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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A big step has started..

Yesterday I had meeting with a director from one of the schools which I fancied to enroll Haris. The meeting was around 2pm, after chatting and taking a look of the surrounding, I decided to register Haris straightaway. The school starts at 8.30am or 9 am to 3.30pm but for the first week I opted for half day only and the teachers were fine with my idea, considering that, his age is not compulsory for schooling yet.

Thus, today was the big day for my boy. We brisk walked to the school and arrived 5 minutes to 9 am and headed to the class. After settling putting his belongings and the teacher braced him in her arms, he started showing the sad face but not cried yet though I could see his lips trembled.  After saying good bye and promised to collect him later, we left.

Three hours passed by like a minute. I was busy preparing lunch and tidying up the house and when I finished my tasks, the clock showed quarter to midday. I got myself ready and headed to the school. I had to climb a flight of stairs to reach the classroom and once I arrived , I could hear a familiar voice crying in the melancholic tone.

Seriusly, I felt sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach but I had to be strong. I knocked the door and soon after he seeing my face he was running after me and stopped crying. I had to console him about everything was ok and I did ask him , 'Haris, do you want to go to school tomorrow and why were you crying?'. He answered me in a sad voiced, ' Yes mama. I am sad because I miss u and papa and aunty Ina :-)).

I think, perhaps he thought that we were leaving him for good with a stranger and he might think we are no longer need him in our life, poor baby :-).

Though, I am pleased because he made it for three hours today. So, for tomorrow fingers crossed ! As a mum I have to say and hope for the best..InsyaAllah..

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

When he asked for a dog...

Haris and I went for grocceries shopping today. When we were out and about he saw a cute, small and white dog on the road .Frankly, he kept eyeing the dog until the dog dissappeared from his sight. Suddenly, out of the blue he popped this question to me,

Haris-mama,I want dog, can we buy dog ? (mama I want a dog, can we buy one?)
Mama-sorry, what are you saying Haris? I could not hear him clearly since the sounds of the bus which passing by was very loud.
Haris-I want dog, a small dog and white colour one.
Mama-Oh you want a small and white dog?
Haris-Yes mama.
Mama- Why do you fancy a dog Haris? Can I buy you a black and big dog instead?
Haris-No, I want white and small dog only.
Mama-but why?
Haris-because I think white and small dog is cute mama.And it soft and fluffy.
Mama-owh cute..Ok, can I buy you a cat instead?
Haris-ok black cat.
Mama-do you have a cat Haris?
Haris-yes, black and dark color cat.
Mama-what is your cat's name Haris?
Haris-It's name is Neo.

 His latest photo for US visa.

Hehehe..seriously, I don't know why he thinks the dog is cute , sorry baby dog is no-no and when you grow up I will tell you why the answer is no.