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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My pregnancy advance

As my pregnancy advance, nervous feeling is hunting me every now and then. What the labor will be? How long does the labor last? How to cope with the pain and how my baby will look like? Kicking and wiggling from the baby is getting stronger day by day. And sometimes it hurts when the baby gives me a very sharp flying kick. Hmm..Practice make perfect, the baby says to me...*wink*wink*

This week I am officially entering weeks 36 in my pregnancy. I could give birth anytime from this week. Well, it is true the pregnancy age is counting up to 40 weeks but normally by week 38 most women have already give birth.

I can picture myself precisely with the baby after giving birth. Definitely, I will feel a huge release feeling after finishing the big ordeal. Now, I am contemplating between taking an epidural or not during the birth. Some people say, the epidural injection does not hurt at all since the labor pain is more intense and overcome all the painful during birth. But, some people say it hurt especially the first injection to numb the area before inserting the epidural needle and catherer. Sigh! But, I think I will decide when the time is come. If I could not stand the pain, I will ask the epidural. Oh God, please give me strength for the D day..amin.

To all my dear friend, I would like to ask forgiveness if I have ever made mistakes and hurt your feeling without realizing it. Please pray for me and the baby. Hope everything is going very well and the labor is short and easy..Aminn..

Monday, 22 June 2009

Nurul misses him..

I miss him soo damn much. The countdown has begun. Only 4 days left before meeting him. When he is not around, the time passes by so slowly. Everything seems frozen around me. No spark..nothing..Feeling like faling in love again and again..Oh dear..please return home as soon as possible..Baby and I miss u..sigh!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Long deep breath entry in the middle of the night..

I thought of having a baby is a straightforward process. From making love to the nine months of pregnancy and ending with giving birth. But, I was totally wrong. For some people they meant to have a smooth sailing pregnancy and birth but not so smooth for me. The challenge has begun when I was in my first trimester. I had a morning sickness for almost five months. I could not help myself from throwing up for more than thrice, everyday. Everything was smelly. I could not stand my own kitchen. Having thought of me standing and cooking in the kitchen can makes me puke. I had to stay all day in the bedroom overlooking the old church with the building nearby. The view is not so nice at all. But, only in my bedroom I can survive from being sick. Everytime I feel like peeing, I need to use the bathroom instead of the toilet. Simply because the toilet is located outside our bedroom. There was once I threw up on the wall when I was running to the bathroom. I could not hold it any longer after smelling 'ikan patin masak pedas' that I brought back from one of our friend house. The problem was, I could eat like normal people when I was at somebody else houses. But not in ours!

Entering the second trimester, did not make so much different. The PUPP symptom has made an attack on my skin especially around my boobs, bump, thighs and arms. It was getting worse day by day until I was scratching all over my body and it bled. All lotion and medicine, that were prescribed by the doctor and dermatologist were useless. At any time, once in a while I cried because of the itchiness was undescribable. But, Alhamdulillah the symptom is getting better and I get my beauty sleep back after sometimes.

The latest problem of my pregnancy is, the gestational diabetes mellitus. This is the top of my imagination among all the difficulties. A coward person likes me, has diabetes and is currently on a sugar-limited diet for some reasons. Pricking my fingers and seeing blood are never ever crossed my mind before. It was a nightmare when I received a letter from my Gynae , mentioning me about the diabetes. Even though this thing is temporarily, but sometimes I almost lost my sane thought when the dusk comes and the sun shines. It makes me fear of the journey of the day ahead and the foregone conclution about pricking my fingers again and again and again. (Thrice in a day and only once in the night). Sometimes, I do hope for an endless night. No more dawn until I give birth. What a ridiculous hope..Yes, I know. So just you know, until this entry has been written, I had already pricked for 30 times and my fingers turn bluish. Applying a cut and bruises oil seems does not help a lot. My soft spot is melting away when Am wihout hanging back offering to prick his fingers instead after seeing the bluish effect and the painfulness. He looks regretabble with my condition. So sweet..hehhehee.Perhaps I should say adieu to the blood test. Hahahaha..Nak mampus ke Nurul?

