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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


A week passed by, a few things has happened but one thing for sure is, my mood will swing like wheel. Sometimes I feel sad..and a moment later I can smile like nothing has happened. I do not understand why this happened. I guess the hormone is the answer to my query. Al hamdulillah, so far my pregnancy goes very well just I can't wait for the morning sickness to wave 'bye-bye' to me.

Fatigue- Yes it hit me like a bomb. I can spend the whole day just lying in bed.

I try to gain my knowledge in labour and birth from time to time. I almost can accept the fact that labour is inevitable. I will experience it somehow soon..So,nothing to be scared of..just I rely on everything to Allah..

Friday, 26 December 2008

I can cook!

After suffering from cannot-cook-syndrom, suddenly out of the blue all the syndroms have disappeared. The funny thing was, I dreamt of cooking in the last 2 night. So today, I browsed the cooking website to find something that I really want to eat. Lastly, I decided to make nasi kukus, sambal belacan, ayam goreng berempah and ulam.

I ate like pig and I had 3 servings to fulfill my big stomach. Well, it acceptable I think because I ate for two..hehehhee..I still need Am to help me in cooking especially when it involves with onion or garlic. I still cannot accept the smell though...But it is ok as long as not as bad as before.

Ok monday I am officially in a week 12 and the last phase of trimester one. Can't wait for trimester two as I am longing for foodddddd!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

penutupan sementara

Blog ni akan ditutup sementara..sebabnya aku akan berhijrah terus ke facebook..tapi akan diupdate balik bila aku ada mood..

Friday, 19 December 2008

Short holiday break!

We just booked the hotel to visit the smallest country in Europe, Luxembourg on 23rd December 2008. Ok la..because of the money constraint Luxembourg is the best option for our short holiday. Still I can colour the map... Hopefully the weather is good for sightseeing.InsyaAllah..

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Is he good?

Since I cannot do the house chores because of the Nausea, AM is helping me with everything. From doing the laundry, cooking, house cleaning and even serving the food into our bedroom. I do not 'mengada-ngada' but seriously living room and kitchen make me sick. I guess, the hormone of pregnant woman sometimes quite hard to understand until we face it by ourself. This morning, I was so pity of him when he had to wake up at the early morning..even though he slept at 5 am just to prepare my meal before he headed to the university. Sometimes, the food did not taste good but it was so shame to waste it since he put so much effort to cook it for me. I owe you my dear husband..I do not know you are so much responsible person until I fell pregnant. Thank you..thank you..

I vividly remember when I was 7 years old. My mum was pregnant for my little sister. She asked me to buy her nasi lemak at aunty A. But, I was so lazy to ride my bike to aunty I bought her nasi lemak at aunty B instead. The fact was, both nasi lemak look aliked and the tasted was a little bit same. But, when my mum tried to eat the nasi lemak, she knew the nasi lemak was from different shop. She just left it and I finished the nasi lemak for myself. I knew she was frustrated with me and I just too self centred to think about my mum craving thingy. Now, I understand when it happen to me, It is soo hard if you cannot get the food that you want to. It is so hard to describe in a word..

Pregnancy make me realize how I love and appreciate my mum more than I do before. If I knew this earlier, surely I will never ever crossed with my mum and just did what she wanted me to do without second thought..

Nasi dagang...nasi I crave for Kelantan's food soo much..

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

First time

First time knowing that I am pregnant was on 3rd December 2008. I woke up in the morning and suddenly the idea of doing the test popped in my mind.I just took one of the test stick and peed on it. In a couple of minutes it showed two lines. I was totally, utterly happy and feel unbelievable. So that, I took another two sticks and peed on them.Al hamdulillah..aLL of the sticks showed the same results. Thank GOD for your gift. After test I waited for two weeks before meeting the GYN and midwife. I just not ready to do it earlier since I have an experience of miscarried last year. I do not want the happinesss last for a while like before. I keep praying and when I have enough courage I went off to the clinic to meet the GP first. She proposed me to go to the hospital and do the blood and urine test. So, after two days..I went for the test. At first I was so scared because I knew this time involved the blood. I deserved right, when the nurse took eight tubes of my blood for the test.And the truth was, I just about to pass out after the test. In another three weeks time,I need to go for another blood test again,'scanning for the syndrome down test' that they call it. I think I am ok this time, because if I ready to fall pregnant that mean I must get ready to be a cushion to be poke by doctor and nurse everytime and everywhere when they need.

A week after the blood test, I headed to the hospital once again on 10th December 2008 to meet the midwife and Gyn. The midwife asked me a million of questions and she checked me thoroughly. She performed the pap smear test..and what a shocked because the test is painless. I tried to avoid it thrice before..If I knew it was not this bad..surely I will go for the test..hehehhee..

After that, the midwife told me that my baby will be due on 18th July 2009...I was nine week pregnant when she did the test. Now I am in the middle of week ten to continue the journey of the first time mum to be.

The nausea hit me like hell. It is so torture when you crave for things that you could not get. Especially the foods. It much painful when I keep vomiting everyday in no time. I frequently go to the toilet to pee and everything. this pregnancy totally change my life at all...But, on the contrary..I am so glad to have this chance in my be a mum after two years of our marriage...Do pray for me and the baby k..Hope everything goes fine..InsyaAllah...

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Rambling in week 10

Yes, yes I know if I keep writing about my pregnancy experience, some of you might think my blog is turning to PIBG blog. Well, I guess it will somehow in no time. So pardon me for the uneasy entry about all this k. Heehehe..I am planning to make this 40 weeks of my journey as a special journal, so that I can remember it precisely when I am a few years ahead later on. I want to appreciate every moment of it. InsyaAllah.

