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Friday, 28 November 2008

Monday, 24 November 2008

Still snowing

Day 3 snow in Liege...quite heavy..tgkla..kot2 leh p main ptg ni..hehehe

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Giving Birth story

I always scare when people talk about their experiences of giving birth. I cannot stand the 'cutting of the private part', the contraction and all the related things with delivery. Frankly, if I know in details about their traumatic experiences, my body seems can feel how the pain is. And my fragile spirit easily make me pass out. Even though I do not have any idea how terrible the pain is, but I do know it is terrible enough to put your life on the cracking egg. Well, that is me..heehhee.

My friend, En. Onn once told me about his real experience when he accompanied his wife in the labour room. He was there for almost an hour (and the truth was, he was about to reach the panic points in his 'waiting' session since there was some complication with his wife 's condition). Apparently, when he was there, he could hear clearly one of the patient (Indian lady) in the next room was screaming out loud with her healthy lungs while giving birth.The atmosphere was very chaos and then out of the blue, one nurse hurriedly rushed into the room with a stretcher. My friend was so scared just if that lady could not make it and he kept praying to GOD to save that lady's life.

In a few minute later, the same nurse was strolling out the stretcher from the room. And what a massive shocked to En. Onn to witness one gros Indian guy was laying on the stretcher instead! That guy was unconscious because of the traumatic experience in the labour room, like the blood, the 'cutting part' and everything. The nurse just left him outside, I mean just by the labour room's door.(He still unconscious on the stretcher k and nobody gave him any emergency treatment!) Hahaha..I guess, everybody was in a full hands so no more space to rescue the poor guy. Pity of his wife. But I think if I was there, I am pretty sure to give the poor guy a big laughs even though I am faint-hearted like him..hahaaha.

Well, I guess this phenomenon is going to happen if, the husband does not mentally and physically ready. Spouse is someone that should be there to welcome their new comer. To cherish your wife more by witness their pain to give you the most precious thing in the world. Oh dear...I do not know if I can get through the labour pain. But, I just knew I will somehow. Cannot wait to preggy again and experience it to myself....But, now I am getting better than I used to be. I do not want to think about it deeply until the time has come. Let nature take its course, I reckon!

Light snow in Autumn, Liege

This is a light snow based on weather forecast..I cannot imagine how the heavy snow is going to be?

Friday, 21 November 2008

Snow is coming

We were showered with light snow ..hahahha..and tomorrow, next day after tomorroa and on tuesday are going to be snowing gak based on weather forecast..sukeeeee

'Empty vessels'

Hey guys! I have a question to ask. The question is sounds like this. What is the difference between 'hardworking and workaholic' with the ' great talkers'? What I mean by 'great talkers' is 'those people who talk a lot and are always teaching others, and they usually do not do much work'. In Malay term is 'orang yang betul-betul tahu buat kerja' dengan 'orang yang tahu membodek dan kelentong'. My personal experiences when I was working with private companies in the few years back made me recognize these types of people easily. Hardworking people normally talk less, work more but at the end they come out with the results and vice versa to the 'empty vessels'.

My former project manager was really suit in this 'kelentong' type of people. He knows how to blabber around, and if you people do not know him very well, you will think he is such an adorable and talented person. Just ask him, he will know everything. Even though sometimes he just talk nonsense like an idiot to the smart people. But, one thing is good for these people are, they can survive in any conditions. They can climb up to the top position in the company. Without hesitate, they are about or inclined to do everything like poker face just to achieve their mission in life.

Most of the 'empty vessels' normally have a little knowledge in something specifically, but they do know all. If you know what I mean! And they usually talk the most and make the greatest fuss. Like, they know this and that, they achieve this and that,
If you tell them your experience in doing 'let's say project A', straightaway, they will start all the craps by saying, they also did it before and better than you. All is about they are the best. No one else. .In the meetings, they will show off like they did everything to save the company and bla..bla..bla..But the truth is, they just use other people hard work and then claimed as theirs. What a shame people!