Now, I get a new symptom which is, leg cramps. It started this morning when I woke up from my night sleep. I cried out for Am and he straightaway came out from the bathroom with a panic face. He asked me what was wrong, and when I told him about my leg, just like a reflect action, he took a bottle of massage oil and applied it on the spot until the cram eased away. I could not thanks him enough for what he had done for all this while. His hearthiness is undoubtedly. If you, my friends can see how panic he was this morning...It priceless..From that moment it makes me realized how much he loves and takes a great care of me as he has sworn during our wedding night.

All these difficulties make me stronger just after thinking of my baby's healthiness. If this what we called love, I am trully flabbergasted with myself. Because I am falling in love towards somebody that I never meet before, alive and kicking healthily inside me. My heartthrobe..I love you with full hearted.

Quaker oats with semi skimmed milk vs morale down

Hmm.. since I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus, my list of dishes intake have totally change. From eating rice twice per day to once, having veggies once in a while to thrice per day, changing white bread to wholemeal bread and the worst is, having breakfast with quaker oats and semi skimmed milk. The taste is so disgusting. Sometimes I feell like vegetarian with all the green veggies intake more than white or red meat.

I have to less intake for fried thingy menu, only a few types of fruits are ok to be eaten, juice in a box is no-no. I have to replace it with plain water or sometimes unsweetened soya. I need to cook two menu(s) per day. Am's menu is so mouth watering with exact ingredients and mine is tasteless.

I have to take artificial sugar instead of the real sugar. Yeah it tastes almost same but sometimes it can makes your blood glucose level drops and you can get knackered easily. I am officially lay off from ice cream, ice lollies, chocolate and sweet pastries. Not to take into account about pricking fingers fourth times a day. Sometimes all this things may increase my stress level. I am totally sick of being put in a healthy diet. And I guess, if this condition is permanent, I could easily suffering from mental illness. Sighhh!

But, I realized all these are the sacrifices that I have to make for my baby. My baby's healthiness is the most concerning matter after all. Some people said, when you have baby in your arms, it seems like your heart is placing outside your body. Once your baby gets sick you tend to feel sick twice than the baby and when your baby is crying out to the top of his/her small lungs, you are feeling twice times sad to see them like that.Hmmm..The biggest change of one tiny baby can make in our life is priceless.

And one thing is keeping me going on is, My baby...

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Féte des pères

Today is a Father's day celebration and if I am not mistaken in all over the world. Pardon me if I am too shallow not knowing the father's day date for other countries. But, in Belgium we celebrate father's day on 14th June yearly, which is today. So, I take this opportunity to wish Happy Father's day to all dads especially my Ayah ' Tn. Hj. Mohamed bin Hassan'. What is so special about the father's day is, it is celebrated a day before my dad's birthday which is on 15th June.

This year my dad turns 59 year old. He is a pensioner but Alhamdulillah, Allah has granted my dad with a wellbeing and a better life as what he gets today. I am so happy for him.

As I can remember, I used to be a daddy's girl when I was a kid. Everytime my dad went for any courses out of the town I would automatically run down a fever of missing him. I can precisely remember, my mum used to covered my body with my dad's 'kain pelikat' so that I could smell his ordour when he was absent for a couple of days or sometimes more than a week. I was not into my mum that much during that time. My dad is very strict with us but it was not depriving me from being closed to him.

When I was in my adolescent time, My dad used to beat me up with a cane, hanger, bare hands and many more if I made any mistakes. Not only me, it applied to all of his kids except the last two kids because of he is getting older and maybe lack of energy and calm enough to handle a naughty kids.

Do not misread my explaination, what I meant by beating in this context is, beating to teach his children what are the mistakes that we could and could not made in this life. Teaching us being a very good person and to show us love is not all about money, galore etc.

