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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Against the clock

Tick tock tick tock..The mouse run up the clock..the clock turn one, the mouse run down..Ok it is not funny.

The time shows half past twelve. I just have a couple of hours before going out and heading to Brussels. We are going to overnight at my friend's house before taking a taxi to the airport in the very early morning tomorrow.

Now, I am in the midst of preparing our stuffs. My head is haywired with all the 'pack -light way'.Finishing the food and clothes to be brought are a race against the clock.

Anyway, Salam Aidiladha and maaf zahir batin to all..

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Plain White Ts

The songs from Plain White Ts are really bang straight on my ears and head. I just love this group and their songs. As usual, I listen to the songs because I love the melody not the lyrics.

Part of the songs that I lurve are
1. Someday

2. Rainy day

3. Serious mistakes


4. 1234

Let's enjoy it!

ops..and this song, Written in the stars by Tini Tempah is not bad at all..Lately, this song is top 5 song in UK chart top songs.

And there is a joke about this song, A teacher asked his student about the homework that has been given to his student.

Teacher : Where is your homework?

And the student answered it plainly..

Student : Written in the stars, million miles away, sir....

hehehhe, If the student meant to be my student, I shall ask him to write the whole lyrics 100 times!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

kesilapan sendiri and belajar drpdnya..

I realized..

1. I used to gossip with friends about certain people who are too into their kids..and labeled them PIBG type of people but now after having my own kid I became one of them, just take a look at my entries. More on my kid la dari cite lain. Moral of the story, I should not say something like that if I am not in their shoes. Serve me right!

2. People who I hate or sick off before (maybe I was jealous with them,I mean maybe at that time life was so stressful for me etc) eventually, they are the one who helped me out when I really needed someone to rely on..Again serve me right! Moral jgn kutuk org lebey2 sb kadang2 org tu la yg tlg kita seme..takkah malu sendiri..sigh!

3. Now, I am free to write about my shopping etc..apa2 yg I like because I learn from my previous mistake..never ever ever kutuk people sb kita menyampah this and that sb one day kita pasti akan buat bende yg I am pasrah kalau kena kutuk bab over in expressing my feeling towards everything because I know, I did it before..serve me I am glad because..I write because I want to write about those entries without having mix feelings kena kutuk or pulau oleh sape2..

I learn to be b continued

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dear foods, I 'loath' you


It is not a good idea when you start your entry with loath. I really loath foods. Read-'Loath' in brackets. Everytime I see foods I seem to lost my sanity. I am having a habit of munching foods everytime I have nothing to do.

If the selected food is healthy, it is not a big problem then, but I just love snacking cake, biscuits, etc. Sometimes those foods are too salty and sometimes they are too sweet. It is not like I am developing a sweet tooth or whatsoever. It just a bad habit. A very bad habit!

Who can say no to this triffle!

and this 'laksa'


No wonder if I have gained a few kilos back then and until now, I have 2 kilos to get rid off before reaching my ideal weight. However, I rarely take a sweet drink. I heart plain water very much. I can get my hands on a glass of water in the middle of the night or very early in the morning after waking up from my night sleep without brushing my teeth in advance.

Oh, and tonight I just realized I like goat cheese. Though I hate the idea of foods based on goat or lamb but the cheese itself just so yummy and creamy.Nyum nyum nyum..

I am wondering now, how much weight I could pile on in this cold weather. I am hoping it is not too much and it will be better if I could shed a few kilos instead...heheee

Oh, I just remember I have cheeseballs from Quick burger in my fridge, keyboard off.

And off I go to finish up my cheeseballs..nyum nyum nyuim...

Going mental!

Having such an idiot as a neighbour could be a nightmare especially if we live in apartment or flat. The condition goes mental if the neighbour could not tolerate the idea of their neighbour is having a baby. As we know, when you have a baby so it is normal to have a buggy. If we use buggy it is completely normal to have tyres stain on the hallway especially on the flooring tiles. The condition is getting worst when the floor is wet especially during a rainy day. Rainy day is not the main problem here but the understanding is the main key.

What I want to say is,

Our downstairs neighbour is a pair of not working couple. I am pretty sure both of them live their life based on the benefit from the tax payers money because they just shut temselves behind the door for like 24/7. Indirect way to say this is, they earn their living from my husband's money as well because he pays tax monthly. But it is not something to complaint about. Like the oldies said, 'when in Rome do like as Romans do', so we as a foreigner have to adapt with the country's system.

