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Friday, 31 October 2008

Tracking down ....

Guess what? I was succeeded tracking down where MR is and his current photo..hahahhaa..after all this while, err..maybe he was forgetting or never gave a damn shit about my existance , the lunatic person in Matrik Suria..but...whatever!! The point is, I always know I can do it!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

It has never been easier!

Belgium? The procedure has never been easier, especially when you need to deal with the City Administrative. For us as a student and the dependant, we need to renew our Identity Card at the City Administrative yearly. But, bear in mind, their procedures always change from time to time. The last renewal date for the ID for the next semester is 31st October 2008, to be precise is tomorrow.

As usual, we went to the City Administrative to renew our ID last week. Apparently, we still unable to renew it since there was three documents that needed to be provided by us. The stupidest thing was, they did not mention it in the letter issued by them in a few days earlier. So, again we went back home to make all the documents ready such as, the mediacal report (spouse only), the letter of the good conduct by Belgium police (spouse only) and the health insurance letter by the insurance company (spouse only). We were back and forth from one department to another just to get the things ready before 31st October. Unfortunately, the police report will only be ready for collection by next week! So what the heck? The last renewal date is tomorrow. So, again we headed to the City Administrative just now to ask about it.

When we were there, we proceeded Am's application first, since all the documents for him has already completed. The registration went through easily without any harm or whatsoever. When it was my turn, we told the officer that only the police report is still pending for me. So what should we do ? furthermore, the last renewal date for the ID is tomorrow!

The officer, "well, the date is doesn't matter, you still can come after 31st October 2008 to renew it." Ok good news then! My heart was thudding in powerful beats of excitement..Yes I was so happy because I thought they will send me back to Malaysia for good at the first place..huhuhu..But, before reciting thankful to GOD, suddenly..

The officer , "Did the policeman come to check the condition of your house before?"

And confidently I answered him with my beam face...

I said, "yes they did come,but the policeman just left a card and requested us to go to the police station instead!".

The officer, "well...even you got the police report by the next week, you still can't proceed the application because the policeman must come and check the house first, and now what I can do is, give an order to the police to visit your house first. This is compulsory! to confirm you as a husband and wife live in there together. And then after that you can bring all the relevant documents to renew your ID."

Oh my GOD! I can feel adrenaline came rushing in so fast made me felt dizzy. I was so angry with the fussiness. It is so bizarre procedures! Very bizarre indeed!

What is the difference eh? Yes we are married but, does our marriage certificate is not good enough for them? For your info, in Belgium the ID card is the most important things. They do not even look at your international passport k! Only the stupid ID is count in here! Oh dear..Dealing with the City Administrative is never been easier. Trust me!

The officer told us that, we cannot travel out from Belgium country before we get the ID. Which is takes two months to be processed. Yes, it is to Am. But not for me eh? until the policeman comes and proceeds all the procedures like bla bla bla..It will take..emm.. I do not know how long, but I can tell up to three months!! huhuhuh...I am so boredddddddddd with the system! The silver lining is? Nope..nothing! just a thick piece of shit!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A friend in need is a friend indeed

I have to warn you about my lengthy entry, but I think it worth to read until the last dot.Hehehe..Like English proverb says, "A friend in need is a friend indeed"..What exactly does this mean? Surely the person helping the needy one is the true friend. Someone who comes to your aid when you're in difficulty is a true friend. That is the story that I want to share it here. My real experience when I really need a help from my two types of friends.

I can vividly remember in the year of 2002. I just resigned from my first job in Seremban, and I was looking for a new job. Suddenly, I have seen the advertisement in the paper for the post of Civil Engineer. It said, the interested applicant can walk in on the certain date and time. So, I said to my self, 'why don't I give it a try?, since I jobless, so who knows? Maybe this job is foreordain to be mine'. So, impatiently I rang my friend , 'S'. ( actually, I met her when I was in Matriculation 2 in Penang, and we were pretty closed! I can tell.) I told 'S' about the walk in interview and everything. I asked 'S' whether she could collect me at the bus station and drove me to the interview place (since, I didn't know anybody in Kedah during that time ). I also told 'S' that I need to overnight at her house after the interwiew that was held in the evening. I was pretty knackered to return back to KL at the same day. She said 'ok, no problem'. So, there I was!

