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Saturday, 29 September 2007

blood test

Finally, I felt so relieved after done the blood test. Even it just a minor test but as long as it involves with clinical thing, so it will turn to a massive problem for me.Why?The answer is because I’m scaring like hell of blood and in fact I can easily fainted if I saw and heard about blood. The nurse so understand after I mentioned about my weakness and condition. She took a while before done the test.

Firstly, she let the room airy naturally and asked me whether I would like to lie down or just sat on the chair...I told her better for me to sit down but when she started to clean my arm, I told her that I still can saw the needle..hehehehhe..Politely,she suggested it would be better for me to lie down on the couch and, I agreed with her. She tried her best to talk about something else to attract my attention of the test… then she count to three while told me that in count of three I will feel like sting. Ouch...tak sakit pun..Just sting sikit.A few minutes had been elapsed and the test was done. She put the plaster on and asked me to lie for a while. When I picked my belongings and about to leave, suddenly,she stood up and helped me to put on my jacket even I can do it myself...

Thanks nurse celine for your hospitality. she told me nicely to calm and that's it. I left the room with smile across my face and I told her that she made me comfortable. and I thankful her so much to understand my weakness.langsung after kes semalam aku semangat nak wat test tapi ngn nurse yg tu je aku nak..hhehehhe

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

There are always the reasons.....

Actually this entry especially to Are-t...I just want to answer the questions that always pop in her mind why I am always make a mistake in spelling whilst I made a comments in the blog...hehhehe..Are-t....those are the answers...

1. I felt so lazy to check my spelling...hehehhe..mintak mangap ye are-t..ko kan polis..wekekekek..

2. I have a tight time since Am needs to complete his report..alasan lagi..wekekeke..

3. My laptop's keyboard (I mean the cursor) always jumps up to the new line during writing,.alasan lagi..wekekekeke..

4. Aku ni cuai la yang amat...alasan lagi...

5. The most of the most reasons is...aku ni malas n cuai..pendekkan are-t...sorry nooooooo..hehehhee..mintak mangap...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

memories last forever in usm

actually i don't have any idea what to jot down here..suddenly the title above pop into my these are the things that had happened in usm tronoh..definately last forever in my mind...

1.Always aku and bangchik kena tangkap ngn Dr roslan..even we lepak kat cafe yg ramai gilerrrr students lain. Yang betul2 couple time tu shima tak kena..huh..jgn mare ye shima..

2. Aku angin ngan asyraf yari..asyik kutuk aku,fid,nuzai,rushi budak jahat masa degree sb kami bising ..langsung aku mainkan dia..anta surat cintan..punya mamat tu percaya..siap angau lagi..tiap2 mlm siap baca surat aku tu..last2 kantoi..ntah mcm ne dia tau aku pengirim surat tu..langsung dia declared war ngn aku..wekekkee.

3. Tolak kete sewa yg mati masa ngn fid kat ipoh..

4. Studied ngn gondel,shima .mat kong kat library.

5. Aku pasangan ngn chena p kelas..walaupun asik dia naik angin..aku wat bodoh ja..

6. Kena marah ngn driver bus masa ngn nor and chena tak tau dia berebut sit sebelah mamat hensem ngn aku n nor..sabaruddin..

7. Aku n shima..lupa punca tp ala2 perang dingin ngn cikorn..zaman tu..budak2 tul..bodoh lak rasa...hehehhehe

8. aku scotting bilik chena setengah tahun and bilik shima n cikorn setahun setengah..dasat sungguh tahap scotting aku....

9.ada duit ja..malam minggu kami kuar pi midnight..ngn gondel,matkong, shima, chena..and kadang2 cikorn...

10. and yang paling aku ingat...hehehehe...sedih masa nk farewell..and happy masa last kami dpt gak degree even main2 masa blajar..ada kawan2 yg blajar lg tinggu..bakal doktor pun..tahniah ye kekawan semua..

Kenangan2 ni banyak..and will never ever dapat remain la in my heart and mind..rejoice!!!!!!!semoga kita akan tetap friends forever..teringat lagu spice forever..lagu favourite pidot masa cintan ngn tak fid??nuzai??hehhehe

