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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Excessive gas

The latest problem that I have to face recently is, an excessive gas. This gas makes me feel annoying and uncomfortable for every single second. A few days before, the gas seems to gather or store up in my body and it was so hard to ease away. It causes a suffering from formation of gas in the digestive tract of my body. But, after taking a few sips of ginger tea, the condition is getting better.Farting and belching are the best way of my body does to make the gas circulation functional smoothly.

I do not know where does the gas come from. But I do realized, my body change gradually from time to time to cope with the pregnancy condition. Anyway, not too much complaining. It is a great experience though for a new mum to be like me. Through the journey to motherhood that I could not forget in my life...hohohoh..

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

tagged by Ayu

Tagged by Cik Ayu kite..hehehe,,Ayu next time tag kena bgtau tuan yang kena tag..oh btw zek ko pun kena tag ngn Ayu ye..hehehhee..ok mai jawab tag..

The challenge is :
1. GO to your photos folder in your computer
2. GO to the 6th Folder of your photos
3. GO to the 6th photos in that folder
4. Put the picture on your blog & description of it.
5. Invite 6 friends to join the challenge
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Sebabkan gambar folder ke-6 and gambar ke-6 dlm folder tak takde description sgt. Ni masa medieval age festival kat Liege last year. Banyak costume2 best semasa one of the costume..scottish with their bag pipe and skirt kotak2..hihihihi...Liege or belgium banyak sangat festival..sampai tak larat nak follow seme parade enjoy la..gmbr ni di snap dr tingkap umah kami yg berada di 2nd etage..

6 orang yang nk kena tag?-sape2 la k..yg rajin..enjoice!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Empty vessel's entry

Stretching, kicking and many -ing thingy are part of my baby's habit. I can feel it vividly everytime he/she is playing around happily in my tummy. Sometimes it makes me feel ticklish. I have to bend my both knees when the baby keep enjoying him/herself continually in the middle of the night. I think that is why, I always stay awake for the whole night regardless of me, the one who refuses to sleep. Hehehe..Ok..ok do not put the blamed on the tiny creature...Ok la you can play la baby just if you promised me to stay healthy until the day you be born ok!

23rd March will be my second scan to check the baby's gender. I really hope the sonographer can blast the gender news on that day. I really need to know whether its a boy or a girl to ready an early preparation to welcome our baby to the new world. The world that is full with demanding task and guess. But, do not worry my love I have so much love to offer to ensure you will be a good person..InsyaAllah.

-Babies and mums's shop-

Mothercare has offered various choices for the baby's items and for the pregnancy ladies. Currently, I keep eyeing on the pregnancy pillow, pram with the whole set, chest of drawer and the white cot from the shop. I just wait for the summer sale or Braderie to come before starting my shopping agenda. From the survey that I have done, I noticed that, baby's cot is much cheaper at IKEA. Believe it or not? In a very good nick of the quality in a white color baby's cot as cheap as Euro 79.90. Not too bad eh? Nevertheless, I will go for the Euro 89.90 cot instead just because I like the 'carving pattern' for the both edges of the cot.

Enough about the baby's preparation because for the time being, I have another priority in my life which is, we are going on holiday this coming March. Yes! Rome, Italy is my must-visit-place. And this will be the last vacation for only both of us. After ni bertiga la pulak...bestnya..

Monday, 23 February 2009


I thought for tomorrow's menu. Suddenly the idea of cooking rojak pasembor is popping in my mind. I was browsing the recipe to find the easiest and acceptable recipe. I think I have found one after choosing from a few type of the internet recipe. We will see whether tomorrow's mood of cooking is remain or just wash away in my night sleep..hehehehe.

Feeling blase with daily menu which is rice and chicken lead me to change the dishes. It almost hard to think what food can be eaten by me with the current state. The fussiness in choosing the acceptable food sometimes very hard to tackle with. If I against my dream foods, it will make me throw up like a monster. So to avoid this, better go with the flows right? Just eat what I want to instead of eating what I have been forced to eat.apa daa berbelit2..apa2 je le. Pregnancy makes my appetite becomes fussy..ngeh2.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Week 18

It is not easy peasy to find the best position when I sleep everynight. Rolling over right and left still does not make any much different. Having a weird dreams and nightmares seem one of my intimate journey during pregnancy. I think hormone or unstable emotion is to be blamed. Besides that, I have a new habit which is, I will stay awakes for the whole night and will fall asleep the following day until three or four PM. Everyday! Ish2..jangan baby esok tak mau tido malam dah la..Or maybe, mind therapy is the best answer to get my mind off from things...heehhehe.