I do not know if the condition of this is happen or not in your students life, or your workplace but in my life, it did happen. For me to notice this type of 'empty vessels', does not take too long. For the first time it hard to tell. But after twice or thrice it will reveal and you just knew it. But why? The answer is because 'Empty vessels make the most noise'. And sometimes I was wondering, can we just cut all the crap and make our jobs properly to success in our life in today's world? Can we survive without' bodek and kelentong' to get the promotion? I think the answer is impossible and definitely not!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Reality or fantasy?

The idea of browsing about the benefit of the astronaut programme came across my mind. It is simply because, I cannot help myself from wondering and thinking where is the research report, or whatsoever related things from the return of Dr. Muzafar after the space programme. I know, our government claimed, the astronaut was sent to the space to do some research about the cancer illness. So what was exactly the research all about? All I can see from this programme is, he becomes more 'supermodel type' instead of I do not know the exact word to call him until now though. To use the word 'astronaut' is too demand enough I think. Maybe the right word is, 'a visitor to the space'. Nevertheless, since our government is insisting on address him as the astronaut so ok..just go with the flow, shall we? Only GOD knows how I am going to slap myself for that title.huhuhuh.

I am not here to condemn the effort by our government that costed us RM 95 millions ringgit to accomplish the space mission. The idea is to become one of the prestigous countries in order to position
Malaysia in the eyes of the world. But believe me; Malaysia is not well known enough throughout the whole world even though after the space programme! Nothing much changes before and after the programme. When I was in Malaysia, I was 100% believed when our government claimed; Malaysia is a well known country in the world's eyes. But for those who used to live in overseas, I dare say only little people know about Malaysia. And if they do know, they only know a little or less. Even though the simple and basic facts like where the exact location of our Malaysia is is on the map, about the existence of Malaysia and so on. It is ok though not to know the location, since some of you might say,’ we do not even know where Belgium is, so what is the big deal? I know it is not a big deal. But, what I want to emphasize here is we should live in a reality life. Stop dreaming and let the presence of our mind decide what the reality is and what the fantasy is. Do not too over proud of something that we actually should not. Personally, I think we should invest our tax payer’s money on something more profitable such as on the 'real' Research and Development field that our country far away left behind.

I know some of you could not agree more with my opinion but, just set aside our ignorance and pride. Just think carefully, Is Malaysia good enough to be known in the eyes of the world by sending 'a visitor to the space’ that costed us a bomb?

For the closure, I think I love the writing article from Australian writer for 'The Age' newspaper. He is actually telling the honest opinion that I have ever heard about Malaysia ASTRONAUT PROGRAMME


p/s - If some of you really do not know the world map, please take a look now in the internet. So tak la 'kemalu-maluan' bila org lain talk about the world map. Geografi kena tau k..Pengetahuan am tu..ciao!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


My test result for French course has come out..I've got B... Syukurrr.But I know, many obstacles are still awaiting before me, in the whole duration of learning. The first exam will be held in this coming February..I have to ensure I will pass the exam. Nak certificate ..huhuhu..Chaiyok Nurul!

Gambar cilok

I think I like this photo.I was so happy in this pic.u can see my uneven teeth,hahhaha...It has been stolen from Dr Asyraf's blog. One of our friends in Belgium. He is now doing his sub specialist (something like that) in Ghent University, Belgium. This pic was taken during open house at Zaini's. Sory ye tuan punya blog..curi gambar..Just in case u come across my blog, I just wanna say sorry for stealing..hehehhee..

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Je suis allé pour coupe des cheveux. Le coiffure a été si gentil. Il m'a donné prix discount. Seulement 10 euro.Hehehe .. Je suis très satisfait du service. Très bien fait!


