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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Library time

I brought Haris to the enfants library this evening to let him choose the books to be borrowed. Haris entitles 10 books per months, that was what the librarian told me earlier. Besides that, I bring Haris for story time every forthnightly to let him mingles with the other babies. Will take a photo or video of him in the story time room in the future. but, for now just videos of him getting excited in choosing books and playing in the library.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

welcome autumn 2010






learning about colors

I read somewhere in a few weeks back about the right time in teaching babies about colors. In that article, the writer said, we should teach them about colors as young as age 10 months old. It much easier to teach them at early age simply because they are much capable of learning about everything. Haris is 14 months old now and I hope it is not too late to teach him about it. Typical me, procrastinating about some important matters.

Today I had an ample time to sit Haris in his highchair and taught him about colors. At first, I showed him three blocks with the different colors. I taught him a couple of time while saying yellow block, red block and blue block. After a while, I asked him to give me the blocks based on the colors code, and guess what? He gave me the right colors everytime I asked him and dare I said he did that perfectly.

From this day onwards, I will say to him every colors involve in our daily life to make him familiar with them. I was thinking about teaching him colors when I dress him ..yeah, why not?

Hey you people, do you realize that baby wants to learn everything. They want to touch, taste and hear everything. They learn by playing day by day. They keep learning while they are awake. So, it is important to teach them the right way since they are a baby. When they are in the middle of playing, we need to refrain ourselves from getting our hands on their activities. In example, if they fall down, do not straightaway helping them out. Lets them learn the consequences from their actions. For me, I always keep my eyes on him from afar and give him a chance to get creative by using their little mind to think. Thinking in the terms of baby's world.

Ok, enough of this talk and rambling,

Here are the pics of him . Making his first art by using colors..

Tips perhaps- I realize something though in this parenting world. We have two choices in watching our baby's growing up. It is either we just watch them without having any ideas about their development pace or we, gain a knowledge about their world by subscribing, browsing or reading to track their milestone. So , from there, we can track their development pace whether they are beyond or behind the milestone for the age of the babies in their same age and group.

p.s- Oh do not worry peeps, the colors are suitable and safe for the babies and the kids. Those are water based colors and we can get rid of the colors easily by using water.

And, I could tell it was just about the right time to stop when he started walking around in the house and left his colorful footprints everywhere on the floor..Time to tidy up for mama ;-)

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Walking is fun!

He just loves walking. And he will keep walking when I said 'tatih'. Seriously, I feel like crying seeing my boy has grown up...

Baby, I will hold your hands to catch you from fall..

Friendship syndroms

~It's always important to tell friends how special they are. And that's even more true when they're about to leave us.~Meghan~

The quote above is just so true. Very true indeed. I learnt from my besties that if we love our friends dearly just say it without hesitatation. Let's say When I love my girlfriends, I will say it to them. 'Like I love you', 'babe', 'darling'..'sayang ko'..etc..It is very hard to say in the first place but at last I managed!.

Parallel with our lives, friends will come and go but only special or true friends will remain or have touched your heart deeply. As my previous status in FB before, about friendship. I have so many friends, my childhood friends, my schoolmate friends, my unimate friends etc. All these are my friends in a different stages of life.

For me the childhood friends are friends whom I share my 'history'. History in the early stage of life. The stage where we had a crush on someone, admiring teachers, field activities after school etc. Thanks to FB, for giving me a chance to meet my old friends after like 20 years apart. Some of them have already departed, meeting the creator. Al fatihah.

My 20s friends are mostly from the same university I went to. We used to be close to one another until we got busy with our daily jobs and chores. Sometimes, no matter how dedicated we are , our relationships or friendships change as we navigate through our twenties, thirties and beyond. Like I said , being occupied with 'something else' ended up building a huge gap among us. Sigh!

Now, when I am entering my 30s, my friendships change. As I got older, I view my friendships in a different point of views and angle and sadly to say, usually I need to let them go with half heartedly. Unwillingly because of the 'unforeseen circumstances'.

I met various level of friends from different background. Some of them are just too kind. Their kindness sometimes just makes my heart melt. This time, I swear I will appreciate and take good care of them. True friends are such a waste to be lost. Friendships just enhance my life, whether by sharing the bad times or enjoying a joyous gossip especially with my girlfriends. A simple shared experience sometimes lifts me from the cliche routine.

I just love a few of my girlfriends very much and I could not bear to see other people take advantages of them. And trust me, if this thing happen, I will undoubtedly take immediate action. Just wait and see..That is my promise!

Friday, 3 September 2010

bye2 baby, hello toddler!

Reaching 13 months old- that means the time for 'bye-bye baby' and 'hello toddler' is approaching. As I observe Haris development pace, it makes me realize he ain't baby no more. He really shows like he is an independent person not like those old days when he was a baby. Little by little he knows what he wants and what he needs by acting like 'pointing' to the things. Frankly, I am so glad to see how much he has grown. He becomes a very brilliant baby ( sorry for being bias with my baby, but I guess all mums do!).

The incident that really caught my eyes had happened in the last two days when Haris threw tantrums after my ignorance towards his desired. Actually I was in the midst of preparing meals for iftar. Suddenly, he came and clung on my knees while mumbling in his own language and pointing his eyes to the netbook. I kept telling him to go to play with his toys instead of disturbing me. After shoving him properly on the floor he threw his tantrums by screaming to the top of his lungs. Not just that, he grasped his fingers and staring wide straight to my eyes and kept trying to reach me from afar . I knew then something was wrong with him. So, I brought myself closer to him and braced him in my arms. I tried to make him calmed by talking to him but it was too late. He kept crying angrily. So after a while, I took him and placed him on the lazy chair and play on the nursery rhymes. Amazingly, he stopped crying right after hearing the songs. Then I knew the reason he angry at me was because he wanted to watch nursery rhymes on my netbook but I did not entertain his demand.

I have many examples of how much my boy slowly bid farewell to the ' baby-ish' world. He is definitely a big boy now though he is forever baby to me, the apple of my eye. Very precious indeed! The real challenge has started for us as the parents..Hopefully we can manage to be patient with him!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Visiting zoo

We brought Haris to visit zoo in Antwerp in the last saturday. The purposed we brought him here was to teach him about animals. So far he loves it especially birds, giraffe, elephants and lions. The entrance fee is Euro 19 for per person. Kids under 6 go free. Plenty of pics to share with but let's some of them do the story.




Wednesday, 1 September 2010

He starts walking steadily ..

Haris has been walking quite a lot since last sunday..Here is the video of him. He is very excited to get to know he has a pair of feet that can allow him to walk around..