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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Try again!

This is the right way to control the control car ye kawan2. First of all kick with your foot or perhaps you can use your hand instead. The remote in hand is for display only..hehehehe

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A driver hat

I have been surveying for this hat since the last year and what a lucky day today when I found it. The size is perfectly fit his head.

Who says only gegirl can be trendy? hehehe

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The toddler talks..

Dialogue 1

He watched the Tinga Tinga Tales cartoon at Cbeebies in the few days before and the episode was about a lion and his roar.

Mama- Haris, listen..I am the king of Tinga -tinga, who are you? ( I mimicked the voice of the lion in the tinga-tinga tales)

Haris- roarrrrrrrrr! roarrrrrrrrr! ( just imagine a lion with the baby's voice )

Mama- Who are you? (Kept repeating the lion voice )

Haris- roarrrrrrr! roarrrrrr!

Dialogue 2

Last night when we watched the telly , I asked Haris to said each person in the picture on the wall while pointing my finger to the picture.

Mama-Haris , who is that?

Haris- The papa ( the is the version of Haris in saying things !)

Mama- Well done Haris! Ok next, who is that?

Haris- The mama

Mama -Well done Haris . Ok next, who is that? While my finger is pointing to him.

Haris- The baby.

Mama- Ok, well done Haris. Then I switched the question. Haris, who are you? I am hoping he will say the baby because he still does not know how to pronounce his own name.

Haris- With the confident and high pitched voiced, 'roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'!

Mama- Owh ok! Well done Haris! but I could not stop laughing while seeing his innocent and funny face...hehehhe

Friday, 8 April 2011

Experience is the best teacher in life...

There are so many friends in my FB just gave birth this year, so congratulations to them. Frankly, I can't help from feeling how fortunate they are to have the family and friends to celebrate their newborn babies to this world.

reminiscence - July 2009.

A midwife entered the room 161 in the afternoon a day after I gave birth to Haris. She arranged a small rack and placed it by the wall while saying this to me, ' this rack is for the flowers from your visitors.'

I just looked at her face and gave a meaningless smile and there was a voice whispering from my heart saying , 'I do not need the rack since I have not got family in this land to visit me in the hospital and bring me the flowers', but I was wrong, because in the late afternoon Am came to be with me in the hospital and he bought me a bouquet of flowers with the congratulations card and not to forget the 'its a boy' helium balloon. He really made my day.

Nevertheless, the day passed by and the only flowers I received was from him and it slightly made me felt lonely and the feelings led to the baby blues syndrome.

The other difficult incident of not having closed relatives in the foreign land was, nobody was there to prepare the healthy home made foods and the hospital foods were limited for vegetarian and fish only and I badly needed the taste of rice in my dinner. How I wished somebody could cook a very good foods that time. I did not blame Am for this since he had to back and forth ran an errand so resulting in him had a very little time left to prepare the foods. A very simple fried rice was the option for him to prepare for the two of us.

I precisely remember when one evening the nurse mistakenly served my dinner with the slices of bacon and bread on the plate and I did not have choices because all the shops and cafeterias were closed. I could ended up going to bed with an empty stomach that night, but thank God when I had visitors on that day. They brought over a warm soup with the rice, and the tasted was like a food from heaven! I do not have to mention their names because they know who they are. Truthfully, I really appreciate their kindness and will remember them for the rest of my life. InsyaAllah.

I am writing this because I can feel how much blessing for those who have been surroundings by family and friends when they are at the hospital after having a bundle of joy. The visitors truly make a good day to the patient . For us, the experience is the best teacher of counting the blessing of having the baby in the foreign land.

I realized one thing, 'actually when we have to do something without any helps from others, we could cope and nothing is impossible,' it just the matter of giving up to the challenge and keep mourning or otherwise. For me, I chose to be positive and alhamdulillah, until today I manage to handle my boy only with the help of my husband.

Anyway, life is not all about us right? So be rational ;-)))