We have been to

Italy -Rome, Venice, Milan, Como Lake, Bellagio, Florence, Bologna. United Kingdom -The whole Kingdom including scottish land. Belgium France -Paris, Lille, Calais, Metz, Nancy. The Netherland -Amsterdam, Utretcht, Roermond, Mastricht, Rotterdam, Zaans schans, Velondam, keukenhof etc. Chez Republic -Prague. Slovakia -Bratislava. Hungary -Budapest. Austria -Vienna, Salzburg. Switzerland -Basel, Zurich, Interlaken Lake, jungfraujich, geneva, brig, lausanne, Lugano Germany -West and East Germany except Munich. Luxembourg United States of America -San Francisco, Hawaii. Poland -Warsaw and Lodz Spain -Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Barcelona Turkey -Istanbul Singapore Russia -st.petersburg and counting...


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Going on holiday

We are going on holiday this coming thursday. We will off to Strasbourg and Colmar, France. Basel and Zurich Switzerland and Metz in Germany. Will come back on 21st December with loads of photos...

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Haris talks

My mum is in the middle of making my first scrapbook as a keepsake. So, everytime she goes to the art and craft shop she will get crazy and she can be in the shop for ages. She bought a plenty of scrapbooking stuffs. Papa can't even say a word or otherwise, my mum will pull her face as a sign of 'protest'. Hmm...Whatever la mama as long as mama loves me..That is the most important thing after all. Ok here are some photos that my mum took for her art stuffs..Enjoice.. more thing, nowadays, people keep saying I inherit most of my papa features instead of my mum. Hmm..when I was born I thought I look alike my mum, but I was wrong..Ok look at these pics..What say you?

Ok enough of my rambling, this is the photo that was taken during my splash time..Am I cute? Look at the magis ducks. Both of the ducks can change colour when I put in the water.

Last but not least, Haris wants to say..mama, I love u so much..unconditional love between us is crystal clear in this pic..

p.s- My darling baby, please reach my hand when you need me now and forever.Always be mama's best friend even though when you are growing up and you have somebody that you loved. Always hold my hands when mama gets older and mama is hoping that your hand will carry my body when I shut my eyes and leave this world forever..Hmm..when the time comes, you must remember what mama has said to you sayang...

Friday, 4 December 2009

Toothless smiles

Waddling and tip toeing into my bedroom to check my baby is my routine activities. Right on cue, I could see a pair of bright eyes were looking sharply on my face. Hmmm, 'I thought you are still sleeping, darling..'. He kept beaming wide toothlessly like asking me to play with him. Seriously, the way he laid his eyes on me make me feel overwhelming. The feeling is keep flowing endlessly. I ain't a perfect mum for you, sayang but I will try my best to be perfect just for you.

There he goes, keep smiling and smiling and I cannot thankful enough to Allah for giving me a chance to be a mum...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Haris new gear

Papa bought this swing last friday as a gift after Haris fourth and fifth jabs to cheer this little one's mood. He was moody since wednesday and this swing is really a gud soother..Thanks Papa.