. Well, Laurence also came to bid good bye before they are leaving on a jetplane for greece for one and half months on tomorrow evening..tq so much laurence n greg..see u in september..

Hmm sometimes, I do feel in life we do not need so many fake friends to make us happy, what we trully need is, a real friend (maybe one or two or maybe more). The one who is does not mind how far the distance is, as long as we appreciate each others, can really make our day. Maybe I have a little reality friends in Belgium but it does not matter for me. Plus, I still have my facebook friends since I was in primary school until university time that are always asking about my condition and such. They are really make my day.The lot of comments and morale supports from many different people are very precious to me. The 'jimat' way to connect for long distance friendship. Perhaps it is true, at least for my personal opinion..Unofficial learning for me since the past few years...

These are the booties, the bonnet and the scarf that I talked about..

Sunday, 12 July 2009

the preparation

Today we went through all the storage to clear them up before the arrival of our new one. We rearranged our bedroom to make it more spacious (not too spacious though) but at least it is cosy for the three of us. The baby cot and the cupboard are ready with the baby's stuffs. Only the tiny owner is left to be welcomed and used all those.

One weird feeling is happening to me, I feel extremely happy even though just staring at the small booties, socks, clothes and mittens. The feeling is undescribable. But one thing for sure, it makes me beaming for the whole day. I can picture it clearly the small feet and hands in all those. So damn cute! I think this is what we call love. The love between a mum and her baby.

Nervous feeling is disappearing in the thin air everytime I think about the results of the pain. Holding the little one in my arms. What I like most is, Am is exciting more than I in the preparation of the nursery.So the results for the nursery are here..

All set..

The bags are packed. We are all geared up to go...Well, when the time comes, I mean.

All the essentials are in . I put all those two bags aside and can be reached easily when the labor comes. But, still there is always something that I feel need to be added in the bags. Always feel the uncompleted stuffs to be brought to the hospital.

The most important documents are the parents ID cards, the marriage certificate and the mum's carnet. Not to forget, we have to get ready in advance the baby's name just because when the baby has delivered, the hospital will needs the baby's name immediately to issue the birth certificate. If the parents fail to do so, the person incharged will put any names on the birth certificate. So scary la! Just imagine if they put our baby's name Nurul Aini Jr.Or Abdul Razak Norizham Jr. Eii..tak masyuk and i dont expect anything to be screwed up on this matter.

After discharging from the hospital, we have two weeks to register our baby at the city administrative, to settle the passport and registered with the Embassy. The sooner the better because we need to book airline tickets ASAP. Yeay! can't wait for that..

So, baby..cepatla keluar...

Saturday, 11 July 2009

The name.

At last we, ops! not we (correction) he, has decided for the baby's name. It took a while for him to tell me the name. Fortunately I like the meaning and the sound of the name too. Lucky him.If not he has to keep searching for the appropriate name. We both have made up our mind to choose the simple and short name. The shorter is the better, at least for our opinion.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sweet tooth plzzz

It so stupid! I am craving for sweet tooth. My saliva is tasteless. I keep hungry and need more food but I have to deprive myself from taking extra food, if not the glucose level will soaring high and my condition keep deteriorating .Sigh! Stupid diabetes. I hate this disease. I want ice cream, ice lollies, ice blended and everything. Indulging myself with the food heavenly without thinking the consequences for the baby is just in the dream world. I know it a few weeks to go before the birth. But, after that I have to undergo the confinement. Still, needing me to extra care of my food intake. benci laaaaaa..lambatnyaaaaa nak lepas seme ni!

New pattern of meal intake.

I called my diabetes specialist yesterday morning as instructed. Dr. Remy Claire asked for my blood analysis for the last three days. When I gave her the results she said, I need to change my pattern intake. She instructed me to take rice in the afternoon instead of in the evening. She wanted my blood result for glucose after waking up in the morning less than 60mg/dl. Hmm..macam2 la weh..

p.s.... Bila nak beranak nih..letihla tunggu bila..n bila..n bila..seksa sungguh penantian ni!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


sejak malam tadi baby duk mengeras and macam rasa sakit2 kat perut..apakah???kalau ye la baby dh nak kuar..sila kuar on 13 ni ye..and jgn lama2 sakit plz...debar tp tak sabar nk deliver sb dah berat dah badan ni..ikut pengalaman my mum and my sis anak sulung awal 2 ada kemungkinan la kan?tapi apa2pun lain org lain peel bila2 pun aku pasrah je..asalkan selamat and cepat ..debar? sudah tentu..sgtttttttttttt..

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Quick updates

I have been ignoring my blog for more than a week. I have a plenty of works to do. To organize my baby's nursery in our bedroom, washing all the baby's clothes and keeping it properly in baby's petite wardrobe, entertaining my friends, Zaira and Joe that came along from Malaysia for almost a week etc. All these must be done before the arrival of our new bundle of joy soon.

Entering a week 38 makes me nervous. But, I know by hook or by crook the D day will come and I really hope I have a smooth sailing labor and birth. Quick and easy..InsyaAllah.

Am came back from the conference since last week. I was staying at Nurul's house for almost nine days. I really thanks them for the hospitality and everything. They are such a nice people indeed. To help me out from the lurch. Nurul and family, thanks for the nice meals
( mostly kelantanese dishes, that I love it too much!), thanks for everything. Only Allah can repay your kindness..Being advance in pregnancy without having my husband by my side would be difficult to handle, without their accompany. It was the hardest part during my pregnancy time, for being away from him. The time seemed to freeze out. Day by day I did the countdown and trust me, I never felt so down before. I guess the pregnancy hormone was playing the role very well to make me sad.

Talking about my pre gift birth, Am bought me a nice surprise coach handbag from Seattle. I was in shocked when he really bought me one. I thought it just a joke from him. But, it was not! He bought me a parker shoulder leather in pearl pink color as my pre giving birth gift. I love the bag so damn much since it is a new collection for this spring-summer season and it really suits my taste very well. Thanks to him, because of remembering me and the baby when he was away. By the way, baby also got souvenirs from his papa, and in fact baby got more than I. Lucky baby!

Stop talking about my gift.

Summer sale has started all over here. We managed to buy something that we really want to buy like maxi cosi carrier or car seat to be used with quinny pram later on. Oh yes, we have decided on buying quinny brand for our little one. Buying hoover is one of our targeted item and etc. Am managed to buy an official suit from ZARA for himself and a bottle of perfume that he had been eyeing for a couple of days. The sale makes people crazy. I was wondering, is recession still hitting the world or it has already over? good anyway, to boost the economy during the recession.

Last Wednesday, I had an appointment with my diabetes specialist. When she saw at my pricking fingers blood test results, she warned me to control seriously my intake. I know, I was over the limit when I was at my friend's house. I could not say no to Kelantanese food. I know it me to be blamed not the foods. The doctor threatened to make me have an insulin injection if I fail to control my glucose level. It made me worried sick. So , now here I am. Trying to control my intake. And so far everything is good. Alhamdulillah.

Ok, need to take a bath and evening nap. Chiao!