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Sunday, 31 May 2009 and rest and rest..

Tireless has faded away in my dictionary of life. I am getting huge and heavier from day by day hence all the activities seem so exhausted to be done by me. Like today, after cooking our lunch. I spent almost one and half hours standing by the kitchen stoves to make 'rojak ayam'. Just after finishing all the dishes, I was off colour and just about to pass out. I felt exhausted and badly need to eat. Quickly, I went to take a bath and performed my prayer. After that, without thinking of anything else I just ate like a person that comes from extreme scarcity country. Oh My! By the way, thanks to all machines in our house. To help me out with the house chores. Especially the dishwasher. Very handy indeed. All I need to do is, collect all the dishes and pop into the dishwasher. Press the button and settle. I cannot imagine how my life would be if I need to do washing up of our pile up dishes in the sink after tiring cooking activity.

Like yesterday, Am went to the University to finish his job since next week is the last day to submit his full paper for Washington's conference. So I was left alone to buy some chicken and groceries for our empty fridge. Normally, he will buy for one week stock so I do not need to buy all the groceries by myself, unless I have to! So after shopping, I thought of sightseeing and peeping into the shopping area to buy something for me. I rarely shopping since the past few weeks because of the 'tiredness'. So here I went from one shop to another shops. Without realizing, I spent almost three hours walking non stop. So can you imagine what was the consequences of my 'lupa daratan' activities?

Aha, I was tired and I need a hand everytime I want to moving around in the house. I just lying flat in our bedroom and Am had to serve everything to me. Like a legless person. My legs were hurt. I only performed solat while I was sitting on a chair. It was terrible. So from last night, I swear, I will not going to spend ages by walking again. Maybe I just about 50 days to give birth. So, in other words, 'dah sarat'.

So, here I am. Keeping my feet up and sitting comfortably on our cosy sofa to overcome my tiredness. Less physical activities are much better. The best word to describe me is, like a 'couch potato'. Hahahahaa..

Ok..need to continue resting..ciao!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Friendship day?

I received an email from my Unimate wishing me and other friends 'happy friendship day', which is I have totally no idea when is the exact date of the day is. The email sounds like this,


itu seperti tangan dgn mata...

Saat tangan terluka, mata menangis.

Saat mata menangis

tangan menghapuskannya ...


... Kirimkan ini ke
semua teman2 mu yg kamu sayangi...

lihat berapa byk
kamu dpt balasannya ...

kalau lebih dr 7


Hmmmm..Frankly, it is undeniable that, friend is one of the most important thing in our life instead of family. But sometimes it is so hard to find a friend indeed. Especially when we are in need. As the time goes by, it is not completely bizarre if our closed friend can be a completely stranger to us. That is why this email left without replying from me. It likes 'unrequitted'. Hehehe..No, just kidding. The fact is, it does not mean you are unloveable if I did not reply this email. It just I do not know who should I forward this emil to. Plus, we should not wait for the friendship day to say how much we appreciate our friendship. What I mean is, not once in a blue moon. We should show and say it constantly. melampau ke?hehhehe.

I realize this for sometimes ago. Whereby my closed friend always come and go. I admit, I am not a good friend as well. Sometimes I have to hurt my friends's feeling because I was at my wits' end. I have no choice. It likes 'ditelan mati emak, di luah mati bapak'. Nevertheless, I also admit I have a friend that always been there when I need them. No matter how far our distance is. A friend who is always asking about my condition, keeping in touch, sharing my joy, wishing all the important events in my life etc. Likewise what I always do to them!

When I ponder long and steadily, it is completely out of my sane thought when somebody that I did not expect to be a friend of mine turn to be my best buddy. Sharing a good and bad news, giving an advice when I need it, remembering me by sending a short message when they are away and many more to mention like a never ending list. Thanks for being my friend. I really appreciate it so much. I hope you know who you are.

Sometimes, a person who claims our best friend but without having a second thought gossiping about us with others. It is completely unforgivable. In my life I met somebody who is totally untrustworthy when she was gossiping about my personal life, to be exact about my marriage to somebody else. How come I know about that? Allah's will, the person that she used to gossip about me has become one of my friend nowadays. Kalau dipikir2 macam tak lojik.What a small world. So from the day onwards, I swear with the whole heart not putting any trust on this person anymore. Just be a friend. No more sharing secrets.Enough is enough. I learn from my previous mistakes.

