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Monday, 31 August 2009

Parents talk

I was in the middle of talking with my husband last night. The topic is about, can he manage to take care of Haris for one fine day if I went to massage and facial perhaps, next weekend la kan. So he admitted, it will be a hard task since Haris not into him so much. Haris will prefer to be hugged by me if he wants to sleep and not to forget he prefer breastmilk than formula milk. Nevertheless, the formula milk will do if he is so damn hungry and tired.

After a few moment, suddenly Am popped out this sentences, 'Normally man will remarry if their spouse passed away just because they lack of patient, experience and bla2 to take care of their child'. So I asked him, ' will you remarry again if I died?'. And he spontaneously said, ' Hell no, of course not!' and do not talk about dying plz. So I answered him, If I died, I do not mind the world matter, you can remarry or whatsoever but please take a good care of Haris. If not I will haunt you for the whole life.. Then he said seriously, I will never ever thought about marriage after you just because I know, nobody can take care of Haris as good as you do..What a sweet word, oh my.

In a nut shell, my hubby maybe just play a sweet words towards me, but as I knew him for this long, I can convince myself he said it purely from his heart. Hmm, well someimes in marriage we prefer to hear complimentary words rather than sarcastic one. And trust me, it will bright up your marriage and relationship, not always though..hehehhehe

Friday, 28 August 2009

If Haris could talk....

He definitely says this,

Haris rasa mama gila sebabnya, pagi after bath, Haris dipaksa posing begini..

and petang pulak macamni..terjepit okay!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


1) Sile copy award ini di blog anda:
2) Nyatakan 6 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini (Are t)
a)Kawan masa USM and satu course ngan Am.
b)Pernah scotting di umah dia masa kat PB..thanks Aret..aku takkan lupa budi ko tu..nanti dtg scotting umah aku kat PB ok...hehehe
c)Sgt dah kurus.
d) Tgh wat PHD..gud luck aret ngn permanent head damage..hehhee..gurau je ok!
f)Rasanya sedikit manja mayb sebab ko anak bongsu kot ek?
g)Sgt suka lirik lagu elampau had kenyal.

3)Nyatakan 9 fakta tentang diri anda sendiri:
a)Dah 3 tahun jd housewife sb ikut suami.
b)Baru menempuh alam parenting.
c)Berniat nak buat maters tpii sampai skrg tak terbuat..ntah hape2..
d)Suka berdiam bila da yg tak kena and sampai masa akn meletup.
e)suka travel n sopink.
f)Suka makan..tapi only 1 kilo left to kurus ke pre pregnancy weight.
g)suka plain water only.
h)Tak cukup tidoooooo
i)Minat fotografi and dlm perancangan (sejak berkurun) nak sambar dslr tapi idak jugak sampai skrg.

4)Pilih 10 penerima award seterusnye .. TAG mereka:
aisey 2 je la..ummi and elziera..

balasan nota cinta, perhaps?

Thanks hubby for this..

Our 3rd Anniversary

Celebrating our third anniversary on 25th August 2009 is the most meaningful anniversary ever. This marriage is a miracle for me. Marrying a man that I love so much. The decision to tie a knot after knowing each other for almost two years was like a fairy tales. We have sacrifice so many things just to be together. Sometimes if I think it thoroughly, I will definitely say, our love story is much alike a love story in a novel. Sailing the first year of our marriage was the hardest time. The time of knowing and understanding each other was really hard and sometimes it ended up with a big quarrel between us. But after stepping the second and now the third year of marriage we hardly cross each other because we choose to discuss everything like heart to heart talk, well sometimes..

Anyhow, this year is a special year for us because we have received the most precious parcel from heaven, our flesh and blood, Baby Haris. He comes to light up our life in his unique way. After been waiting for almost two and half years and miscarried twice, I really thanks God for Haris presence. He is a miracle for us and the joyfulness was all over the moon after knowing I had a baby boy after the second scan. Am always wants a baby boy for our first kid, even though I opted and hoped for the vice verses gender but I never regret with Allah's foreordain.

