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Monday, 20 February 2017

No tajuk is tajuk

The house was serene and quiet like something was not right here. Immediately I went searching all over the house to look for my cheeky little boy.

I could not spot him everywhere, neither in the living room, nor in the bedrooms. 'Where have you been Harraz?',I whispered to myself. Where else could he be?

Harraz! Harraz!

Yes, my voice was in my high pitch. Still, he did not answer me.


I knew he was in the house because the doors all locked, the toilets all closed. Suddenly I saw those two feet, yes you read it right! I saw his feet behind the curtain just by the sofa. He was there , hiding from me simply because he did not want me to know that he was in the midst of fishing in my handbag. Playing with my notes and the toothpaste! The tube almost half empty. Oh my Sensodyne!

That was one of the incidents. Another incident was, he was quiet and I found out he used his dad battery toothbrush to brush the toilet's bowl. Luckily I saw him , otherwise ? I cannot even dare to imagine the consequences hahahaha.

That is him, his attitude sometimes drives me crazy. He is totally different from Haris,  they are like Ying and Yang! I always lost patient towards him before, Yelling?Yes, I did that too! pinching? err once only because he slammed my face very hard with a plastic bowl when I tried to dress him up after bath. Trust me, the battle was like never ending war and resulting in me knackered for the whole day.

I read an article from the internet, it says, to deal with cheeky and misbehaving kids, we must show them that we are in control. Try not to let our anger out and be patient. The important thing is, we need to convey the message that, we meant it with what we were saying.

Now to deal with him, I tried to lay back. Whenever I felt like yelling, I will leave him alone and returned to him when I am sane. I am not saying that I am completely succeed but at least, the effort of trying is there.

Parenting is the whole life learning. Methods of raising Haris are not 100 percent working on Harraz. For me, it is all about try and error and when I found the best method I will apply it on him.

This is a very beneficial link about dealing with the kids in Islam, I hope the article will benefit us, the parent.

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