We should be grateful enough for this country to give us, the foreigners a child benefit because of the monthly tax paid by my husband. I do not think even though my own country could offer this type of benefit to the foreigner, just narrow the scope to different races who were born in Malaysia, they are Malaysian but they do not receive any benefits like ours Bumiputras' do. So what is the new? And sometimes it is weird though, when we as the foreigners who live in a foreign land without contributing in paying tax keep 'cari lubang' to get the benefit. This situation is commonly happened in the UK. And some of Malaysian faked their information just to get the benefit and after so many cases the UK government has decided to totally stop giving Malaysian the benefit like they used to offer in the old days. It has already stated in our visas' ' no resource to the public fund'.

Oh I do not care enough which party leads the country as long as they can do their best to the country.

Ok, back to my neighbour.

I am completely mental with the guy not the lady! The guy is like doing cleaning or mopping the hallway floor and the staircase. The problem is, he left the wet floor after cleaning! As we know, wet floor can cause accident. It a common sense for a normal people to understand this. Only retarded needs to be told I guess!

This incident happened in the last June.

One day, when we passed by the wet floor with our buggy, the tyres left black stain on the wet floor ( we used to wipe out the stain on the floor ok !). He scolded my husband by saying 'cleaning cleaning cleaning'. Oh he could not speak English properly so what he tried to say was, he did the cleaning and right after that the floor was dirty again. Oh hello, he was lucky to scold the person who has a very high limit of patient. I could see I talk back right on his face if he said or scolded on my face instead.

This stupido is really stupid. After mopping around the whole floor, he used to throw out the dirty water from the bucket right in front of the main door. So, the condition could get worst because when you stepped in the puddle, your shoes could easily left stain on the white tiles in the hallway's floor.

So, what is the point of doing the cleaning if the right concept of cleaning does not apply in here. Moron!

The other thing that I really piss off with this guy is, he is soooo getting used by the habit of shutting the door by slamming instead of closing it properly or quietly. So the echo of the 'slamming sound' is really annoying. Sometimes, when Haris is taking forty winks, he used to get shock with the sound. Of course I would not slam the door back unless I really mad and I will ensure the 'door slamming' by me is thrice louder!. hahahahhaa.

Truthfully, I never had a problem with my previous neighbours. Perhaps that is the price you have to pay to have uneducated people who are living under the 'same roof'.

Until today, I just wait until he really makes something that I could not hold my anger anymore. And if this happen, I will write an official letter to the landlord to file my complaints.

Gripping my hands and teeth while writing this...sigh!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Called it technology or pram envy!

Before I became a mother, other people babies and children never really registered. The streets maybe full of them but I just did not notice them. They like invisible objects to me. But, once I fell pregnant I started to notice all the brands that offered for the babies stuffs. The most inevitable thing is, the buggy or the oldies called it pram.

I started browsing via internet the buggies and the brands. Finally four brands were my choices.

1. Stokke explory

2.Quinny buzz



I really wanted to buy stokke xplory. But, the price tag was the drawback. With the price offered for the buggy itself was the price that I could buy Quinny buzz and maxicosi infant carrier seat. Thanks to Quinny Buzz. It sounds reasonable indeed.

I haven't complaints but I did come to my miserliness. Over the next couple of months, everytime I see a stokke on the street I was like, damn I should buy them instead of Buzz. The most thing that I regret so much was, I did see stokke on sale before. The orange color buggy with the price around Euro 666 after reduction from Euro 999. What a great bargain. But, being a procrostinate me ( I really have a bad habit like putting off or delaying my action until a later time), I opted to wait until the baby was born, so it ended up I lost the bargain. I could not wait any longer since I needed to bring Haris for fortnightly consultation, so I badly needed a buggy and eventually I bought Buzz instead. The hubby kept asking, either I satisfied enough with Buzz or I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to buy Stokke. Damn..I should wait! I really envy watching mothers and babies with their stokke. Sigh!

The technology offered by stokke is really eye catching. The design, the colours you just named it- really marvellous.

Maybe for the second baby I have to opt for this stroller because I know the tiny cargo that I always dream on will make my day-as in an overwhelming way I'd never expected. heheheh.

Though, I could not agree more, he seems happy in his cargo 'Mr. Buzz'..