Before nagging lengthily without stopping in this entry I want to wish Happy
Friendship Day to all my friends out there. And I wish you all the best in life..

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The chemistry of love

Unborn child can feel his mother's love, emotion and all related to motherliness. They will familiar with the mum's heartbeat,the voice, the walking rhythm etc.

There are so many ways to communicate with the unborn child. One of the method is, by massaging our bump. Trust me, baby will responds to our touch immediately. He seems to know our motherly touch. Unfortunately, otherwise to the fatherly touch though. Why I say so? The answer is because, when Am touches my bump like I did, rarely the baby responds to him..haahahha. Sometimes, I place a headphone on my tummy while playing a lullaby song. The song I chose for my baby is 'hush little baby'. I keep repeating this song everyday. Everytime I play this song, my baby will kick my bump to show his response. Oh please do not said, 'why not reciting quran instead of lullaby?'I know what I am doing. Music is just a minor activity with my baby. Reciting quran is the main thing. I always recite it after my prayer and keep asking from Allah to give me a healthy and well behave kid. InsyaAllah. But I think no need for me to elaborate more..kang jadi riak pulak kan..

Old wives tale is acceptable but not too much interdict from doing 'this' and 'that'during pregnancy la kan. Come on what is the scientific proof of the tales huh? It does not mean I am ignoring all the old wives tale. I do follow it sometimes when it has proven its consequences. Still, make sense la the 'petua' tu..Kalau kolot sangat payahla kan. For me, as long as the activity does not harm the unborn child, so just carry on.

Ok, back to the chemistry of love. The baby seems to know when I am resting my feet after doing the house chores. She or he will wiggle a lot until I need to make him calm by drinking some juice or rubbing my tummy. Not to forget, talking to him saying something nice like 'hi baby', 'how are you baby' or maybe just said 'baby'. He really understands that everything is fine by talking to him. Hence, he can settle quickly.

After 9 months being in his mother tummy, no wonder baby can recognize their mother straightaway after birth. The bonding of mum and baby's love is already there since a few days after conceive. Such an amazing thing indeed! Apa-apa pun itulah keajaiban kejadian tuhan..

Ok la, my bed is beckoning. I need to pen off. Ops keyboard off. Dear baby, see you this coming 5th June ok..Assalamualaikum.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Three hours Glucose Tolerance test at week 32

I had a very tiring and long day at the hospital today. I arrived at the hospital at 7.45am. Very early in the morning just because to have the three Hours glucose tolerance test done. As in my previous entry about one hour glucose tolerance test, It was held like this.

One hour Glucose Tolerance Test

For the one hour glucose tolerance test no fasting is required. When you arrive to the office, you will receive 50 gm of a high glucose solution. You will usually be offered several different flavor options, such as, lemon/lime, cola, and orange. You should consume the entire beverage within 5 minutes. You should be aware that the glucose solution is very sweet and many women will feel nauseous after drinking it. The nurse will record the time the glucose beverage was given and return in one hour to draw a blood sample. If you should feel symptoms of hypoglycemia, such as dizziness, weakness, sweating, or hunger at any time during the test please inform the nurse. Results of the one hour glucose tolerance test. If your blood glucose level exceeds 130 mg/dl, a three hour glucose tolerance test will be necessary. (Ladewig, London, Moberly, Olds, 2002)

Unfortunately, the result showed my blood contains too much glucose after the test, so I need to go through the three hours glucose tolerance test, which was due on today. They proceeded the test like this.