I went for my haircut. The hair dresser was so nice. I got the discount price. Only 10 euro. The service was so gud. and aku sgt berpuas hatt..sekian .tq


I received an invitation for Christmast exhibition and party from my friend just now. I really hope I can make it..Christmassy surrounding..heehhee..Oh by the way,In the early december there will be 2 big christmast markets nearby ours. Can't wait to see how big the markets are. But, my friend did warn me it is big enough compared to Albert Square in Manchester Town. So..just wait and see la..c-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s-t.

Monday, 17 November 2008


Just finished test for french course..yehaaaaa...and renewed my ID this morning..legaaaaaa siot

Sunday, 16 November 2008


Bizarre dreams seem to take place in my sleeps every now and then. Likeness one of the must play film every time I shut my eyes out. Despite that, I hardly or barely remember how many times I can sleep peacefully, dreamless in my entire life. It sounds weird. But, yes it is true. Nightmares and sweet dreams keep taking turn in my daily night sleeps such as never ending mysterious world. Sometimes, I do hope my sweet dreams will never end. But, on the contrary, it always never reach the ending. It either I was waking up in the middle of my sleeping or I cannot remember what the ending were. Or if I remembered, I did not remember it well and I guess,my human memories fade by the time I woke up and it was frustrating like an unsolved mystery.

Last night, I dreamt about my late grandma. The dreamt was like this. My late grandma did not know that she is dead. That mean, she kept living like human being. But she did realize she is not normal as she used to be. Nobody in the family had nerves to tell her that she is actually dead. She kept mentioning to us that, everybody was ignoring her and asking why was her handphone on the dressing table in her bedroom was left uncharging for quite sometimes until the battery went dead and dusty. The reality was, my late grandma never ever had a mobile phone in her entire life. Hehehe. Actually nobody can see her. Only us, her closed family. It was quite a bizzard dreamt for me. I know it only just a dreamt but I cannot help myself preoccupied for the whole day. Nevertheless, I think it just about the time for me to alms and recite 'yassin' to her. May Allah bless her soul...Al fatihah..amin

Wait, the story does not end yet, there was another dreamt in the same night that I want to tale about.I guess I am a good dreamer after all..hehehe.. I dreamt of drinking two mugs of coffee. The coffee was the best coffee that I have ever had. When I woke up, I still can smell the aromatic. Crapppp..I am craving for coffee now.. Be right back! I need to indulge myself first before continuing my entry. A cup of cofee would be nice in the middle of the night to keep me awake..kikikiki..

Slurpp...Ok, let's continue. In spite of the weirdness, I do have a great dreams though! And dare I say, if I am a good writer or a film director, perhaps I can use the story line based on my dreams to write a novel or to produce a film. And I could win award from that. HAHAHHAH. In your dream, Nurul! Ok, what I want to say is 'mimpi tu mainan tidur' and wash your feet before you lie in bed la..and recite 'ayat quran' so that we will be 'looked after' for the whole night..Insya Allah..

Au revoir Mon Mari poisson

My husband fish in the fish tanks are dead. The causes of the death , still mystery..nantila kena buat post my heart..guddddddd ikan dah mati..if not he will put 100% attention pd fish..sukeeeeee ikan mati!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

My personal opinion about languages

Before moving to Belgium, my mind and heart were too stubborn to learn a new language, in my case is French. So, I will focus on French and English languages only in this entry k. I was telling myself, I will not going to learn French even Liege people use French as their first language. I kept refusing when Am told me to buy any relevant French books in advance, when we were in Manchester. I insinuated him by saying ' try to keep your intention to learn French to yourself k, I am not interested. I will stick to the gun to use English language to communicate with Liege people later on'. I was so pig headed and soulless in this matter. Eventually, Am was giving up to persuade me. He carried out learning alone and said, 'do not regret it later if you are having trouble in communication with French community'. I just gave him nonchalantly looked like an 'orang utan'..hehehhe.