The unforgiven mistakes are like playing truant for quran class,quarrelling among siblings, getting less excellent in exam's result especially in Mathematics ( my dad is a Math pensioner teacher ok, so he would check the Math results first among others subjects and it was so scarry to show him my record book if I failed to get A in Math)etc. If we made these types of mistakes, without hesitation he would give us a punishment. I used to hate him when he beated us up or maybe pinch or squeeze sharply on our thigh. It would make our skin became bluish and it took a few days to get better.

Hitting the puberty time changed me a lot. Being reserved about everything from my dad was normal for me. I rarely spoke to him, and I turned to be a rebel person among his others kids. Sometimes, when I got punishment I would show my rebellion by not talking to him for a couple of days until he spoke to me first. See, how terrible I was! Not because I hate him but it just I could not help from showing my enragement.

Sometimes my mum used to advice me for not treating my dad like a stranger. I did feel guilty, well sometimes.. but being a stubborn me seriously did not make any changes.

When I had been accepted to pursue my studied at USM, my dad was the person whose happy so much. He told everybody around my neighbourhood about it and silently, he bought my preparation in terms of clothes, shoes, bags etc to be used at the university. I was totally, utterly gobsmacked. The reality hitted me about how my dad is actually love me not hating me when he punished me after making any mistakes. Started from that moment, slowly I tried to mend the conflict between us and Alhamdulilah everything is getting better until now.

I could not forget, how happy my dad was, when I got my first job after graduation. He bought me all working clothes. Spending money like a mad person on me.Not to forget how he burst into tears when he be my godparent during my wedding day. He gave me about RM 5,000 as my wedding gift. I was so sad when I thought of the responsibility of taking care of me has ended when my husband recited 'akad nikah' on the night of 25th August 2006. My dad told my husband to take a great care of me, his forever love daughter. I was so sad but happy though not to burden my parent anymore with the responsibility of taking care on me, his daughter. As we know, the responsibilities of parents have ended for their daughters when they are getting married.

Until now, I am still waiting for the right time to give my dad part of my salary when I continue working in the future.

To all fathers, father's to be (especially my husband, Norizham), my dad and my friends out there, Happy father's day and to my dad, Happy birthday to you. May you have many happy returns in life and live longer. I love you so much...So, just he knows I always love him no matter how bad I behaved before.

Fitri Farewell Party

We had a blast and very tiring weekend yesterday. We were invited by Fitri, Abang Madzli and family for the 'kenduri doa selamat' in Antwerp. This 'kenduri' is purposely to celebrate Fitri for his achievement in finishing his Masters Study at University of Antwerp. He will fly back to Malaysia in this coming 18th June 2009 before persuing his PHD in one of the University in Liverpool for this September enrolment. Good Luck Fitri for your future undertakings.

As I always mention, Antwerp is located two hours by train from our place. We went off and tried to take a train at 10.15am. After waiting for 30 minutes, the train was arrived but 15 minutes late beyond the departure time. I did not suspect anything goes wrong at first and just assume everything is ok. Wait until the end of the story to know why the train was late. So, nevermind.

On board after one hour journey, I told Am I felt like fainting and light headed. Am asked me if I wanted to back to Liege and cancelled the plan to Antwerp. I said no because, this was the last time to meet Fitri before he flying back to Malaysia, plus he is quite closed to us. So Am said, ok.If I insisted so! Seriously, I was totally pale and straightaway he gave me his hot Nescafe to drink. After drinking, I could feel the blood rush into my head and my heart was pumping quickly to supply enough blood to all over my body. I guess, my blood glucose was too low after all.