Oh well, I started feeling the baby's movement for the past few days. And it is unbelievably amazing. Some friends told me for the early stage it would feel likes, held butterfly in your hands. In spite of never held the butterfly before, nevertheless I can imagine how does it feel k. Truly great ok!

My lower abdomen does feel painful sometimes. It is not the real pain it more likes cramping feeling. I read somewhere and it said, 'cramp' is normal especially when your uterus is expanding. Well, I do not know..hope the article is true.

The intake of sweet tooth and tidbit for every single day is quite hard to resist. All these foods be my best mate during second trimester of the pregnancy especially when the nausea ease away. I know it is not good for my health. Perhaps I can easily get diabetes, but hey how to control the intake when I can eat like a pig and one thing for sure there is no left-overs foods at ours nowadays! So please tell me if you have any tips! If I take my meal later than the routine time, it makes me feel bloated and full of gasses and trust me it is uncomfortable and can lead me to vomit if I ignore my meals. The last checked up showed I put on 4 kg weight in one month..Can you imagine how much weight I have gained just in 18 weeks? Seriously, I am at my wits' end to tackle the healthy diet during pregnancy.

When others people are busy to lose some weight for summer, me myself will struggle to give birth and get back on shape immediately. Hope the confinement period is easier for me even though without extra hands from my family back home. I just put my trust confidently to Allah, moga dipermudahkan..aminnn

Red objects are hard to resist...

ok for the whole story zara

The conclution is, Zek has already bought me 3 pairs of shoes for only Euro 50 after reduction price.Red objects are must for the next coming year k. It such a bargain for these shoes..So I am done with shoes shopping for the whole year..yeyyy. Enjoy the shoes pics of mine, taken by Z.

1. 1 pair of shoes by Esprit

2. 1 pair of sandals by Tommy Hilfiger.

3. 1 pair of boots by Esprit

Monday, 9 February 2009


Went to antenatal check up this morning.

Again 4 tubes of blood - disedut . Sampai sekarang tangan ni sakit and lenguh pelik.Angin!

Book 2nd scan on 23rd March - tak sabar nk tgk jantina baby.

Heart baby ok-makin bertambah..galak betul baby kat dalam tu..takpela asal sihat k..hehehee

Friday, 6 February 2009

Kasihnya Ibu dan ayah

Kasihnya ibu
Membawa ke syurga
Kasihnya saudara
Masa berada

Berkorban raga
Rela binasa
Berkorban nyawa
Tanda kasihnya

Kasihnya ayah
Sanggupkah berpisah
Dan kasih anaknya
Berkorban nyawa

Biar pun jiwa
Akan tersiksa
Ikhlas dan rela
Asal kau bahagia

Pernah tak dengar lagu di atas? Dalam betul makna lagu ni..lagu lama ni..penyanyi tak tau lak sape..Kasih seorang Ibu, sangat segala-galanya dalam dunia ni. Mana pernah ada ibu yang lepas tangan dengan anaknya walaupun buruk and jahat sekali anak tu become bila dewasa. Seburuk-buruk anaknya tetap seorang ibu akan doakan anaknya agar kembali ke pangkal jalan. Betapa besarnya kasih ibu..Entry ni sebabnya tetiba miss my mum sgt2..tak tau lah nak cakap cene kan..tapi maybe sebab demam bila demam mulalah sayu je tambah lak tmbh lak tengah preggy ni.Teringat zaman my mum pregnant kan adik bongsu..start dari usia kandungan tu 7 bulan mcm tu kot dia kena asma teruk.Tiap-tiap malam tido sambil duduk dengan beralaskan bantal untuk bertongkat dagu. Tak boleh baring sb nanti batuk and asma datang. Masa tu aku ingat tak pernah aku dengar walau sekali my mum mengeluh ...alahai sabarnya. Tak macam aku, selsema, batuk and sore throat je aku mula la bersungut. Tak baikkan? Dugaan masa preggy tu..sabar je le..esok ingat nak pegi klinik mintak ubat..tak boleh la..nak tido susah..jadi letih..dah la asik muntah sampai sekarang. Bila la nak abis nausea ni.Ler sungut lagi..hehhee.

