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Friday, 25 June 2010

Standing in the ice of the world!

Today at the age of 11 months and 4 days old, he did it! Standing for a long period without holding. Next step, walking! yeay!

With a vengeance

I went to buy some chicken and meat this afternoon. On the way back we went sightseeing just to take a look for the preparation of second Braderie before summer sale in July. The second Braderie is going to start tomorrow until end of June.

While walking I was thinking of buying some food at Exki restaurant. I bought a brownie for Haris. I never thought he would loves the brownie so much. Can you believe it, he ate all the brownie with a vengeance just in a couple of minutes. I just about to take a bite but all I could see was, a paper cup of the brownie only left. Sigh! If just I knew I would bought at least two brownies instead of one. Hmmm..

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I have been busy with the photos compilation for his birthday party. One of the project is, compiling his faces from day 1 until 12 months old. I bought this little frame that comes together with a very soft clay to make a hand or foot print of your little baby. I made his foot print when he was seven months old. Yes, I know it was a bit late. I should make it when he was 1 month old instead. Nevertheless, better late than never.

You can see for the month-11 and month-12, the photos are not in the frame yet. The reason is because of Haris just turned 11 months in the past three days and his one year old photo is yet to come during his birthday bash! Regardless the uncompleted photos of Haris, I insisted on posting an entry about this to fulfill my ample time that I rarely have since I had a baby.

Sigh! What a busy mum I am...

Anyway, I bought another one clay a few months back and I will be using it when Haris turns one year old and I was thinking of making a hand print on it.

So, just bear with me to wait and see how the result of the hand print turns out soon!

Ellies sugar cookies,

Cookies that I made in ellies pattern. My first attempted of baking and coating, I decided to try it beforehand to make sure by the birthday time, I can bake n coat the cookies beautifully.

I will upload the final result of my cookies soon. Err I mean, after putting the eyes, mouths and ears of the ellies..

Monday, 21 June 2010

Hassle free during meal time!

All these pictures have taken when the first time I bought him a high chair.

I decided to buy it after almost losing my patience during his meals time. He just too active and feeding time was like battling in the battlefield.
He could not even sit still for a second! My problem solved when he behaves brilliantly in his high chair now!No hassle for mama..

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pre 11 months old

Tomorrow I am turning 11 months. My mum has taken all these pics a day before my 11 months old birthday!

1. This is my favourite place to play hide and seek with my papa, eventhough sometimes he's been busy with his works and I played alone but I don't mind. Rarely, Babies are supposed to play alone, right?

2. The thing that I hold in my hands is supposed to be a goal for my football game, but I do not know how to play it yet so I prefer to bite it and trust me this cone tastes erghhh BUT, it good for my itchy gummy- I am teething, remember?

3. I love playing and listening to this nursery rhymes book. This book will sing everytime I press the button.

Well, my favourite song in this book is, 'The wheels on the bus'...The wheels on the bus go round and round..round and round...the wheels on the bus go round and round all day long!!!!


Yeay at last mama...

He said mama at Media Markt ths evening (refer to yesterday evening because now is 1.40am ). Well it only once but I am damn happy!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Haris talks and his first words

Haris said,

1. Haris = hayeh- thrice

2. papa - thrice

3. lion= ion - twice

4. giraffe =iyaf - once

mama? not even once! How could you baby..

Self note- he spelt out the first word 'hayeh' when he was 8 months old on 28 March 2010 at the Hotel in Gottingen, Germany.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pure and serene

I like taking photos, but not all type of photos will do for my eyes. My preference is baby and toddler photos and of course my favourite subject is my own baby. Since he was born, I never missed any single photos of my baby from day-1 until day-100 in life.

Nowadays, I took photos of him weekly but I compile all those pics by monthly folders to make it easier for me to track his development pace. I just love watching him posing in front of the camera naturally. He just knew how to smile and look at the camera everytime I shoot his photos.

The expression, the smile, and the eyes contact just so pure and serene. Nothing can beat baby's smile when everything is mixed up.

One thing I cannot understand though, how on earth some parents took blurry pics of their kids? Let alone the composition of the pics. When I said, 'blurry', it means damn blurry photos not just a little. What a shame, baby is growing up very fast and all the memories are irreplaceable! So, please please please try to take at least one photo that really eye catching, plus we have got nothing to lose with the digital thingy camera!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Happy Father's day

Last sunday was a Father's day celebration in Belgium. We did not have time to celebrate it in a proper way, so I just bought Fossil wallet for my hubby as a gift for him. He pass the first time n year as a dad with flying colors!...I am so proud of him for being able to go this far in handling our baby. He tried his best to be a great dad.

Everyday, when he comes back from work, he starts playing with our baby before resting and putting his stuffs aside. Bracing Haris in his arms and gives him a cuddle and a kiss. Asking Haris what this and that for the whole day activities at home.

I don't know if I could do the same thing as he did, if I was in his shoes ( Tiring day at work place and straightaway play with the baby..I just can see myself being hot tempered mama ;-p)

Nothing can stop you from growing up..

Everytime I stare at him when he drifts off in his slumberland, I can't help from feeling overwhelming. The rush of proud adrenaline keep pumping in my heart. but at the same time I am feeling gloomy when his babyish face and behaviour turn to little toddler..I have no power to hold him from growing up. You have grown that much since you were born, baby..

The first step begins today...

Today I had a chance to snap a pic of Haris when he tried to stand up without holding on something. I realized he tried this action since the last two days. He able to stand up for a couple of seconds before falling. No worries baby, keep trying !

Birthday party stuffs- part 2

Continued uploading stuffs for haris birthday bash!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Birthday party stuffs- part 1

I ordered all these items online to suit the party theme. The theme that I chose is animals in the jungle. I decided to go for this since haris is showing an interest of animals especially -lion, elephant, hippo and giraffe.

Trying- sticking sticker

I was trying to stick my own stickers on some of the birthday deco and stuffs..Here they are..

Part of the table deco..I was thinking of putting this at one of the candy bar's table.. does it look? Does it look ok or ko?

By the way, I bought a tank, I mean helium tank to inflate the ballons during his party!