Well, what to do? I was so proud to use only English as the medium of communication with foreigner. Well, you know how Malaysian people think about English, right?. In our people's mind are, English is a posh language. If you can speak very well, you are great! That the normal scenario in Malaysia. Am I right? But, I am not regret this condition k. At least we, as a Malaysian will improve ourselves in a communication skills in the eyes of the world..Cheewah..Unfortunately, one thing I cannot stand though, if people try to create, make or sound some 'accent' when use the English language. Such as, 'british accent', ' American accent' or whatsoever accents. I just afraid I will puke straightaway on your face if you guys do that..hahahaa..Just kidding but Come on k, if belacan takkan jadi cheese k! I was struggling to improve my English language to suit Malaysia condition when I return for good later. I was taking English class for almost two years and in fact, I was sitting for the exam and getting the certificate in the language.

My stubbornness finally disappeared in the thin air when one incident happened to me in the supermarket here. Well, lets me figured out the incident carefully in the right sequences k. The story was like this, one day I went to Delhaize to buy some groceries. I chose self check out counter to pay my items. When I was paying, accidently I pressed one number of recycle bag to collect point in my shopping card. Suddenly, the standby cashier at the self check out till came approached me and said in French something that I could not understand at all. I said to her, I did not understand French and could she tell me in English instead. You know what she did when I asked her that? She kept mumbling and pulling her face like b#tch and insisting on telling me in French what the fuss was all about. I knew for sure she was insulting and bad cursed me because I did understand one bad word that she said though! The word meant 'stupid person'. Can you imagine how my feeling was? I felt annoying and angry with her. I talked back to her in Malay since I had already lost my grip! For sure I bad language her either..haahahaa..

Truthfully, that is not the main point k. What I'd like to emphasize in this entry is, since that day I have changed my mind setting. I was urging my friend to looking for the place to learn French on behalf of me. Let's all the stupidest attitude of the old me be water under the bridge! So, here I am, a new me, in the middle of learning. I promised to myself, I will and must know how to speak French sooner or later. I do not want to glorify the only English language too much in my life. Never ever again. I can see how French people proud of their language. I know other people in the whole world will proud if foreigners try to learn and use their mother tongue language. It is does not matter at all if you have done the mistakes in the usage, since you dare to use them. So, to those who think like I was before, It just about the right time for you to rethink about it. For me all languages are posh if we, people appreciate the language itself. Like the proverb said, when in Rome do as a Roman! So, that is exactly what I am trying to do right now. To adapt myself with Belgian lor..

P/s-What the lady was trying to say was, I cannot simply pressed the number of the recycle bag, if I did not have any. In her mind, I was trying to cheat to get the extra point in my shopping card quickly and easily. So that, I can claim the prize shortly soon. In other word, she thought, I am a cheater.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Congratulations my lil bro!


félicitations pour l'excellente résultat examen dans UPSR. Je suis fier de tu! Straight A's..again, congratulations k..

p/s-Aiman est mon petite frére, donc Il est la cadette dans notre famille.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


The answer of the title is:::Pressure::::huhuhuh

Monday, 10 November 2008

New language and the mistakes I made ..

Have you guys ever done any mistakes when you used a new language? For me, I am getting used to do the stupid mistakes when I used French in my daily life. When I was in Namur, I want to ask the lady at the tourist info centre about the nearest interesting places or castle in Namur. So ,we can save budget and time by walking to that place.

Ok, the conversation was like this, où est les cheveux? Then I saw the face expression the lady gave me made me realized I said the wrong word.In French language, castle is Le chateau but I said Les cheveux instead. Oh crap, in english the sentence is sound like this,' where is the 'hair'?'..hahaahaa. It was not so bad though! I just cannot imagine if I wrongly pronounced the word Le cheveux like this, où est le cheval? The meaning in english is, where is the horse? Sooo teribble isn'it? No wonder she gave me the weird expression. Ok then, I corrected the mistake by asking the right word. She told me, the destination that we planned to visit was quite far and it was impossible to take a walk. Then she asked me, the mode of transport if I want to go there, And I answered, A pied instead of A voiture / A bus..She looked more confusing, suddenly I realized, again I made the second mistakes. A pied mean by foot. So how on earth I can go to the far distance place by foot. hehehehe..