Three hour Glucose Tolerance Test

The three hour glucose tolerance test is is similar to the one hour test with a few distinctions. You should be instructed to maintain a high carbohydrate diet for three days prior to testing. This should be followed by fasting for 10-16 hours. It will be easiest for the pregnant women to eat her dinner meal before 7 pm and fast until morning. Plan to arrive at the doctor's office or lab between 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. to avoid prolonged fasting. When you arrive for the test, the nurse will draw your blood and collect a urine sample. She will then give you a 100 gm glucose solution. She will record the time and return to collect blood and urine samples at 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours for a total of 5 blood and urine samples. You will not be able to eat or drink anything except for water throughout the duration of the test. You should be encouraged to drink water, however, because frequent urine samples will be needed. Results of three hour glucose tolerance test Gestational diabetes will be diagnosed if two of the following values are exceed the normal limit. Fasting - 95 mg/dL 1 hour - 180 mg/dL 2 hours - 155 mg/dL 3 hours - 140 mg/dL Gestational diabetes can cause health risks for mother and baby. It is important to follow up with your health care provider to establish a plan of care to manage diabetes.

Well, it was not exactly the same procedure as mentioned above. It is depending on the country. In Belgium, it is about the same just the different was, they did not ask for my urine sample but they straightaway had my blood drawn for about 2 tubes. At the first time they poked my arm, it was very painful indeed since they needed to leave the needle and tube at my arm for 3 hours. Like this,

After withdrawn the first two tubes of blood, the nurse asked me to swallow a very sweet solution. The nurse recorded the time and she came over hourly to collect my blood, which was two tubes for every hour during one hour, two hours and three hours for a total of eight tubes of blood within three hours.

I need to stay put at the blood test area for three hours. Luckily I had Marie Claire with me and my dear hubby that was willing to stay loyally by me for the whole duration of the test.

I should not complaint more.

The test was finished at 11 am. After that I had my first plain water and croissants to fill in my rumbling stomach. At 11.30 am I had a routine check up with my gynecologist. The checked up took 20 minutes. My Gynae instructed me to meet the Dermatologist regarding my itchy skin. We had to go through the waiting and checking up procedures for about one hour. The dermatologist prescribed me with some cream and shower foam to sooth my itchiness. All the hospital procedure was finished at 2.30pm. After buying some medicine at pharmacy straightaway we headed home.

The weather was too hot. I just about to pass out. I was so hungry and badly need some heavy lunch. After taking lunch I had my afternoon nap until 7 pm. It was very tiring and long day indeed for Am and I.

Sigh..what a priceless experience just to have a baby..I guess it worth thousands more than everything after holding my baby in my arms...Insya Allah.

By the way my bump at week 32 or eight months of pregnancy.My current weight is 66kg..3 kg more than last month.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Baa baa black sheeps have you any wool?

I had an evening walked with my friend, Laurence. We went from one wool shops to other shops just to choose the best yarn for my baby. Actually I just chose the colour and the design, and Laurence will knit it for me. She paid for the yarns and the workmanship is definitely free, it likes an advance gift for the baby. I chose red colour and the design will show it later when it finished. I can imagine how cute my baby can be in the bonnet, booties and scarf. All are in one suit.hehehhe..suka...Seriously, I cannot wait to dress up our tiny baby during this coming winter.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Entering the third trimester..

Entering the final trimester of my pregnancy..

The symptoms below have occured in the weeks 30.

1. Backache- I have to stand up slowly like an old nanny.

2. I become insomniac. I keep waking up in the night a few times and only can sleep like a baby from 8 am to 2 pm.

3. Faitness and light headed- I need to sit more. If I have to stand up for ages, I likely to collapse. I hope not..hehhee..

4. Unstable hormone - Well, sometimes. Roller coaster hormone is quite hard to tackle with. But, alhamdulillah so far so good..masih boleh control.

5.I am tired with our apartment steps. Believe me, 2 or 3 flights of steps can be really tiring when you are pregnant.

6. Nervous when I think about the D day..

7. Baby is wiggling and kicking here and there until I have to stop from doing things. Nakal sungguh ini budak.

Well, I think that is all instead of itchy skin..So far so good and I really hope for the smooth sailing towards the end of my pregnancy..aminn.