In a few days later, I received a called from that company, The HR was saying that I got the job. I was so over the moon. So, I kept thinking, where should I headed to for the first day in Kedah before finding a house and everything, I did not have a car and friends to help me, except 'S'! So, in a guilty feeling, I rang her to asked for her help again. I was saying that I got the job and for the first 2 days I need to stay at her place before I could find a house. Only for two days! Not more than that! So, here the thing has started. When 'S' heard I need to stay at her house for 2 nights, she tried to avoid from answering my called. When the third time I called, her auntie was picking up the line and straightaway said to me, "this house only has 3 bedrooms. Plus, we have to take care of our sick grandma, so there is no extra place for you, especially if you want to stay for quite a while". I was feeling annoying with the statement by her auntie. Kindly, I said " It only for 2 nights, not more than that". So, with the awkward feeling, I stayed at 'S' house for the first night. Tomorrow in the early morning, I went off to my new office and when I was there, I asked my officemate to drive me around to survey for the 'house to rent' nearby our office. Of course, It was impossible to get the house in 1 day. I was at my wits end. I really did not want to spend extra night at 'S' place. No more! I have my self-respect k.

Suddenly, I knew from a friend of mine that Zura, is from Kedah. So, I called my friends around to get Zura's contact number. Fortunately, I managed to reach her. I told her all about my problems. Suddenly, she was offering me to stay at her house. She said, I can stay there if I could not find the house. I was totally, utterly flattered. I was thankful to GOD for give her in my needful. Even, I barely knew her that time, but she was so sincere to help me. I stayed at her's for almost three months before finding an affordable house. Since then, I indebted with her...I know, I can't pay her kindness. I really glad to know her as one of my closed friends. So, Zura, if you come across my blog and read this entry, I really want you to know that, I really appreciate what you have done to me and I will do my uttermost to help you, if you need me later in the future! Thanks you and your family. Thank you sooo much! Oh my God, I feel so melancholy when I write this entry..huhuhu..

The moral of this story is, you do not know whose your real friend is, until you are in difficulties and they are willing to offer and lend you a hand! To 'S', until today, I still can't erase the words that your auntie said to me, but I still thankful though when you were helping me with the interview. To ask for your help again in the future is totally NOT, NEVER EVER! You, people can call me cold, heartless or stubborn bitch but, you will know the feelings when you are in my shoes! To Zura, Again..thankssss byk2..aku doakan jasa ko tuhan je balas..aminnnn

Monday, 27 October 2008

Real tips and advice?

Have you been noticing that your dress size has been creeping up a number or two? Are your favorite jeans getting a little snug? If you answered yes to any of these question, then you may be considering losing a little weight to help your body to get back into shape. But (as most of us know!) weight loss is not an easy thing to attempt, and, if done improperly, it can be leaded to serious health risks.

Me, myself, I am piling up a few pounds..To be exact 4kg. I can't continue my exercise regime since the weather is getting colder. I can't stand the outside weather without my jacket and gloves. So how on earth I can exercise with so-called 'heavy outfits and bleak weather'? So, I need any ideas from my readers what is the best way that you ever used to loose some weight. The cliche advivce does not count in here. What I mean by cliche advice is, give the tips without try it on to yourselves. I want the reality and experimented advice how you really loose your weight. If possible with the proof of before and after, pics..hehehhhe..Is it too much to ask? Bukan apa, as a motivation la! That's all.

Currently, I reduce the intakes of-

1. Rice-only once a day before
2. No heavy foods at night, just plain water and if I am too hungry, I go for biscuits or a slice of bread.

I really am feeling annoying and inferiority complex with my current weight. huhuhu..Any ideas anybody?

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Antwerpen Open house

Natrah and I, thanks to abg mazli for the pic above

Yes, I was feeling knackered but full of joys, right after coming back from the open house in Antwerp. We went there in the early morning and met the others Malaysian in Belgium at Antwerp Central train station. Our big agenda before going to the open house was stopping at the two bargain shops to take a look around and maybe buy something if we fancy it. (Oh..yes, for pretty sure we bought something at those two shops!) It was soo good to walk around in the town with our bunch of friends. To share the tales, stories and stupid jokes while talking and laughing. After sightseeing and shopping, we headed to Abang Mazli House to fill in our stomach that were rumbling like hell. Even we had difficulties to step in our feet in the house (since there were soo many people), but it was worth it when we were serving with plenty of nice and tasty foods like soto, hainan chicken rice, nasi lemak and etc. Well, hope next year Eid is merrier than this year, like the proverb says"the more the merrier!"...hahaha..Very nice day indeed!

Lets all these pics talk for themselves..

Birthday boy..Helmi ..
Natrah made a surprised to her husband..bon anniversaire a vous..helmi.
Guests were talking and eating
Gossipping eh?

Friday, 24 October 2008

At last..

Yehaaaaa! at last I managed to finish all the novels..By the way, tomorrow the last house for the open house! Pas ni weekend bole rest umah..hohhoooh..

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Drifting away

Ok, that was not my cup of tea before..but, it is now..I am soo fanatic with my new novels collection by Sophie Kinsella that I ordered via my friend, Faz in Manchester. I 'm spending hours and days in reading. It feels like I am living in the strange and other wordly place everytime I read them. Well, I am completely obsessed that I would straightaway continue my reading as soon as I wake up in the morning until midday, like a psycho. I just about skived from French class just simply to finish my third novels. Well, of course I did not. With Am at home there was no chance to pull sickie or play truant..hehehee. Apparently, another 1 novel to go before I can totally relax.