So, now I will be more careful to use the right words in French, but it's ok..we learn from our mistakes, right? The more mistakes I made, the easier I will catch up the language...Hopefully la kan..InsyaAllah..

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Handbag story..

I hate when it happened. What is 'it'? Ok, the thing is like this, every time I go shopping or thinking of doing something, Am seems to read what is lingering in my mind. For example, yesterday incident when we were in Namur. I told him that I want to buy a handbag. I was feeling like ages since the last time I bought a handbag. Boley caya ke? So, we hit all the shopping complex in Namur just to find the right handbag that I am dreaming of. From one shop to another, nothing seemed to suit my taste. If yes, the price attached on the bag made me just walked away from the shop. Well, so you know, the perfect and beautiful items always come together with the higher price.

When I almost gave up, I said to him, 'let's try this shop, maybe I will fancy one of their collections.' Luckily, he just agree and tagged along into the shop. Truthfully, I fancy one of the handbag in that shop. The green colour and the design of the handbag just look alike my lost River Island bag, that I like too bits! The one I was shipping from Manchester to Belgium when we were moving in here. Unfortunately, we lost all the boxes while they are in the hands of the postal services. ( five boxes to be precise, and we spent almost 200 pound for the fees) . We could not trace them since all the boxes had already left U.K. So, I am not complaining. Maybe those were not meant to be ours. Perhaps, it was foreordain to be lost in shipping. Something happened for a reason, right?

Now, back to my story...Am was trying to refrain me from buying that green bag. The reason he gave me was simple and dare I say it not just a reason, it was a fact. hehehee..He said that if I bought that green bag, sooner or later, I will ask him to buy me another one with the different colour. Some of you may think, why another one? Aha, the answer is, how many colours are really blend very well with green? I mean in terms of the outfit. Me, personally I think the colour can suit the green bag is limited. It not appropriate to carry green bag with orange or purple outfit, right? Well, maybe he was right..but what I cannot stand was, the way he read my mind. Like a book, I can tell!

Actually, I have to admit that, I was just about thinking of buying green colour outfit or perhaps another handbag if I bought that green one..Hahahaha..Pity me. Don't worry k, I did not buy it. The weird thing was, I never regret of not buying the bag. Maybe I am in the right track of piling up saving in my account instead of spending them to unwanted items. I think, I am getting wiser in handling money. Am I ?

Seriously, I need to save some money to settle my debt. Not too much in debt but still, I want to pay it all , so I will free from the debt fetter. It does take awhile before getting used with the saving habit. But, I will try no matter how difficult it is going to be...InsyaAllah...


Have you ever heard about 'kelopak garam'? It kind of skin problem but not in skin disease's category, and it can make you feel very itchy indeed. The causes of this problem have never been classified precisely, but some sources that I read were saying, it can occur because of our skin is allergy by the surroundings, eating habit etc.

Since the last two days, I was suffering with it and my skin was turning reddish and blotching everywhere especially on the top body. It was soo itchy cum uncomfortable and I kept scratching like a mad monkey until its bleading and leaving scar on my skin. The thing was, I kept applying special cream for skin problem repeatedly all over the blotched area but it was not making any difference. It just made my skin getting worst. I was showing and asking Am while wondering what has happened to my skin? Suddenly, he popped in with the words ' lapar garam', and he said, the only way to cure this problem was, by applying a mixture of cooking salt, turmeric and cooking oil. I was insisting him to make those things and applying it on my skin. After a while, I can feel the difference. I nevermore felt itchy. The itchiness has disappeared and I fell asleep for the whole night with those mixtures on my body. Believe it or not, it never been better..hehehehhe. Nevertheless, it was ok since I can sleep like baby.