Dalam duk cite kasih ibu, tak lupa gak nak cakap kasih ayah pun apa kurangnya..ayah aku selalu beli barang-barang dia yang sale and murah sebab nak bagi anak-anak rasa kesenangan. My parent cikgu je k..mana nak ada duit macam parent orang lain yang keje gaji kelas A++.Tapi satu yang aku syukur..Walaupun aku dan Am dah kahwin namun, duit or barang pada parent tetap kami hulurkan. Walaupun bukan monthly but sometimes tetap ada..Ni yang aku tak sabar nk keje balik ni nak start support depe..tak banyak sikit pun jadila kan. So aku rasa, bila kita rasa gaji, elaun atau duit kita asyik tak cukup maybe kita kena start bagi parent kita sebab rezeki kita lagi murah bila duit kita bagi kat orang tua kan? Tak kisahla sesenang mana parent kita, part of gaji kita tu memang untuk diaorang. Try tengok. Korang akan rasa beza keselesaan kewangan tu before and after bagi parent. Tak caya ke?Tryla sendiri ye..kalau tak..sampai bila2 duit kita takkan cukup..pikir-pikirlah ..

Girl or boy?

Short entry for today's update ...

People keep asking me if I would prefer a girl or a boy, but honestly I do have hope for a baby girl but Am does not have a preference either way. After thinking carefully it does not matter the gender though. The most important thing is the baby is healthy...Can't wait for the second scan in one month time..Hope for the best je!

P/S- but I know, deep down in Am's heart he hopes for a baby boy.But he refuse to admit it.kikikiki..

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

English lady...

I received an email from my friend, says..

Hi Nurul, How are you?
The weather is still cold and it is good because at the gym there are few people and more room to move and swim in the swimming pool. It's good to be back at work too and sort all the books.
Today at the knitting shop we learned that after all there is hope it may stay open, for now at least.
I also met the English lady and she gave me her phone numbers, she says she is going to England next week to see her family for two weeks so you can call her when she comes back after February 23 she will be here.
Also I wanted to explain about the present we gave your husband for you, it is called "semedaki" in greek and it is a small tablemat. Greeks put them everywhere in the house on all flat surfaces, tables, trays etc. and even on top of the television! This one has hand made embroidery and the cloth is in silk, it was made in the village of Soufli near the Turkish border. This village is famous for its silk fabrics. I hope you liked it - I chose the white color to go with the table cloth from France.
Anyway, I am going to cook now.


Well, as you know, I have already quit the French class since I fell pregnant. The reason is, I need to bed rest to avoid the 'bleeding symptom' back on. So the English lady that my friend referred to is, the one who will be my personal home French teacher soon. I need to arrange something first, to make sure everything is well organized. Well, will update about this later..hope it turns to be ok with the arrangements etc. Such a shame if I stop learning French though.....

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Nursery Rhymes

I am looking for the nursery rhymes. I keep browsing until I found the one that I love to hear and download. It makes me realized how poor my knowledge is in the baby's rhymes.. Well, after reciting quran I think it should be ok to let the tiny baby inside to enjoy the nursery rhymes for his/her mind development. Research says I just accept the fact.

The best nursery rhymes for me is, Hush little baby...It not just the lyrics catch my eyes but the melody as well..

Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass

And if that looking glass gets broke,
Mama's gonna buy you a billy goat

And if that billy goat won't pull,
Mama's gonna buy you a cart and bull

And if that cart and bull turn over,
Mama's going to buy you a dog named Rover.

And if that dog named Rover won't bark,
Mama's going to buy you a horse and cart.

And if that horse and cart fall down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town...