About the novels, I used to read the reviews about the interesting way the novelist, sophie produced her novels. I wasn't so sure about buying her novels before, but once I read 'can u keep a secret?', I started to love the novel to bits. Truthfully, I was soo taken aback by how good the storey line in every novel is. I can't refrain myself from continuing to read the rest of my collection. I am totally, utterly gobsmacked with them. I was drifting in various emotions of happy, sad, angry and etc..I was smiling, pulling my face and giggling like somebody was tickling me, while I was reading them.

In spite of that, I have to speed up the reading process because I have plenty of reading materials like Marie Clare, Cosmo and french magazine that are still waiting to be read. Plus, a new french learning grammar book that I must read before the test soon. I am almost ignoring my french studies since I am glued to the novels. I finished 3 novels, 'can u keep a secret' , 'shopaholic and sister' and 'shopaholic and baby'. Now, I am in the middle of 'remember me' and I have already told Am to order the other four of Sophie Kinsella novels via Amazon's website. How addicted I am! I will be the new fan of Sophie. I will indeed..

Monday, 20 October 2008

Our open House

Open house was held at our place yesterday for the first time ever since we were in a foreign land. The idea of the open house has popped into our minds since we were still in Manchester, but due to several reasons, the idea was just left as an imagination instead..hehehhe..well, this year, it did happen. We invited almost 25 people to join our party and a million thanks to those who came. Appreciate it sooo much..

Well, I was cooking up a storm since 8 am and finished the preparation at 12pm. Just about the time right before our guests entered our main door. I cooked nasi tomato together with ayam masak kicap ala mamak, ayam masak ros, beef curry, pan fried vegy and some desserts, complimentary from our friends...

Since I am in no mood for leghty entry, so enjoy the pics..rejoice!

Again, thanks to all for coming ...

What was so funny eh?

Kak khis, dah cun dah..hehehhee


Natrah with nadirah and kak khis

Les Femmes

Les Hommes, unfortunately, the pic a bit i have to make it looks classic instead! Well, I hate black n white n tinted this!

Saifullah and Dr fazudin, well..sory kalau salah eja nama..hehehe

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Uttrecht, Holland

The Hague, Holland

The Hague is one of the big city in Holland. I love this city in terms of shopping..but to live in this place, definitely not! Hectic maa..

Delft Holland

We went to The Hague for the open house at our friends. We ended up sightseeing in Delft before heading off to The Hague. Delft is a nice, balmy and scenic place to visit. I love this place very much..So, if you like nice and quite place instead of the big city, Delft is the best choice for you!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Another year of Mon Anniversaire..13th October..

bon anniversaire à vous
bon anniversaire à vous
bon anniversaire à Nurul
bon anniversaire à vous...

Well, the song that people always sing during the birthday celebration. My friend sang the song to me, when we met yesterday evening. I was happy at first..but when she asked the age of mine, awkwardly I said "trente"..huhuhu.. It could much better with the number two instead of three..

Despite being busy with entertaining my friend, we still had time to celebrate my birthday. I hope it was not too late to wish thanks to my husband and friends for the lovely gifts. Well, thanks to Am for the roses, card and Calvin Klein lingerie set. I know it costed him a bomb, and truthfully I can say that, the CK lingerie is the most expensive lingerie I have ever had. Nevertheless, since I celebrated my birthday once a year, so... no regret then..hehehe. Besides that, thanks to Faz for the parfume and pyjamas. And thanks to Laurence for a bouquet of roses, card and crystal plates. Not to forget thanks to Steph for the necklace..I really like them to bits!. Lastly, thanks to my beloved family and my dear friends for very well wishes. I really appreciate it so much.

Now, I am officially turn 30 year old...The number of three in front of my age creates a mix feeling inside me..I am getting older and wiser, unfortunately until now, I never achieved something that I can be proud of myself! especially in my carrier wise. Oh dear! At this moment, only one thing is keep lingering in my mind , which is I really hope that Am can finish his PHD as soon as possible. So that, I can think about my carrier path soon.It does not matter what the thing is or are. Frankly,I am still searching for something that I really want to do in my life. To nourish the eager feeling in this matter is not as simple as it sounds though!. Hopefully, I will get what I always wanted in my life before turning 35.insyaAllah..amin..

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ici les peintures

Got the green light from them to put their family pics in my blog..All these photos were taken by me..hehehhe..voila!

the pic below a bit blur though..what a shame!

Après reçoivent la permission, ici les peintures à être partagées avec d'autres..