Ops..tadi pi shopping maternity tops and nursing bras..dapat 4 pasang seme..hehehe..sukee..Ingat nak tambah lagi satu maternity pant.maybe at the end of this month..wat collection for the next pregnancy..*wink...wink*

Friday, 15 May 2009

Romantic but in a touching way

I was talking about my itchy skin in my previous entry before. I am suffering from PUPP symtomps and there has no cure for this. It will disappear when I give birth. Entering weeks 30 does not make so much different. To sooth the itchiness, Am will apply a body moisturizer that we bought from Pharmacy earlier this year. The lotion does not work immediately but it does help a lot.

My itchy skin is getting worst during night. Scratching all over the body resulting me feeling uncomfortable, stinging pain, itchy etc. It causes bleeding and ended left scar everywhere on my body. It looks terrible and ugly!

Sometimes when the condition is bad, take off the pyjamas is the best answer. Am always ask me not to scratch the affected area like armpit, thight and my bump. But that is the last instruction I will follow in this current state. Applying lotion everynight without complaining is what he does to ease my itchiness. It is not once per night but sometimes twice or thrice until I fall asleep. I think it is romantic, when your husband help you and try to make you feel ok when you are totally not. The best part is, everytime he applies the moisturizer he will say ' pity you, pity you...repeatedly...' and sometimes he says 'Why you have to suffer from this..or that..bla2, pity you..pity you..' He was rambling and mumbling while massaging my skin.

At first, the words he said just disappeared in the thin air but when he keep saying those words, I feel so touch. Not to mention his face full of sincerity when he said those words. So, last night I told him, do not worry, my skin will gets better if he is willing to apply the lotion everynight without failing. I tried to say in a kidding way but I cannot help from choking. Ye la, with unstable hormone, what to expect? Macam nak meleleh je ayaq mata ...hehehehe.

Rubbing my back is one thing he always does, everynight. No matter how sleepy he is, he will keep rubbing until I am drifting away in my dream. Thanks Hubby..for your love, care and love..Sayang You ok!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

When a husband shows his 'caring' part 2

Again, I received an email and cartoon attachment from him..he said,



You masak apa arini? ayam ke daging?



Hehehe..I know why he sent me this. The answer is because, I asked him to buy toilet rolls this morning before he off to University. I realized we run out of the tissue papers last night and I said it is compulsory to bring the toilet rolls back. If not he has to sleep outside..hehehhee..

The conclution is,

1. I think he has a lot of free time at university? or otherwise,

2. he has addicted to the pregnancy and birth cartoon..hehehhe..

Monday, 11 May 2009

wish list

My wish list..kalau dapat aku sujud syukurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..huhuhu.....

Sembang- sembang bodoh

Daily dialogue between Am and I. I asked this question repeatedly.

Wifey > Ling, I gemuk tak sekarang?

Hubby > silent without saying a word.

Wifey > Linggggg..I gemuk ke sekarang?

Hubby > Mmm..susah nak jawab..kalau I jawab seme jawapan I akan salah.

Wifey > Ok..U jawab I tak tanya dah lepas ni..I janji..

Hubby > Betul janji?tak tanya dah sampai bila2 ok?

Wifey > Ok..betul ..janji.

Hubby > sb pregnant ok la..pas deliver kita kuruskan kat gym ok?

Wifey > I kuruskan?

Hubby > senyap sb malas nk layan..

After a few hours later..

Wifey > Ling..I kuruskan?

Hubby > terus menyepi tanpa jawapan.

Kesimpulannya..aku gila..aku tau aku nak jugak am kata aku kurus..sampaikan dia serba salah nk jawab..langsung senyap tiap kali aku tanya soalan ni..and janji hanya tinggal janji..aku terus bertanya berulang kali bila mana aku rasa nak tanya..hahahahahah

When a husband shows his 'caring'

Hehehe..out of the blue, I received an email and cartoon attachment from my hubby..he said,


Baby sihat? U sihat?

bye2. Kul 5.30 i balik.

