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Thursday, 22 December 2011

When the tiny mouth speaks, I feel like 'lempang' hehehe

Haris was playing doughs at the living, all I could say was, the dough cutters were everywhere. I tried to tidy up some of the cutters and put them in the basket, suddenly he came behind me and said,

Haris-Mama, what u doing ?( mama what are you doing?)
Mama-Doing nothing.
Haris-Mama tidy up (mama is tidying up)
Mama-yes, mama is tidying up your toys..Can you help me please?
Haris-Okay! What a mess!

Seriously, I have no idea when he learnt about the last sentence. Though, it was funny when it came out from his tiny mouth.

Haris and I were watching tv and suddenly I blocked his view by sitting before the telly.

Haris-Mama, yook out! (look out)
Mama-err, what did u say Haris?
Haris-Yook out, while pushing my head aside.
Me? I was confused hahaha and I asked Am, Was he using the right words 'look out'? The answered I got from Am was, 'you better check the dictionary'. Hahahahaa..

Monday, 19 December 2011

Kids are innocent

Lately, I have a very little patient in me. I have been ignoring haris question when I feel like 'malas nak layan' of answering him.

Haris- mama, mama..mamaaaaaaaaa..
Mama- Hmm..(my eyes are glued on the screen)
Haris-mama, mama where's the coin?more coin? (and he kept on asking non stop.)
Mama-( silent and pretending not hearing what he's been saying.)
Haris-mama, mama, say yes Haris..
Mama-omg! I have been teaching him to answer, 'yes, mama' if I called him and now he teaches me to do the same thing..hahaha..serve me right!
Mama-yes, sorry Haris..


haris-mama, kiss me please..
mama--kiss u?ok, come here.

(Haris is approaching me to get a kiss on the forehead.)

haris-yes, that's better..

Haris, haris..sometimes you make me angry and sometimes I could not help laughing from your pot pet pot pet


Wifey- Ling, bangunla..dah nak masuk asar ni.
son (haris)-Ying, ying wake up
Wifey-Haris, you must say papa not ling.
Son-Hey, ying wake up..and ke kept banging on and on and on hahaha

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Life means...

Life is about making a decision. Life is about making choices. Life is NOT about 'me, me , me'...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What lies ahead remain mystery, until it did happen!

Many things happened yet so little time to share with in this blog. To make it short, I wrote an entry about 'cripple' a few days back. Actually the reason behind my 'cripple entry was, our apartment was breaking in. The incident happened around 3.30pm  when we were out and about in the city center. When we returned home at 6 pm there was no sign of breaking in at the main entrance (we live in a second floor out of 3rd), but our main apartment door was left opened by the burglar. The loss was quite bearable,  well sort of! My compaq mini netbook, Am's laptop, my Canon dslr, my compact camera panasonic lumix, and money worth Eur 260 were robbed. The icing of the incident was, we had to pay 240 Euro for changing the broken door.

We called the police to report about the incident but I was pretty sure there was nothing the police could do especially without the witness. It was quite tricky. Alhamdulillah, Allah nak uji :-))..

Though, bad things happened for a reason. The  wisdom behind the tragedy was, Am got a better laptop and it was free because the sv bought it for him. He is now, a proud owner of 15inc Mac book pro, and as for me, Sony Vaio is more than good because I was expected to get a mini netbook only.

Ok, enough about the burglary.

Today tragedy was far unforeseen.

I have been living in this peace and serene city called Liege for almost four years. I have not experienced something out of league that could be a drawback of living in this city. Language? Yes, it quite a barrier but what to expect you live in people's territory so you must follow their cultures not otherwise. There are few things that I can say as a scarcity but they are still tolerable. Though, today at 12.35pm there was an attacked right in the city center on the busiest roads and christmas market. I did not know about it until my husband ring me to tell about the hand grenades attack at the bus stop just a few meters away from our apartment,   across the street of the main shopping gallery.

Initially, I was thinking to bring Haris out today for buying cookies and muffins but fortunately, I got held up by chatting with my old friend. I could not imagine if I was out as per planned. From the latest news, the death toll is 6 and 123 people wounded.

The attacker, died at the scene. What I could tell was, blood spattered on the roads, people were screaming and crying out loud seeking for help, the arms policemen and policewomen were everyehere, the roads to the center were sealed off, the helicopter was whizzing around the sky to monitor the condition and it reminded me the incident in CSI.

The saddest thing was, the baby as young as 18 months died due to the grenades attacked. Poor soul, sigh!

Thus, by the time I write this, everything is back to normal.Alhamdulillah!

This makes me think, kalau dah ajal sedetik pun tak boleh dilambatkan, hidup dan  mati di tangan Allah...mati itu pasti cuma cara kematian yg berbeza..

Nevertheless, I still love this country ,Malaysia ?Of course lerrrrrr

Sunday, 4 December 2011


I am feeling cripple without my DSLR and the netbook. Fortunately, the new viao is mine now but Am will be using it for a while before his supervisor replace another laptop for him. Now, we have to start surveying a new dslr for me and I have four months duration before my next travel.

What a month!