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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

World changed so do the people.

In this life, I never believed when people said,'nothing has changed'. It pretty same as I never believed the existence of 'perfectionist' in this world. As we know, nothing is perfect so how come some people claimed they are perfecionist. It ridiculous! They are totally self proclaimed, well I guess! I do not want to write an entry about 'perfectionist' though. So just ignore my rambling.

Frankly, everything will change parallel with the time. Let's take the simple example, if nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies!

People changed, so do I.

When my friend said , 'You have changed,' normally I will reply something like, no, I never! But when I have a deep thinking, pause and reflecting myself, I will definitely agree that I have changed. Eventhough not in all aspects but I do change in some though.

I realised, I change in the way I think. I used to judge people easily at the first sight. But, after I met various of people that are very closed to me, my personal impression towards people have changed. I learn a lot! I learn how to keep my mouth shut and I learn how to respect some people privacy even though they are our closed friends.

I change in aspect of self appearance. Seriously, before this I do not mind to step my foot into the mall with a flip flop or whatsoever . I do not mind my attire and so does the make up. But, now it changed. I will take at least 30 minutes to get ready. Make up on, accessories on, clothes on ( after numerous trying ;-) ) and then I ready to hit the road. Sometimes, when I asked Am, what does he think about me now. He will definitely said, he loves the way I look today compared to when I was a teenager. I am now gaining more confidence eventhough I have a flabby stomach, who does not? Even Tyra Bank used to show her flabby stomach in one of those America next top model series. I put on some kilos, but what the heck? I still can look good with a right clothes and shoes. Though I am glad now because only two kilos left before reaching my pre pregnancy weight.

Oh and I realised, I am so into self appearance after having a baby. I want to look good when I push the stroller around. I want to look better when I hold my baby's hand on the road. I want to look best when I take photo with my family. Overall, I want to look like some yummy mummy out there. I want my husband and my baby to be proud of me. Wish me luck!

So, what I want to stress here is, everything will change and it either for better or for worst. The other words is change is inevitable except from a vending machine. Ok it just a joke, but trust me, people, things, friendship, etc will change. We as a grown up people should not think those changes as a problem but we take it as a challenge and hope for the best to come for us.

Do remember this, If you are in a bad situation, do not worry it will change and if you are in a good situation, do not worry it will change either!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Where is the puddle comes from?

I was watching 'Do not tell a bride' programme on the telly while the idea of writing about this came across my mind. The incident is about my boy. This thing happened in the last week when I was in the middle of cooking our dinner and doing the washing up. Spare the question of asking me where was the father because at the same time Am was busy with his job in front of the notebook and that little munchkin was playing alone nearby the window.

Suddenly, when I turned my head around,I could see vividly, the position of Haris was like squatting on his knees and there was puddle around his feet. I kept blinking my eyes to make sure what I had just seen and yes, I could see his 'bird'.

Nevertheless, I asked Am in hesitate voice. I was like,

'Ling, where is the water comes from?' and then Am replied
'I do not know' and I said,
'look, Haris is pee pee on the floor, but where is the pampers?'.

I just about to scream to the top of my voice but, I did not! What is the point though, and if I did, it is useless. sigh!

In the nick of time Am took Haris to the bathroom to be cleaned up.

Believe it or not, Haris just put off his pant and his napkin by his own without us realising it, and it ended up he peed on the floor. Luckily our floor is laminated flooring so I could clean it up easily. The double fortunate was, when he did not pee on my carpet, if not I just could see myself lift the carpet in the middle of the town and off to the launderette. Hmm, now you see, boys will always be boys. Oh I found this quote once in the past years but I could not recall who is the writer. It says,

What are little boys, made of?
Frogs and snails,
And puppy dog tails,
That's what little boys, are made of.

See, it is not an easy peasy job to look after a kid 24/7. This task is really time consuming and needing more patient. Still, sometimes I just let it be as how it should be. Well done, mama! Please read it in a sarcastic way hehehhe

After that incident, Am and I just keep our eyes on him to make sure he does not come out with a new 'adventure' anymore. Though at the same time, we are still struggling to keep on track in handling our beloved precious parcel ;-).

I do realize this peeps, Babies are always more trouble than you thought and more wonderful and that is why I cannot stop beaming wide eventhough I am feeling exhausted.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

Ok, back to the title. Have you ever heard about Roberto Cavalli? He is one of the well known designer from Italy.

Yesterday I went to buy my birthday gift. I chose to buy sunglasses instead of handbag since I haven't got a proper sunglasses and I kept complaining everytime the sun shines so bright.

Back and forth for a couple of time at the numerous optical shops, so resulting in me choosing Just Cavalli brand by Roberto Cavalli. I opted for Gucci, Marc Jcob and Prada but the designs did not suit my visage or figure at all. The short nose and square face do not make any better in choosing the sunglasses.