In two hours time, we arrived in Antwerp. We took tram and step our foot at Abang Madzli's house around one a.m. After having the 'doa selamat' majlis, all the guests were served with a very good Malay meals and varieties of 'kuih muih' to be tasted off. I completely lost my mind after seeing the foods. I supposed to control my intake but I chose to ignore it. Who could say no to 'masak lemak nenas ikan sepat masin?', tiramisu, pudding, pineapple cake, 'kerabu perut', prawns, spicy fried chicken, chocolate cake ( special made by me..hheheh ), fruits etc. The menu(s) were so mouth watering. I tried all the foods but with a small portions like not I used to be. After two hours of eating, I needed to test my blood glucose level and voila, the result showed 164mg/dl. Hahahaha..I deserved the high glucose level after almost fainting on board before. Well, just kidding ok. I was totally scared after that because the reading should not be more than 120mg/dl. So, right on cue, I stopped all the meals intake and just had a plain water until this morning. Hmm..What a price to pay for having a baby for a gestational diabetic mum, like me!

After finishing chatting, laughing, eating and all -ing things, we decided to return to Liege by taking train at 7.43 pm from Antwerp central. So, En. Adnan (one of the Embassy staffs) offered himself to drive us to the Central station after seeing we carried a heavy stuff with us. A free petit washing machine that was given by Fitri. It not too heavy but quite heavy when you have to handle it for quite sometimes.

We arrived at the train station 30 minutes earlier but, unfortunately all the train to Liege was cancelled. The reason why? I did not know. I guess they have a few places of tracks maintainance all the way from Liege to Anterwp routes. That was why our train in the morning was 30 minutes late. It is bizzarre for Belgium train to arrive late unless something is wrong somewhere.

So we decided to change our route headed to Leuven and from Leuven took another train to Liege. So off we went. Again on board, the conductor said, we had to change at Aaschort and Hasslet if we wanted to go to Liege. Two times changed with the washing machine was a really bad idea. I asked the conductor why we could not change at Leuven instead? Because if we changed at Leuven we only changed once instead of twice. The conductor said something bla..bla..bla..I could not recall the infos. Bongok and moron as being me used to be. So we followed the conductor's instruction foolishly without following the right intuition decision making by our hearts. After having difficulties in changing train twice, there we were at the Hasselt train station, waiting to catch the next train to Liege.

Unfortunately, againnnnn the last train to Liege was one hour ago. In other words, we received the wrong infos from the conductor!

Sighhhhh! Seriously that stupid mistakes that should not be done by the conductor and us had been done. What a shame.

Again, we departed the same train and return to the same route as before to go to Leuven as our initial plan (before the conductor was messing our head with the two times changing train). We arrived at Leuven train station around 10.31pm. The next train to Liege was 11.26pm. So we waited for almost an hour with the pang of hungry feeling.

We arrived at Liege station at 12.15am in the night and again, there was no train to Liege Palais. So we took a cab that costed us Euro 15 to go back to our home. It was resulting us wasted three hours journey time, arriving home three hours late, spending time and energy changing the train four times instead of once, having mood swings between both of us after not having dinner. Nevertheless, after all the difficulties and challenging day, we arrived home sounds and safely with the washing machine. I think that was the unforgettable journey after all.

So you know, until now my husband is still sleeping soundly like a baby and I just woke up in the midday. I guess, we both lack of energy to be a morning person for today.

Anyway, to Abang Madzli and family thanks for having us. And, for Fitri, good luck for your future undertakings and thanks for everything. We will definitely going to visit you in Liverpool soon. Since we have some plan in our mind about going to the UK for our holiday break. To cover the part that we have never been to before when we were living there.

As usual the pics of me in week 34 of my pregnancy.

p/s .. Thanks to En Adnan n Nurul Huda for bring our baby stuff all the way from Malaysia to Belgium. Thankssss so much.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Monitoring my blood glucose level at home

Ok, as I mentioned before I need to meet the specialist about my gestational diabetes right? Yeah you know after three hours glucose tolerance test bla..bla..It meant to be my blood is positive with glucose. So, yesterday off we went to the hospital to meet Dr. Remy Claire. The appointment was scheduled at 4.00pm. We arrived bang on time after lining up to take a ticket etc. We headed to the Diabetologie department to find the doctor's room and after finding the room we just waited there for 15 minutes until one of the nurse came to the room and told us that the doctor was at the fourth floor. At the Gynecology department. So, off we went to the fourth floor. We were 15 minutes late from the appointment time.