Since a few weeks back, I face the same problem, nausea. But I read somewhere that this problem will go away when you up to 12 or 13 weeks of pregnancy, and I do hope so. It is very awful indeed to go through this morning sickness. It not just in the morning, it will come anytime though! And sometimes it can make my day worsen or even worst!

Oh by the way, I know it is too soon to buy for baby thingy but I cannot help myself from doing the survey on it. I visited a few baby shops and so far the cheapest white baby cot I can get is from IKEA ( I only want white colour for the baby cot, mosses basket and wardrobe for the baby, that is my so -called dream since I was single k..hhehee..jauh betul impian tu). Yep, so do you know, in Europe IKEA is the cheapest shop to buy furniture thingy and it is suitable for the budget people like us. It is so contrast compare to Malaysia. Maybe because of the currency converter, I guess!

Ops, we already received our ID thus, I will plan for our next trip soon, maybe in this coming February. I do not even know where our destination this time is, but I want to get out from Belgium soon. Bosan la wei! Ok hope I will find the best offer and place to visit soon. Ciao!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I am expecting!

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Here is the greatest news I want to share with all...We are expecting our little baby next year. The due date is around 18th July 2009..Yehaa...So now, I am in the week nine of my pregnancy. Nothing much happend, just I face the nausea problem. The morning sickness is quite bad. I cannot cook and the worst is I will vomit everytime I see our kitchen. So, I only stay in our bedroom to avoid the kitchen view..Uwekkkkk..

First time of my check up was last week. The nurse took 8tubes of my blood and truthfully, I just about to pass out during the test..But, lucky me, I did not. The nurse gave me a glass of water to make myself better. And today, again we off to the hospital for the first time check up with genecologist. I deserved right, when she performed pap smear test on me just now. ahahhaa..I tried to avoid from this test thrice time in the U.K, but today more chance to avoid it. But, it does not matter because the test is painless. In a couple of second the test is finished. So, my next appointment is another one month. Oh by the way, I received plenty of freebie items for our future baby from the hospital..I likeeeeee..hehehe..

Ok la..that's first scan is on 9th I hope everything goes very well..Wish me luck for the pregnancy, labour, birth and baby k..Insya Allah..amin..

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Eid's Stories

After being quite a while stopping from blogging…I now have a few more ideas to update my blog. Before that, I want to wish Salam Aidiladha to all my Muslims friends and family and hope we will be a better person from year to year. Our Eid celebration was not so bad at all, it was superb and great!!!!!! A day before Eid, we packed our bag and went off to take the train and headed to Brussels. We stayed overnight at one of the Embassy’s officer, En Adnan and his wife Pn. Nurul. They both such a very lovely and nice people. Very nice indeed. They made us lost the ‘segan silu’ thingy when we were there. Our earlier planned was to catch a bus from the Metro station to their house, but they insisted to collect us at the Metro station. So we were too thankful for that and ‘segan sebenarnya’.hehhehe.. Then En Adnan droved us to their house. What a massive and a nice house they have. Yes..Yes I know that the Malaysian Government house but whose care? Now they live in the house so the house is theirs...hahaha...Since we stepping our feet in theirs, En Adnan’s wife, Nurul has started cooked a few dishes as a pre celebration. After cooking, we ate together with another embassy families that came to join the ‘makan2’.

I ate a lot. Part of the menu’s were, ‘masak lemak cili padi ikan talang’, ‘ikan bakar air asam’, ‘kari ikan merah’, and plenty more to list down. We were talking, eating, laughing and bla2..until12pm. Then we off to bed to take a better rest before tomorrow long day’s activities.

In the early morning, we woke up and get ready for ‘sembahyang raya’ at the embassy. The first time ever after 3 years I celebrated Eid properly with the ‘takbir raya’ and ‘solat raya’. It was so lovely and nice to join the activities. After ‘solat raya’ we headed to the ground floor for ‘jamuan raya’. I was so happy to fulfill my cravings for kuew teow kerang ..hhahahaa..There was plenty of dishes like, nasi himpit, rendang, fried vermicelli, apple pie and plenty more. Again, I made myself full for the whole day by eating like pig..hehhehe..

In the afternoon we return to En adnan's with our friends , before going to Cik Jamaliah house in the evening.Cik Jamaliah is one of the embassy staff also. Before that, once again we were having another serving at En. Adnan’s house. Bubur kacang, nasi daging, keropok goreng, biscuits and plenty of foods to choose from.After talking and eating, we off to Cik Jamaliah’s house for another food festival..hehhhee.. When I was there, I have already full so I just ate laksa and serawa durin. The foods were soo good to be wasted off. So again, I fill in my full stomach ..until burppppp…haahaha..

At 10pm..Most of the guests were heading off home and one more time we felt so ‘terharu’ and ‘terkejut’ because suddenly, En adnan and Nurul were offering to drive us back to Liege in the middle of the night. I told them Brussels – Liege was not so near. It almost 90km for one way. But they insisted! So with the guilty feeling we agree to be droved off back home, even we felt so pity to both of our hosts. Yela, depa dah la penat masak bagi kami makan..and penat dengan aktiviti seharian tetiba nak anta kami balik pulak..huhuhu..So there we were, hitting the road heading to Liege. We arrived at Liege at almost 11 pm in the night. After talking and drinking two cups of coffee they went off back to Brussels…Oh my…To En Adnan and Nurul…thankssssssssss a lot k..Next time kami datang lagi..both of you such a very nice person indeed!!!!!!!!Kami terhutang budi banyak je rasa,,huhuhu,,but we are glad to join the Eid celebration and I am full of happiness until now…hahahhaa..

Thursday, 4 December 2008

salam aidiladha

walaupun aku malas..aku nk wish salam aidiladha..utk semua..maaf zahir batin..sedapnya makan daging korban..huhuhuh