So, after numerous trying on the sunglasses and it including various brand, I agree to buy this one.

Hoping the sun to shine brightly very soon eventhough it a small chances in this autumn season...hehehe

A mother's word

Words and Music: Anthony W. Carter

Tying little shoe laces
Wiping off dirty faces
Are just a couple of things
...That a mother will do...

Mending a broken heart
Is only just a part
Of the care and the love
That I've given you...

With a Kool-aid smile
And a sparkle in your eyes
I wrap you in my arms
And whisper this advice...

Be strong, be kind
Be patient and in time
You'll find out, my son
What true love is all about

Be faithful and be true
Show love in all you do
Then you'll know, just how
You make your mother proud

Now, little boy days have passed
And you've grown up so fast
But in my heart
That little boy will never be far...

So on this blessed day
There's so much I want to say
But above all, I thank God
For the man that you are...

With a tender smile
And a twinkle in your eyes
I wrap you in my arms
And whisper this advice...

Be strong, be kind
Be patient and in time
You'll find out, my son
What true love is all about

Be faithful and be true
Show love in all you do
Then you'll know, just how
You make your mother proud

You've made your mother so proud...

Friday, 15 October 2010


Is he cute? He always grab my hairban whenever he see me wear it and put it properly on his head..sigh!

October annual funfair

October annual funfair is a yearly event in Liege. The funfair lasts for a month. Nothing much we can ride or play since we have baby and buggy to take care of. But, still it worth to go and just enjoy ourselves.

The leaves have fallen

Last week, my family and I went for a day trip to Ardennes. Ardenees is located in the province of Luxembourg. a small part of Belgium. Ardennes is popular for his countryside and ski. We went there on sunday morning. We departed at Liege Palais train station and got off at Marloia station. It took one hour plus journey by train. From that station we had to take a bus no.15 that headed to La roche. It took 35 minutes journey by bus. The verdict is, nice place to visit, though I still missing UK very much for its picturesque countryside...Anyway, the leaves have fallen since now is an autumn season in Europe, but we were lucky coz the weather was sunny and bright during the trip.

Let's the pictures do the story...

Reaching for the stars

I just love the expression of his face. This photo's taken last night by me when he was in the midst of playing bubbles with his dad..He is 14 months old now..

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

another years ...

can u see haris signature by papa's

Primary school, I hoped my parents will throw a birthday bash for me every year, though it only happened twice in those time.

Entering secondary school and University time, I wished my friends and my dreamed boyfriend to celebrate my birthday with me but it only meant to be, I have not got boyfriend, so only friends and besties by myside to celebrate it with me. Though, I really happy to the fullest with every year of my birthday.

Now, at this stage, I have my 'ex boyfriend,' 'ex fiance' and my husband and the best part is my son to celebrate birthday with me, nevertheless, deep inside I still feeling lonely. Lonely of hoping my university best buddies to wish me a birthday wishes like they used to be. But, what to expect, I have forgotten their birth date so are they. I guess so.

I know, now I have another best buddies and they keep standing by myside when I need them and maybe I am the one who always busy and seem less care to lend my ears to them, though I really want them to know I always love them like I love my university buddies. But, I am not good with my words. Though , they are really worth in my prayer.

Today marked another years of my life. I am turning 32 year old. How I wish it was 23 years old instead, but I am still feeling young inside out. Though, I do realize it means minus another one year of living in this world and otherwise. I noticed something this year, the older means the lesser I got the wishes from my friends etc. Nevertheless, I could not thankful enough for all the well birthday wishes that came through my private message and my wall. You all really made my day.

I could not agree more when people said, when we become older, we hope it comes along with wiser. Wiser in making decision, wiser in every aspects of my life. InsyaAllah. Every wishes means a lot to me. I look every details and some of them are really touching my heart like 'click' at the right moment.

Anyway, thanks all for the birthday wish again for more years to come.

the gift? He gave me cash money a few hundred Euro, so that I can buy whatever I want to..hehhee

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Another activity for him

This was the second time I brought Haris to the story time. He seemed to enjoy it so much especially when he started showing 'strangers stress free' behaviour. Before this the separation anxiety had developed in him, but after various activities with the other babies, he seemed to improve a lot..As a mum I cannot resist me self from feeling proud and happy for him. When I was in the library, I met two new mums. These mums told me about the perfect places for the swimming, sensory skills and musical classes for the babies. I will be going to try them next week and will blog about it later.

For the time being, just a few pics of Haris with Teo after the story time.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

day out

This photo's taken at mediacite shopping mall. Can you spot the boring face by haris?

favourite meal time

My favourite photo of him. Dinner time at age 14 months old.