My dear husband,
Being with you is my forever wish, Loving you is my lifetime solemn promise, Accompanying you is my pleasure, Encouraging you in any paths you have taken is giving me a satisfaction, Giving you a prince is a lovely moment in my life, fighting with you is my liking, Spending your money is my inevitable habit but so just you know I love you unconditionally..Happy third anniversary my dear husband, Norizham.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Leisure time no more

Leisure time? I think I have forgotten the meaning of 'me time' since I have my baby. Haris behaviour is changing week by week. The latest is, he shows his grumpiness in the day time especially around 3pm to 7 pm. It is so hard to let him drifting away in his dreamland. Once he wake up from his day sleep, he will cry out with his healthy lungs asking for our attention. He does not want to be placed in bed or whatsoever. He wanted to be carried around. But it just not simply put him on your arms and bring him around. There is a special way to carry him. He loves to be placed on my shoulder and his face facing my back, like burping position.

Swaddling does its work when Haris is falling asleep. He can sleep very soundly and for long hour, but when he awakes, nothing seems to work to settle him down. Giving up, does cross my mind..hmm well sometimes. Giving up towards my baby? It sounds bizarre, isn't? Well, I am just a human being. A new mum who is trying to adjust herself with the new motherhood world.

Everytime I put Haris in his cot everynight at 7 pm, I do feel pity for him. His face is so innocent with his lovely smell after night bath. My love is pouring towards him unconditionally and endlessly.

My beloved little son Haris, if you knew how much mama and papa love you. You teach us what life is all about. The patience, the tolerance between mama and papa on handling you are priceless. Your presence makes our love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past had forgotten and the future worth living for.

Salam Ramadhan 2009

Dikesempatan ini Haris, mama and papa ingin mengucapkan selamat menyambut Ramadhan almubarak buat semua..Semoga tahun ini kita dapat menambahkan lagi amalan2 dari tahun sebelumhya..

Ni gambar Haris yang kekenyangan dan persediaan menyambut Ramadhan..Mama, susu plzz...

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Skincare and new look

Looking at my face at the mirror on the wall makes me realize something. There is a sign of ageing skin. The fine wrinkle around my eyes and forehead. I kept looking and found out my skin has changed from oily skin into dry skin. When the weather is cold and breezy it becomes very dry and left it scaly. So, yesterday in the day 24 of my confinement, I did ask my husband to accompany me to go for shopping. I shopped for skincare products and a few cloth for a new look after giving birth.

Off we went. Our first destination was Paris ICI XL. This shop is the shop that sells beauty products and fragrances. I set my mind to try for Lancome brand since Loreal, Clinique and Mary Kay have failed to give me the best result that I hope for. The beautician dia ask me about my preference. And I told her I wanted to go for Lancome. This is mt first trial with this brand so I need her advice on this product. She gave me all the needy information about the products after analyzing my skin type. It serves me right when she told me the result that my skin is a very dry skin. So she proposed tonique confort toner and gelatee confort cleansing milk as my basic skin care. And for the anti ageing she introduced the new product which is, genifique youth activating concentrate. After satisfying with her promotion of the products, we bought those three items that had been promoted without having a second thought.

After that, we went to Zara. I bought a cloth for me. I did not find any suitable jeans so maybe next week will be the next shopping trip for me before Ramadhan. When I was in Zara, I almost lost my mind when they put all the spring summer items on sale. Everything as cheap as Euro 7 for jeans, clothes and many more. But, being there with a baby I did not spend so much time on shopping my clothes. But, Am promised me to go there again next week, plus I want to buy something for Haris too. Baju raya..bole? hehehe..

So, about the skin care that I bought, I did try it twice and so far so good. But it too early to give the verdict for those items. But, Insya Allah if I am ok with those items, I will be a loyal customers for this product. I will swear on this product la ngn kata lainnya. No ,more tukar 2 and doing experiment on my skin. Fingers crossed! to go, the truth is, I have been busy with my new role as a mum. Preoccupied with many new tasks until I do not have so much time for blogging and facebooking. Letih but it a new experience for me as a mum..

Haris at last 10 days

Haris today, after 10 days..muka nak start nangis..mama susu is a serious biz okay!

Monday, 10 August 2009


Have I mentioned about Haris is grumpy and cranky everytime he wants to sleep in the evening? Even though after feeding and burping he still refuses to sleep. So I made a research via Internet, the reaserch is about the reasons why baby is having trouble in sleeping. Baby center answers all my needy answers. One of the reason that caught my eye is baby need to be swaddled. I tried it before with muslin square but Harris rejected it. So I tried again this evening by using swaddle blanket that Am bought in the last two weeks. This blanket is purposely design for swaddling.