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

takde tajuk

Semalam aku dapat email dr ex colleque kat opis masa keje di uptown, kawan aku bgtau aku yg tukang besi kat site aku pun anta anak dia pi belajar overseas ,kat uk gak tanggung sendiri...langsung aku terpikir..chinese mmg mcm ni...walau keje biasa..nampak mcm pakai baju ala2 apek jual sayur tapi ada je duit anta anak2 belajar overseas..kita yg melayu ni jugak kalau tak anak orang ternama and berada mana nak mampu biaya sendiri..bukan takde langsung ..ada even tak kaya pun belajar overseas tapi beberapa kerat je la..kagum aku ngn org cina bab education...dah lama depa ni celik bab2 simpan duit utk kebaikan dlm education anak2..jangan salah faham..univ tempatan pun bagus..cuma maybe depa prefer overseas...aku kenal kaum cina bila keje ngn kaum cina dari yang big2 boss sampai ke kuli2.almaklumlah almost 5 years keje ngn kompeni cina..and kalau tak kompeni cina pun kontraktor2 aku mesti depa ni aku simpulkan memang takkan ye kalau nk dgr depa cakap org ternama tu ..or ternama ni...i mean yg chinese nya dato2 ke apa ke sedara ke,kawan ke..sepupu depa ke..depa takkan bermegah2 n canang cuba kalau org kita...bukan main lagi aku perasan..mulalah dato' sana dua pupu la...menteri tu sedara atas sedara la..macam2..semua nak mengaku sedara n kawan..tapi orang2 ternama yang kita mengaku sedara tu persoalannya kenal ke tak kita ni???kalau sekadar nak sebut memang la bole sebut..maklumlah nak orang nampak dialah ala2 mantap..kenal sana..kenal sebenarnya ntah2 org yang dengar gelak je dlm hati..mesti terdetik kat hati org yg dgr tu.."kenalke org2 ternama tersebut pada si pencerita iteww'??hehehhee....baik lak kaum cina ni..mmg mantap dr segi kewangan semua..mmg in fact bole nampak la kemantapan depa takde nya nk macam kaum kita..heran aku sejenak...motif aku nak cakap kat sini ialah...aku rasa setengah2 bab n benda kena ikut cara depa kalau nak berjaya dlm hidup kot..tapi aku ni malas..bab kata mahathir..tak sedar2..tu lah aku...harap2 aku dpt berubah..hhehehhee

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Paradigm Shift

Yesterday i made a Paradigm Shift to my blog.Without any special reason..just i felt bored with the old templates.So, now you can see the result.Since i love lavender colour very much, I applied to my blog instead as an persoal opinion is, itwas soo fussy to change the templates, because i need to rearrange and adjust the HTML code. But once i did it..i felt so excited and pleased.That what i called paradigm shift berjaya apa je ek...ok la..saja suka2..taraaaaaaaa

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

own and look after a cat.

Yesterday i decided to own and look after a cat.In fact, maybe tomorrow we will off to the pet shop to buy a kitten.After i told AS, she advised me not to buy it first until i'm expecting or manage to get my own child. The reason she gave was.."kucing akan doakan kita murah rezeki and tak dapat anak..sebab kucing akan jeles"hehehhe actually it sounds funny to me ,and it syirik to trust the she told me not to take the advised because of the particular reason above. But, take the reason that if i get pregnant, who will look after my kitten,so the kitten will be neglected instead.Logically, when i thought about it deeply and carefully, it makes sense what she said better for me to learn something else to fulfil my free time. As..thanks for your adviced..hehhehe..kalau tak aku dah beli kucing esok..kikikiki

Monday, 10 September 2007


A year passed ramadhan is coming back that means we as a muslim has been made obligatory upon us to perform our fasting for a month.If i was in Malaysia like a year before..definately the celebration is much hillarious compare to here.i do nothing as a preparation to celebrate and perform fasting except just buy a few grocceries and dishes.What i can see for this coming ramadhan and eid are not as merry as when i was in fact this is my first time to perform fasting and celebrate eid at overseas...where can i get coconut drink? tau fu fah?sugar cane drink?and many more drinks and varity the way..i wish happy ramadhan to all my family and friends...hope this ramadhan can be a new chapter in our perform religious obligations toward HIM...

Saturday, 8 September 2007

I'm backkkkkkkk

At last...i'm back...our trip runs smoohly...alhamdulillah....memang bestla bila pi paris..enjoy la..especially personal opinion pada town paris sendiri ok..cuma tak berapa best sebab kotor..sepatutnya diaorang ni jaga la sebab paris one of the kota yang glamer..bak kata iklan, paris, new york...even kalau compare london city dengan paris aku rasa london much much much better than paris in term of cleanliness,kesopanan orang UK lebih sikit dari orang sana...kalau driver kat sana ibarat driver malaysia la...even lintasan pejalan kaki hijau..driver kete selamba je jalan..kita yang pedestrian walk lak yang nak kena berenti..terbalik la sangat-sangat dengan sini...tapi yang lain ok yang susah diaorang memang tak akan guna english even kalau terdesak...nak tak nak kita jadi macam ayam n itik...hehehe..nasib b4 pergi adala kami belajar basic2 trip aku akan pergi lagi disney kalau ada memang best kalau paris city itself..maybe tidak kot..hehhhehehe...