Ok a short email in the gloomy evening is cute..but what is the hidden message in that cartoon? Is he trying to say that I, the one who needs to taking care of our little one everytime our baby cries?or what? I have no idea..but I will make sure he will do his job everytime our 'natural bell' is crying out loud in the future..hehehhe..sorry babe!No excuse..heehhee

Knackered but enjoying to the full

We had a full blast activities at the weekend. On saturday afternoon, our friends paid us a visit and brought us KFC. Yummyyyy! They were came along from Rotterdam, Holland. Rozi, Iskandar and their cute son Aiman. I cooked nasi kerabu with daging and ayam bakar for them. I started cooking like mad since 10 am and finished at 1pm. Just about the right cue when our guests entered our main door. After eating and resting for a while, we brought them sightseeing in Liege town and along the Meuse river. Taking pics, trying the best waffle in Liege were our activities before headed home and had a second servings of Nasi kerabu. They off back to Rotterdam at 7 pm.

By the way guys, Thanks for the KFC. Cheap train tickets for a day rider with Holland train and the top of that, thanks for this such cutie baby's body..

On sunday morning, we woke up around 7 am to get ready for our trip to Delft, holland. The journey took about 5 hours by train (including the waiting time and etc). We took IC trains and needed to change thrice before arriving at Delft Zuid station. This was the second time we stepped our feet in Delft. But this trip was not a holiday trip. It more on paying a visit to Am's ex-lecturers during Univ time at USM, Puan Wan and En Mail.

Preparing and serving a very nice meals by them was an extra bonus for us. The menus were Spaghetti seafood, mashed potatoes and sauce, rice, marinate chicken, apple pie and Ben and Jerry ice cream as a dessert. Our tummies were really fulled up with foods. The foods I can tell, totally gave us the satiation after half day fasting since in the morning! Rambling stomaches were eased away..Ada ke ayat gini? Hehehehe.. Burppppp!

After talking, praying and resting we off back to Liege at 6pm and safely arrived at Liege Palais station at 11.30 pm. Well, we supposed to arrive at 10.30 pm but because of our stupidity in Dutch language, we did not understand the instruction given by the train conductor. He was saying the train will split into 2. The front coaches will head to Maastricht, which was our initial plan destination and the back coaches will head to the other terminus station. We supposed to move into the front coaches at Sittat station but, unfortunately we did not. Hence, we ended up arrived at terminus station instead of Maastricht. So we had to take another train to Maastricht and resulting us missed our train back to Liege guillemin from Maastrich at 9.09pm. In the conclution, we wasted one hour of our travel time. Such a shame!

- muka yang kepenatan akibat lama dalam train and sakit bontot-

We arrived home around 12pm in the midnight. I was knackered and hungry like hell. The best part was, I badly needed to pee and took a bath. As in my previous entry, I am suffering from itchy skin all over my body when entering my third trimester of pregnancy and it is getting worst last night,when I spent almost 12 hours travelled without taking shower in the noon or evening. Plus, itchy scalp after covering head for the whole day. Rather than that, we were enjoying ourselves to the full and it was not a cliche weekened activities like it used to be!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mother's Day

Out of the blue,Ummi's song by Hadad Alwi keep lingering in my it goes..

Being a woman is so special. As a daughter, sister, wife and the highest ranking as our GOD says is being a mum. When I said mum, I meant all mums. Every mum is an apple to their kids eyes. (In this context regardless the mutinous son or daughter towards their parents ). Mum is the guardian angel in this cruel world. We can see how a poor mum sacrifices her honour simply because to beg for food to feed their hunger kids. Not to forget, mum is the one who always see good things in their children and never washed hands towards them. Mum will never give up and sometimes, even though death is the price that they have to pay, they are still willing to accept it with open heart! My special entry is to celebrate the Mothering day in May. The date is depending on the country but the most important fact is, it is celebrating in May. Yearly without failing.

This special occasion is the day to appreciate all mums in the whole world. Showering them with our love. Appreciating them in every aspects. Making them feel special by giving them the whole day rest from the house chores etc. Every woman's life would not complete without having their husband and kids by their side. That is what we call 'nature'. Nature of what every woman is dreaming of. To fill the emptiness inside out by having their partner and their own kids. Their flesh and blood. If they were not meant to have their own, do not be sad. Always pray to Allah. Insya Allah with HIS will. Everything will turn out very well.

Frankly, I would say I can manage without having a man (husband) or family by my own before getting married. But, once I made the decision to tie the knot, I realized my decision is always right. In fact I would not change my mind if I was given a chance to do so. My life is partly complete by my other half and it almost complete when our token of love is on the way. I could not ask for more.