I asked Am once last night, how he got the idea of making the mixtures to cure my itchiness. And he said, the tips is coming from elderly people. So, I guess that is why elderly tips become handy sometimes. And you can save money too, from buying the medicine. This experience makes me appreciate elderly tips soo much since!

Saturday, 8 November 2008


As in my entry before, we went off to visit Namur for the first time since we have been in Belgium.

Namur is the capital city of Walonnia, the French speaking area in Belgium. It has its own charm and characteristic that can attract tourist to come to visit this place. The signature thing of Namur is the countryside, with the picturesque view from the top of the citidel.

This town is located at the southern part of Belgium and only 50 minutes from Liege city centre. Actually, Mozat was our main destination at the first place. Unfortunately, due to the several reasons we chose Namur instead. And I was glad we did that because, we were totally indulging ourselves into the countryside, and we were closed to the nature as what we really wanted and planned in a few days back.

The medival town, castle and building on the top view of the citidel were soo lovely. Namur's castle is surrounding by the park, enhace the beauty of the castle itself. The park has been decorating beautifully since, and suit the medival age period of history. My wishful thinking was, to stay there even for one night! How I wish we could. But, my dream..there was no hotel or whatsoever nearby the place. Thus, I ended up being in Liege and updating my blog to share my experience with my blog's visitor. Well, maybe we will return to Namur later, if we choose Mozet for our next countryside visit.

P/S- prochain image dans le facebook et le fotopages bientot!

Weekend Activities

We are bored I guess? Thus, we are planning to visit Namur later and enjoy the countryside..Ok hope the weather is permitting for the outdoor activities...Ciao!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Not Yet..

Went to the City Administrative this morning. Unfortunately, the City Hall is still waiting for the police report on me. So, have to wait..Keep waiting and waiting and waiting. We will try again in the next week..Hopefully ok la..Buhsannnnn!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tomorrrow will tell

Yes..finally I be able to renew my ID. Hence, I will hit the road in the early morning off to the City Administrative as the early bird. Oh !by the way, the policeman has come to visit me in the other day. So, tomorrow will tell! If they requested 'not relevant' document. Definitely, I will show them my 'real character'(dah lama bersabar and asyik yes sir, je kan), just wait and see the news, in case they want to send me back to Malaysia for good due to my unprincipled manner..hehehehe!

P/S- The ID thing is really bother me, because...
1. The lateness of the ID renewal resulting , the lateness in receiving the card back. So..
2.The lateness in receiving the card, mean I cannot go on holiday to other country!!So pathetic la..Buhsan oo lama2 terperap kat sini!

latest info

Rakyat Malaysia kekal nikmati 6 bulan perjalanan tanpa visa di Britain

05/11/2008 9:08pm

KUALA LUMPUR 5 Nov. — Rakyat Malaysia masih diberi kebenaran menikmati tempoh melancong enam bulan tanpa visa ke Britain walaupun terdapat perubahan dalam peraturan mengenai visa United Kingdom (UK), kata Pesuruhjaya Tinggi British ke Malaysia Boyd McCleary.

Katanya beliau memberi jaminan bahawa para pelancong sentiasa dialu-alukan untuk mengunjungi Britain, dan sehingga ini tidak ada peraturan yang memerlukan rakyat Malaysia memiliki visa umum untuk memasuki Bitain.

“Pelancong Malaysia ke UK masih menikmati tempoh perjalanan enam bulan bebas visa. Kumpulan yang perlu memohon visa ketika ini adalah kalangan mereka yang merancang untuk tinggal lebih lama dari enam bulan, mungkin untuk bekerja atau belajar,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

McCleary mengeluarkan kenyataan itu ekoran beberapa laporan media sejak kebelakangan ini mengenai perubahan dalam peraturan mengenai visa UK.

