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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happy 2nd Bee day , darling

Haris second birthday bash went very well. The guests turned out more than I have expected. I invited 27 people including baby but there were an extra three families came over on that day. Here are some of the pics of that day and the most important thing was all the preparation was fully done and made by me ;-)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Smiling faces

More pictures of him before turning 2 years old in this coming Thursday. Two days to go for the B-day, though I am throwing him a party on 23rd July.

Friday, 15 July 2011

My trial of making cupcake topping.

Smoked salmon everyone?

I love smoked salmon very much. I can eat the salmon straightaway from the packet. It raw but considered under cooked under the smoke. So, my dinner for tonight was 'saumon fumé avec salade roquette et tomate'. Yummylicious!

Coupe les chevaux

How much is the most expensive price that you have ever spent for a great haircut in your life? Mine, when I was in Malaysia back then, I spent RM 180 for straightening by using rebounding technique together with the cutting. I did it twice, period! I could feel such a waste considering that I had to tie my hair neatly underneath the headscarf. Wiser I think is the best word to describe for the reason that my following haircut I only spent RM15 for washing, cutting and blow dry. That was it no more than that.

The condition seems different when I am here because the cheapest haircut is Eur 25 and the most expensive I have been spending so far was Eur 55 for shampooing, cutting, applying masker on the hair and finished with a blow dry. It accidentally happened once with the masker thingy by reason of limited comprehension in my French language in those early days when I moved to Belgium. After that incident, I am taking extra careful every time I go to the salon to avoid any additional tariff for unnecessary things.

This weekend I am going to give my hair a new life with a great haircut at my usual coiffure (hairdresser). I bet the scorching hot weather is the main consideration why I need my hair to be cut short. I mean very short thus, I was thinking of Rihanna style this time like in the second picture.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, 14 July 2011


I learnt about organizing clothes based on colors code when I blogged hopping quite sometimes ago. The tips given on that blog by the writer are very good about space saving ideas in organizing clothes but, unfortunately I have forgotten the blog address if not, it is my pleasure to share the link in here.

I started decluttering Haris small cupboard after sick of seeing the limited space in there. Before this, I could fit so many clothes in his petite wardrobe but since he has grown up and the clothes are getting bigger, the space is starting to become one of the major problem in arranging his outfits, accessories, shoes etc. This is the best I can do for the first step after a massive selection of the clothes. The outgrown frocks have been kept in a big sac and I placed it neatly in my storage. The hanging clothes are actually a bit more than this, but due to lack of the hanger only these have been hung.

I think after this, I need to decluttere mine after seeing not- so- neat of clothes organizing in my wardrobe.

They are mixing up in sizes, colors and hangers I think, aren't they?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Playing with the stickers

Haris had fun today by playing with the stickers. Those stickers were the stock of my collection which I bought in the last year for his first birthday party treat .

I am considering myself fortunate in this art and craft matter because I can buy the crafty things cheaply. Since the few months back, I was collecting papers, embellishments, cutters, paints and many more stuffs for my art collection. The latest in my wish list is a cutter with the various patterns of cutting and it is going to cost me Eur 135 for the whole set. Nevertheless, I am relief to know that Am is going to buy it for me and I hope he will deliver his promised in no time soon ;-))

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sometimes it is not about the Euro, but it is about the presence...

Being a mum means I have to get creative to tackle my active toddler from being bored when he is at home. Being a housewife also means I have more privileges and time in nurturing and raising my kid in my own way.

I am happy to be the first to see his achievement.

I am jumping for joy to see him behaves in a good manner.

I am proud to say that I am the one who decides what is good or not for him etc.

Well Am does give an opinion and help me on this matter but since Haris is 24/7 under my supervision so I have to do most of the tasks and responsible from the simplest to the most demanding job. Though, I do not dare to jeopardize my solely decision in some matters regarding my baby so I have to ensure both of us agree in finding a decision , I mean the final decision in certain matters.

The best thing for staying at home mum is, there is neither 'no time' constraint of eight to five for the office hours nor the traffic jam to think off like commuting from home to the office. Actually I was thinking to start a small business from home
though I am still looking for an appropriate business to start with, any idea?

Entertaining my son while managing the house chores, teaching him about the basic skills, monitoring his development pace etc do require a very high tolerance and patience, I did lost my sanity before but after a deep thinking I come to the conclusion that, the chances of bringing up my own flesh and blood is like a special gift for me from God, and I will never realized how special it is until my boy is growing up and leaving the nest for good, and I am pretty sure he will before I know it.

Ok, let's forget about my stay-at-home tasks. Actually, I was meant to story about art and craft activity. This morning, when I was thinking of the best activity for Haris, out of nowhere, the idea of creating a coloring activity by using a toilet roll was popping out in my mind. The crafty activity is usually giving us such an enjoyable moment. Thus, I was saying to myself why did not I give it a go.

Straightaway I got ready with all the stuffs and I sat him on his highchair. I gathered all the toilet rolls which I collected since the few weeks back and with some water colors we were ready to start the activity. Ops, do remember to use the colors which are safe for the kids!

I showed him how to paint the rolls and let him did the rest. I could see he was using his small brain to show his creativity. After coloring all the rolls, he arranged them all, like this.

Surprisingly, he loved the activity so much. The cost for the activity was nothing because I just used all the recycle toilet rolls.

So, for the mums out there, spending time with the kids sometimes is not about the money, but it is about our presence, that is the most important things after all to them.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Older and wiser or otherwise?

Getting older means, less friends, less rest, more stress, more responsibilities. Period!

and the list of less and more are on and on and on..

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Some of the deco for bee theme party by me.

The king bee-i made this hehehe

Banner to be deco on the wall at the main table for foods

Table sign

sticker to attach to the goodies bag

mineral water bottle wrap

Chocolate bar wrap

Practice makes perfect..

Good, enjoyable, happy are the words to express my feeling of Paris revisited in the last week.

We were staying at four star hotel for 6 days and 5 nights. All the transportation from Belgium to Paris and the accommodation were free, all born by Am's university. Actually this time, Am had to present paper in the conference and the conference only lasted for three days but being 'kaki jalan' me, I requested to stay extra two nights to bring Haris to the Disneyland. Luckily, Greg (Am supervisor) just agreed with the proposal of overstaying in Paris and just paid the bill without being fussy etc, Err..actually, I meant to say the University instead.

The weather was nice except in the day 2, it was scorching hot up to 39 degree and really made me sweating like hell. Haris was cranky for the whole day due to the hot weather. The pinkish cheeks of him was explaining the weather on that day. In the next day, the weather was not promising when we had a light shower in the late evening and in fact my night photography at Museum de Louvre was in the rain.

When I was there, I went sightseeing in the Paris city alone with Haris for three days in the day when Am was in the conference room. I lost in the hectic city of Paris, but with the map and my little French I could asked and understood the explanation that given by the local people easily. I could not thankful enough to the community that I live in now for giving me such a valuable experience in learning French. This time I did not have difficulty to communicate and comprehend the language. I thought I was unable to understand if Parisian spoke French with me, but I was wrong! In fact, I could replied and requested everything in French. Even though my vocab and comprehension are limited but surprisingly it such an achievement for myself.

To cut it short, the overall of my trip was fun!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Have you heard the buzz in the town everybody?

Haris is turning two in this coming 21st July, so I have planned bee-day party for him. Everything will be made from scratch by me. Will blog about this party in details after the party but for the time being, I just wanna share the invitation card!