Complaining and whinning about the career is the things that I used to do before. But, when the time goes by I realized my family is the most important thing in my life. I can achieve my aiming career anytime in the future, well maybe not exactly my dream career but I do know I can get a job in my field when the time is right. But one thing I keep reminding myself is, I cannot buy a husband or children even though if I have a huge amount of money. Money cannot buy my happiness with my own family. Money cannot give me a husband and money cannot give me kids either. We are leading our own path by Allah's foreordain. So, just be thankful for what we have already have.

Happy Mother's day to all mums out there. You are a special mum and you deserve to be treated in a special way, everyday. Do remember all the men and kids out there, the moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. Next year will be my first year of celebrating the Mothering day..I am looking forward to it!

To all my dear friends Happy Mother's day..and special wishes to my mum..Pn. Hjh Zaimah yaacob, This entry maybe never caught your eyes. It likes a blank canvas just because you never knew the existing neither of my Facebook nor my blog. You could be bursting into tears or laughing out loud with your healthy lungs if you find out this entry..Nevertheless, I know you always feel my love towards you..Only God knows how much we, your kids love you..If our life turn out badly, it is our fault to choose the wrong path.. But if our life turn out brilliantly, that is because you have educated us!

Terima kasih emak..

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It has arrived!

It has arrived! Something that I have been waiting since last week. My first attempt of photobook by I never used this company before for photobook. The product that I used to order was, printing out digital photos with them when I was in Manchester.

I will definitely do this photobook again and again for all places that I have been to. My new toys in spending money I guess..hehhehe but it worth a thousand smiles and satisfaction in my ok la kan..

early learning


A soft little book for a tiny baby..

Sunday, 3 May 2009

When a future mummy and papa went shopping

Yesterday was our shopping day again to complete the never ending list of our baby's stuffs. Off we went in the noon to maternity & baby's shop, Premaman. Premaman is one of the brand from France. Before this, my obsession towards Mothercare is soaring high but after looking thoroughly at the Premaman's Catalogue, here I am now.Officially convert to this brand. They offer a variety of baby's stuffs and some of the stuffs are exactly what Mothercare has.

Premaman really makes my day. This brand is rock! My face is beaming wide with the cheaper price for the same stuff at Mothercare. Plus, they offer more variety in design and colour to suit my need. Well, maybe everybody needs. To know more do click at their website. Do not read it wrong, I am not their spoke person. It just I love sharing my shopping experience.

Some of the baby's stuffs that we managed to buy. And, the bed in bag pics that I promised in my previous entry to share in my blog. The 'hasil tangkapan ' at Mothercare.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


Entry ni untuk aku panjatkann kesyukuran kehadrat Illahi..Semalam dapat news dari my famili..adik aku yg lepasan SPM baru2 ni berjaya melanjutkan pelajaran ke Uitm. Bidang Elektrikal engineering..Pelapis engineer in my family kot..hahhaa..Apa2hal congrats smart..aku dah rasa bidang engineering macam mana.Cuma kami bidang engineering yang berbeza..tapi asas engineering tetap sama kan?.tak la susah sangat cuma kena study smart and pandai2la nak idup..hehehhee..chaiyok sis!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning house is must for me. Dare I say every once a week. And yes, I know maybe it is too much for some people. Normally, the task is scheduled on every weekend hence it much easier for Am to help me out. Spotless is must for the whole house! No more dust, hair fell, cooking oil stain etc. I am totally cannot stand the dirty bathroom and toilet. So does the dirty kitchen. Getting rid of the cooking stain on the wall and stoves are must everytime after cooking. If not, repugnance feeling will emerge inside me. The 'malas' and 'no time' excuses are no-no ok!

After cleaning the house, we went off to the launderette. While waiting we went for walking around the town and ending up taking a few pics of my 28th weeks of pregnancy.The only problem that annoys me most is itchy skin all over, around my body. Scratching like monkey is the best action to describe how terrible my condition is for every single day.Sighhhhh!..Gatal..gatal..gatal..stop!