The amazing thing is, Haris falls asleep right after I swaddled him tightly. Perhaps he feels like being in my tummy time so that is why he loves it so much. Being a mum we need to try everything to please our baby, in other word is 'try and error'..wink wink.., and I am glad I found the answer for the question mark in my mind. Hmm maybe I have forgotten, he is still a baby after all. Haris..Haris..Mama loves u so much!

Haris new transport

Talking about my confinement. What is that?hehehe. Ok the truth is, I went out for shopping a pram and a body carrier for my lil boy. I just could not wait any longer for the pram since I need to bring my baby for the consultation and baby massage once a week, starting this week. I was looking for stokke Xplory brand, unfortunately the staff at the big baby shop 'Burgeois' nearby our area said, the stock has finished!. Truthfully I was feeling reluctant about that. I saw one before with orange color and the price after sale is around Euro 699. It so ashamed we let go that one. I will definitely could not get Stokke new brand with that price anymore because the actual price before sale for stokke Xplory is about Euro 999 to Euro 1200. Bodohla aku!

So to make it short and to avoid pening2 thinking about the pram I chose Quinny Buzz instead. I took off the grand seat and replaced it with the enfant carrier since Haris is too little to use the seat itself. I hope by his age of 6 months he can use the grand seat.

p.s= Haris always cranky and grumpy when he wants to sleep in the evening. Why eh?any idea to tackle this prob?

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Baby has memory and post natal depression?

I notice something since the past few days. Sometimes, after taking a bath in the morning around 10 am, baby Haris seems to cranky a bit even though after his feeding time. I know he sleepy but he seems so hard to fall asleep. Accidentally, I played the musical toys for him after putting him in the baby cot a few days back. The song is Hush little baby. This song is the song that I used to play repeatedly during pregnancy time. I put on a headphone on my bump while playing this song. Amazingly, after playing this hush little baby song twice, baby Haris seems to drift away in his dreamland easily. I thought I was in delusional and it coincidence when he sleeps easily twice after hearing that musical toys. But, I was wrong. Today is my fourth day experimental that song on him. And guess what? He fell asleep right after he heard that song. Amazing huh?

Some of you did ask about my confinement period? Officially I am in day 13 of my confinement period. Confinement without having closed family by me is very hard to sail through. I just go for the basic thingy like 'bertungku' at least one hour per nite, wearing corset nightly after bertungku is compulsory to avoid my flabby tummy stay like this for the rest of my life. I hope it works out.

Lately, I am having a baby blues symptoms, well I guess la kan. I keep crying and over sensitive with my surroundings. Everything seems so annoying. When Am said something, I feel like he's using sarcastic words towards me, in fact he did not. Sometimes I do feel like he loves the baby more than I. It weird though, to jealous with my own baby. Maybe because before this only the two of us. When the baby popped out, we need to divide our love fairly among us.

Frankly, I miss my pregnancy moment. The time when Am always touches my bump gently and keeps talking to the baby. It feels like he is pouring his love towards the baby and I. But, now when the baby came out, he puts extra attention on the baby. He seems to forget I am the one who gives birth to the baby and I really need his attention too. Where is the gentle touch of love from him? The bump and back massage during my pregnancy time is the things that I miss so much. Now? sigh..I think one fine day I will make sure he knows what I really want or otherwise I will explode like a lifetime bomb.

If I give birth again in abroad in the future, I will make sure at least one of my family member will come over to look after me or otherwise, I will ask to send me back home to go through my confinement with my family by me. Never ever again went through this hardest time alone with Am. Sometimes I never put the blame on him because he never had experienced too in taking care of his wife during the confinement period.

So to my friends out there, who has an opinion about this post natal depression, do share with me ok. Zikrullah, reciting ayat kursi and istighfar a lot seems to give me boost of energy in sailing through this hardest time.

Pity Haris, he is a good baby. Not cranky to much except when he hungry. Everytime I look at his innocent face, it makes me feel guilty. Guilty towards something that me, myself not understand what. Astaghfirullahalazim.....sigh!!!