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Thursday, 26 January 2012

From the buggy, mama

I taught Haris about normal stuffs to improve his thinking and vocaboulary since at this age he easily absorbs the information.

Mama-Haris, where is the feather comes from?

Haris-It's from the hugggggggge bird.( Can you imagine he said huge while showing the hands language of huge so cute !)

Mama-Ok, what else Haris?

Haris- From chicken mama.

Mama-Yes, well done Haris! Next, where is the egg comes from?

Haris-Egg from chicken mama.

Mama-Well done! and egg comes from a bird and a duck too! Do you understand that Haris?

Haris-Yes, mama.

Mama-Haris, where is the honey comes from?

Haris- From the bzzz bee ( he wanted to say the busy bee but he only managed to say bzzz as a buzy hehehee).

Haris- He asked me back about the honey but his question was like this, 'mama, where honey fom?'

Mama-Honey comes from the bee.

Haris- No mama, listen! bee comes from honey.

Mama-No Haris, honey comes from the bee.

Haris-Listen, bee from honey ( while screaming because wanted to say his right hahaha).

Mama- Ok ok. Haris! Hmmm one more time ok, where is Haris comes from?

Haris- From the buggy mama. Baby from the buggy, baby crying no good bla bla bla..He kept telling me a story about the baby.

Mama- Haris, so you come from the buggy?not from papa and mama then?

Haris-Yes mama..

Hahahaa, I think he must think he really comes from the buggy hahahah!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Inappropriate, oh dear!

Nurturing our kids need us to say more positive things in hoping they will build their self esteem and confidence . The kids will grow up and become a person in a way we teach them how to be. As for me, I admit I am not a perfect mum, yet to be a supermom, is out of my reach. When I have so much in my plate, I could not control my anger towards Haris and the innocent toddler becomes one of the reason for me to let go my 'grumpiness'.

I realized my mistakes but sometimes, it did happen beyond my control. As per example, when Haris kept demanding things when I was busy rolling up my sleeves in the kitchen, I easily felt annoying when he asked for my attention by dropping stuffs , asking so many questions etc.

Thus, this happened today,

Haris-mama, where is the rabbit?mama, what sound does the cow make? mama nak hot chocolate,..mama this and mama that..!

Mama-( Making the sighing sound likes this) 'uhhhh, what else do you want Haris?I am busy plsssss!' My intonation just about losing patience.

Haris- copying me by saying 'uuuhuhh'.. and he copied my intonation too!

I was breathing in and out while watching at the small face and thinking, oh dear, what have I taught to my kid?

Soon after that, I asked myself, 'Is this what I want? My kid to reply me like this when I old?'

Seriously, I felt sorry for him and for myself. InsyaAllah, I will try to control my grumpiness better in the future. Err, do I need a session for anger management counseling? Hehehe ok just kiding!

Mama was sorry Haris, I know that was the inappropriate manners of me as a mum..To be honest, I did say sorry to Haris and he replied me by saying 'it's okay mama'  ;-)))

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

About making choices..

As for today, Haris knows how to used a sentence about making choices. When I was with him in the train off to Brussels in an early morning, he kept talking, non stop. Asking me about this and that, suddenly, he said..

Haris- which way mama? (he asked me about the toilet in the train).

Mama- that way haris, while pointing to the door.

Haris- okay! that way..yet's go mama (let's go mama).

Then, he continued...

Haris- Mama, which want do you want?

Mama-Err..I want both ( he asked me to choose the jackets, hehehe).

Haris-want both?okay!

I am pleased, with his achievement. I t might be nothing but it is something for me.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pre loved Fossil handbag anyone..?

If anyone interested in this pre loved fossil handbag do let me know at Tq. All I can say this bag is rarely used, perhaps not more that thrice time. The asking price is RM 399 but negotiable ( with relevant price only!)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I was meant to write this last night, a few minutes away before the clock strucked 00.00 in the midnight. Unfortunately,  I was busy having  keoy teow tomyam and then went off straightaway to the bridge to watch the fireworks.

Last night was Haris first experienced of watching the beautiful and amazing fireworks under the drizzled. Well, it could be romantic if Haris was not there but with his presence the surroundings more on like FAQ session between a toddler and the parents.

Trust me, everytime he hears the bang sounds on the air he will ask 'what is that sound?', non stopped! And, he kept saying' the beautiful fireworks bla bla bla' .Luckily he did not cranky or whatsoever. He just enjoyed the joyful night and staring in the sky without blinking, amazing perhaps!

Anyway, before it is too late, Happy New Year 2012..Bonne Annee...