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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Oahu , Hawaii-United States

We flew off from San Francisco International Airport, Hawaii on 21st April 2012 by United Airlines. It took 5 hours plus journey from there. When we arrived in Hawaii , the clock showed 9pm in the night. The time difference was 12 hours with Belgium.

From the airport, we took shuttle to go to the hotel at Moana surfin resort hotel in Waikiki Beach and for the return trip was 59 dollar for two adults.

The best thing when we were there was, the hotel itself besides the good weather and exotic location to visit. The hotel was 200 dollar pe night with the conference rate and it located right in the city center of Waikiki. We stayed in Hawaii for 8 days and we joined and enjoyed various types of activities when we were there.

If people asked me how's Hawaii, my answer is  ' it an expensive place to visit but I love it that much because of the surroundings and I still missed the place!'

San Francisco-California, United States

On 20th April 2012 we flew off to San Francisco before heading to Hawaii. The flight from Brussels to San Francisco took around 18 hours including transit in Philadelphia International Airport and I was glad because the journey was smooth sailing and Haris did not cranky at all. We passed by the immigration easily without hassle and thanked God I for the friendly customer services and people  in the states!

We stayed overnight at Holiday Inn Civic Center and the hotel was about USD 140 per night. Not bad I think considering it closed approximity to the Bart train station and the journey to the airport only 30 minutes by train. The fare for round trip was USD 16.20 per pax.

When we arrived at San Francisco it was around 11 pm at night so, straightaway we checked in the hotel to stretch our feet after being in the flight for a long journey and had a good night sleep . The following day, we left the hotel at 8.30 am and continued our day by sightseeeing in the city center.

Our first stopped was, plaza civic center and union plaza. These two places just a few meters away from our hotel . After taking some pictures we strolled down the road until we reached a station for a cable car. We bought a day passport by munni for USD 14 per pax. By using this passport we could ride any buses, trams, cable car etc unlimited and trust me, it was cheap if you travelled by the public transport frequently on the whole day.  Unfortunately we only rode a bus when we returned from fisherman wharf to the city center. We did not ride a cable car due to the buggy unfriendly design for the car. It was ok though because every trip we go, normally we just went by foot to explore the places :-)

We read a map and off to Fisherman wharf. We took pictures at pier 39, hard rock cafe is here! The pier 41m Hyde street pier, the China town and etc. If you asked me which one is better either Eueope or states for visiting, my answer would be, Europe, though for shopping and the friendly people I choose The states!