I will keep looking for the nursery rhymes for my own collection. What else should a desperate housewife cum pregnant lady does instead of wasting time with her own activities...heheheeh

Monday, 2 February 2009

Forbidden Love and the aftermath

Some people are destine to have an easy way and effortless in live, love, work and etc . But some people do not. It is what we call 'our part' in life. I came across to one of my so-called an old friend's blog. She was telling in details what she had faced for the past three years just to marry her lover. She has been disowned by her family just because she be a second wife. The fact is , these two 'madu' are closed to each others. They even can live together under the same roof. So the point in this story is, this is not about these two 'madu' but it is about the family disobedience on my friend side.

I know..In Islam, Bigamist is acceptable but I do not think I can accept just if my husband has a second, third or fourth wives. I hope not. I am not pious enough to have the strength in sharing husband with other woman. But do not get me wrong, I am not against bigamist since it is acceptable in our religion. What I want to stress is, I almost agree with my friend decision. To marry this married man. Not by reason she is my friend but because I cannot accept how terrible she has been treated by her own family after their marriage. She said, is it bigamist is dishonorable in Islam? If the answer is no, so it is implausible for her family to against Allah's law. Yes, she is right..I know it is much easier to say.What will happen if I am in the first wife shoes? As I is law but I hope this is the last thing happens in our marriage though!

She keeps trying to ask forgiveness from her parents until her dad last breath. Her siblings altogether blame her on the death of their father. Maybe they have forgotten the Malay proverb 'jodoh, pertemuan, ajal dan maut di tangan tuhan'. If they meant to be each other..nobody can cross question the fact. The foreordain is Allah's arrangement. Her father's death is not because she married to the married man, but he died because his time has come to meet the creature k..Tell me who can avoid the death? IF she does not married to her husband, do you think her dad will still alive? Spare me the answer k!

One thing that makes my eyes burst into tears when I read her blog though... When she wrote in her entry about 'her gave birth story to her daughter'. She had suffered from the labor pain for hours. Everything seemed to be fine for a normal labor but the baby seemed to stay still inside. Her conscience kept telling her, this big ordeal could be ended soon if her mum blesses her. All the doctors and nurses kept telling her to push the baby properly if not they had to proceed for the C-section. This poor girl, was telling the nurse that she needed to call her mum to ask forgiveness. It is Allah punishments to her and she kept appealing to the doctor to allow her to make the call..until one of the doctor said, 'let her..she knows what she is doing'.

Oh by the way, It was four am in the morning. After the two times of ringing tones, she could hear her mum's voice answered the phone. Straightaway she cried for forgiveness..She was shouting painfully...
'mum, please forgive me..It is too painful.The pain is unbearable..please forgive me..'
and then her mum said, 'Is it you ######'? What happen to you?
Then she said' I am giving birth right now..but the baby seems does not want to come out..please mum I am so in pain'...
Then vaguely her mum said..'I have already forgive you since ages not worry, I will perform ' solat hajat' and pray to Allah to make sure you can pass this big ordeal'..Then the conversation went off.

Alhamdulilah, in less than 30 minutes, she had an urged to push the baby..she did not know where the strength came from. Can you see, what will happen if we make our parents especially our mum aggrieved with us? This true story makes me realized one thing..' syurga seorang anak di bawah tapak kaki ibu..dan syurga seorang isteri di bawah keredhaan suaminya'.

Back to this girl story, Her mum has forgiven her but everytime she wants to meet her mum
( and in fact she regularly return to her mum's home with her baby), but the saddest thing is,her mum will avoid her. Her mum keep telling her that it is not the right time for them to meet.Seriously, I respect this girl. She keeps trying to win her family back but after three years the condition is still the same. Everything seems to be like the back and forth journey in the same circle. Nevertheless, she never let her emotion overcome her thought. It has been good for her to enjoy the cheerful life instead of moping around with the problems. Well, in the nutshell, I think, to all parents in this world, do give your children blessing if they want to get married as long as they choose the right partner. Nobody is perfect in this world. What a shame to miss the chances to watch your grandchildren grow just simply because your indomitable. Here, it is foreordain for my friend to 'bermadu' so who are we to against HIM, The Almighty??