Beliau menjelaskan bahawa UK sedang memperkenalkan ’Points Based System’ untuk akses pemohon visa, sama seperti sistem yang digunakan oleh kerajaan Australia, dan ia akan diperkenalkan secara berperingkat pada bulan-bulan akan datang, bergantung kepada kategori visa.

Beliau berkata peringkat pertama diperkenalkan hujung bulan Jun lepas dan peringkat berikutnya yang meliputi pekerja mahir dengan tawaran kerja akan dimulakan hujung bulan ini.

Berhubung masalah pendatang haram ke UK, Mc Cleary berkata UK sedang menangani masa itu di bawah Visa Waiver Test, dan bagi rakyat Malaysia, kerajaan UK sedang bekerjasama rapat dengan pihak berkuasa Malaysia.

“Satu keputusan akan dibuat berhubung hasil proses ini awal tahun depan,” katanya.

Isnin lepas Menteri Luar Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim dilaporkan berkata rakyat Malaysia yang tinggal lebih tempoh dan yang bekerja tanpa kebenaran di UK perlu pulang ke tanah air.


the original news is here

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Malaysia mungkin hadapi peraturan visa baru EU

KUALA LUMPUR 4 Nov. - Malaysia mungkin berhadapan peraturan visa baru daripada Kesatuan Eropah (EU) jika 30,000 rakyatnya yang tinggal melebihi tempoh di United Kingdom (UK) masih gagal pulang ke negara ini.

Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar berkata, kerajaan Britain sedang meneliti untuk menggunakan peraturan visa baru ke atas 11 buah negara termasuk Malaysia kerana menyalahgunakan visa dan tinggal melebihi tempoh yang dibenarkan.

"Mereka ini perlu segera memberi maklum balas untuk pulang. Kita minta mereka patuh undang-undang untuk elakkan negara EU kenakan peraturan terhadap kita,'' katanya pada sidang akhbar selepas merasmikan mesyuarat Ketua-Ketua Pengarah Imigresen ASEAN dan Ketua-Ketua Bahagian Hal Ehwal Konsul Kementerian-Kementerian Luar (DGICM) di sini hari ini.

Jumaat lepas, Syed Hamid mendedahkan terdapat lebih 30,000 rakyat Malaysia yang tinggal melebihi tempoh di United Kingdom dinasihatkan segera pulang ke tanah air sebelum kerajaan negara itu mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap mereka.

Tambah beliau, melalui perundingan dua hala, kerajaan Britain memberikan insentif tiket penerbangan sehala percuma untuk menggalakkan rakyat Malaysia pulang dalam tempoh Julai hingga Disember ini.

Jelasnya lagi, kira-kira 271,000 orang dari negara ini memasuki United Kingdom setiap tahun dan keperluan untuk menggunakan visa hanya akan membebankan rakyat.

Oleh itu, katanya lagi, pemberian insentif tiket penerbangan sehala percuma oleh kerajaan Britain sebenarnya banyak membantu dan mendapat sambutan positif daripada rakyat negara ini di sana.

"Kita diberi tempoh enam bulan untuk menunggu kepulangan rakyat Malaysia di sana dan keputusan penggunaan visa pada tahun depan,'' jelasnya.

Syed Hamid berkata, kesungguhan yang ditunjukkan oleh negara-negara lain dalam usaha memastikan tiada pihak yang dapat tinggal secara haram di United Kingdom seharusnya dicontohi rakyat negara ini yang bermigrasi di sana.

Katanya, rakyat negara ini yang memasuki United Kingdom diminta jujur dan tidak membuat perkara yang menyalahi undang-undang atau tersasar daripada tujuan asal mereka ke sana.

"Jangan cakap hendak jadi pelajar, tetapi apabila sampai ke sana bekerja dan tinggal melebihi tempoh. Begitu juga sebaliknya,'' ujarnya.

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