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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Current Status

We received a call from Belgium Embassy last friday about our application.Basically, Am's visa has been approved but not for me, because they need a permanent address in Belgium.That's mean we have to rent a house first and get the Tenanancy Agreement before they can approve my visa.They give us two choices whether Am fly to Belgium first and i will be in the U.K until we manage to get a house ( this process can take at least 2 or 3 weeks,because many procedures must be followed just to rent a house.The condition happened was similar with my U.K visa.In fact we flew separately.Two months later I came and joined him). OR the second choice is our visas can be approved at once ,if we manage to get a house from here and get the Tenancy Agreement first as a proof of our permanent address in Belgium. So that's why we have to wait for the house that Greg managed to find and in process for Landlord approvals.If everything is ok I hope by next week we can submit the agreement to the Embassy.I don't mind to be left in here alone but the problem is our budget is tight.What I can do right now is just pray to Allah and hope everything runs smoothly..Amin.

leap year 2008

A leap year is a year in which one extra day has been inserted, or intercalated, at the end of February. A leap year consists of 366 days, whereas other years, called common years, have 365 days.So, Leap year should be special..i don't know..but since it comes once in every 4 i wish Happy Leap year to all..

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Mother's Day-UK Celebration on 2nd March 2008.

Every year there is one day that the world has defined as Mother's Day.. Mother's Day is a time of commemoration and celebration for Mom. It is a time of breakfast in bed, family gatherings, and crayon scribbled "I Love You's." the day where we celebrate and dedicate for all mums. In the U.K we will be celebrated Mother's Day on 2nd March 2008 not similar with the U.S and Malaysia which is celebrated on 11th May.

I was closed to become a mum before, but unfortunately out of the blue before the best moment arrives in my life i misscarried.Only GOD knows what my feeling was that time..but it's ok for me everything happened must be a reason.The truth is, even i had the chance only for 6 weeks to feel the feeling but affirmatively, I can tell how much and fast the feeling grows naturally in my heart.

Despite being less appreciate of my mother's love before ( i think so )but trust me that I really am now. The thousand miles distance between us make me realize how deep is my love and in fact I miss her so much.I even can burst into tears everytime we talk over the phone, and guess what?likewise to my mum.It might be a bit cliché but I still want to keep telling you mum that I hope you know that I love u so much no matter what and thanks for being with me all the time during ups and downs and thanks for having me in ur life.Thankx for being subtle of me ...Happy mother's Day to you Mum and to all mums in the world.

Poem that i think i wanna share with and might be better to paste it here...

Bila ibu boleh memilih
Apakah ibu berbadan langsing atau berbadan besar karena mengandungmu
Maka ibu akan memilih mengandungmu…
Karena dalam mengandungmu ibu merasakan keajaiban dan kebesaran Allah

Sembilan bulan nak,… engkau hidup di perut ibu
Engkau ikut kemanapun ibu pergi
Engkau ikut merasakan ketika jantung ibu berdetak karena kebahagiaan
Engkau menendang rahim ibu ketika engkau merasa tidak nyaman, karena ibu kecewa dan berurai air mata…

Bila ibu boleh memilih apakah ibu harus operasi caesar, atau ibu harus berjuang melahirkanmu
Maka ibu memilih berjuang melahirkanmu
Karena menunggu dari jam ke jam, menit ke menit kelahiranmu
Adalah seperti menunggu antrian memasuki salah satu pintu surga
Karena kedahsyatan perjuanganmu untuk mencari jalan ke luar ke dunia sangat ibu rasakan
Dan saat itulah kebesaran Allah menyelimuti kita berdua
Malaikat tersenyum diantara peluh dan erangan rasa sakit,
Yang tak pernah bisa ibu ceritakan kepada siapapun

Dan ketika engkau hadir, tangismu memecah dunia
Saat itulah… saat paling membahagiakan
Segala sakit & derita sirna melihat dirimu yang merah,
Mendengarkan ayahmu mengumandangkan adzan,
Kalimat syahadat kebesaran Allah dan penetapan hati tentang junjungan kita Rasulullah di telinga mungilmu

Bila ibu boleh memilih apakah ibu berdada indah, atau harus bangun tengah malam untuk menyusuimu,
Maka ibu memilih menyusuimu,
Karena dengan menyusuimu ibu telah membekali hidupmu dengan tetesan-tetesan dan tegukan tegukan yang sangat berharga
Merasakan kehangatan bibir dan badanmu didada ibu dalam kantuk ibu,
Adalah sebuah rasa luar biasa yang orang lain tidak bisa rasakan

Bila ibu boleh memilih duduk berlama-lama di ruang rapat
Atau duduk di lantai menemanimu menempelkan puzzle
Maka ibu memilih bermain puzzle denganmu

Tetapi anakku…
Hidup memang pilihan…
Jika dengan pilihan ibu, engkau merasa sepi dan merana
Maka maafkanlah nak…
Maafkan ibu…
Maafkan ibu…
Percayalah nak, ibu sedang menyempurnakan puzzle kehidupan kita,
Agar tidak ada satu kepingpun bagian puzzle kehidupan kita yang hilang
Percayalah nak…
Sepi dan ranamu adalah sebagian duka ibu
Percayalah nak…
Engkau adalah selalu menjadi belahan nyawa ibu…

Saturday, 2 February 2008


Manchester was showering with heavy snow , so i had a time to take a few pics..but at the same time i felt so sad because i'm having a normal was confirmed by the nurse when she carried out the test today, at the st mary hospital..takpala..maybe takde rezeki kali ni..doakan aku akan preggie soon..sedihnyaaaaaaaa...........

Friday, 1 February 2008

at last..but still not last

After we submitted our application, the officer told us that it took at least 6 weeks for our visa to be processed, what a shame..i thought it only takes 2 working days and similar to the UK visa but i am totally wrong...If everything is ok then it can be approved earlier than an expected duration. Whatever it is ,we have to wait for them to call us.. so after that we must go to London again just simply to resubmit our passports to affix the visa ( for info..they let us keep our passports because the application time is quite ages especially in our case which is the long stay type visa) and finally , when the visa is approved,they will courier the passports to fussy and stupid the procedure are..huhu.harap2 cepatla settle..dahla allowances in the U.k dah stop..fenin2...