We kept waiting until 4.30pm and suddenly, the doctor came out from the room and invited us to get in the room. She is a very nice and soft spoken person. She treated us like VIP. The consultation took about 30 minutes. Not to mention, she investigated and questioned my meals intake to trace the causes of the gestational diabetes. After settling with the consultation, she asked me to follow her to the downstairs. One nurse was waiting for me to teach me how to use the test kit for blood test at home. The doctor said, basically, I need to prick my fingers four times a day until I give birth. That is the only way to monitor my blood glucose level during pregnancy.

Actually, testing my blood glucose at certain times of the day will help determines if my eating patterns are keeping my blood glucose levels in control, I need to maintain a daily food intakes and record my home glucose levels.

Coward as I used to be when it involves blood made me off colour. I told the doctor that I am really scared. She patted my back and said, 'nothing to be afraid of. I will be with you, and it is not painful at all.' So off we went. The funny thing was, the doctor kept holding my hand until we arrived at the destination room. One of the nurse was there waiting for me to show me how the test is done. The steps are like below.

The kits

Testing the blood glucose involves ..

1. Pricking my finger with a small, sharp needle. Like this. You can see there are numbers on the needle. The numbers range are from 1 to 9. The larger the number is, the more 'sting's feeling'you can feel.In other words, lagi besar nombor lagi sakit la.Sikit je.hehehee.

2.After pricking my finger, I need to put a drop of blood sample on a test strip. Then the meter will show the result in five seconds.

3.Lastly, I need to record the results in a piece of paper and then disposing the needle and strips properly.

The best range for the result of the glucose level in my blood are, less than 95mg/dl after waking up in the morning and less than 120mg/dl after taking lunch, diner and supper. So four times a day without failing. Anybody has a list menu for diabetic?If yes, please let me know ok. Tq.

After receiving the infos how to use the kits, they asked me to carry on the test straightaway by my own. I was so scared. So nicely, I asked the doctor to do the test on me for the first time and I will do it later by my own. So, gently she held my finger and in counting of three..Shot..There we were. My finger bled and I need to follow the steps one to three above for the rest of the test.

By the way, I need to bring my blood glucose readings to my gynae in the next appointment so she can evaluates how well my glucose levels are.

Easy isn't? Yes it is easy. Painful? sting je....awal2 gerun la tapi sekarang dah ok..biasa je. Okla..nasib la kan..asal baby sihat..tu yang penting..hmmm..itulah pengalamanku..cheewah.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Decision in the making.

I talked to Am while he watching telly and trying to keep his feet up after the tiring day at the lab. The conversation was about choosing which pram we should buy for our baby. It makes me headache just to decide the most convenient pram for us. Of course I want a very light, trendy and good offer price (is must) ,instead of bulky one. Since we only use public transport to getting around.

Wifey = Ling, I have made up my mind about baby's pram.

Hubby = Have u? So which brand you choose to buy and why? how about the price wise?

Wifey = I think we choose the second hand la. We can get less than Euro 200 for the nice brand. Because you know, if I bought the new Quinny buzz, it costs us Euro 599. And if I chose stokke you could jump out of your sit to hear the price.

Hubby = How much does it cost for stokke?

Wifey = Well, Euro 1099 before less and Euro 699 after less. With the price offered I can buy a nice DSLR that I dream of since ages.

Hubby = Hmm...No la...Go for a new brand pram instead of second hand. And forget about DSLR. Do not cut baby's budget because of your toys. The baby is our first kid after all. So better go for the best option kan?

Wifey= So, ok..which one then? Stokke or quinny buzz? I do not mind..I just give u the cheapest option to save some penny.

Hubby = We will decide at the end of this month..I promise! I think maybe Quinny buzz . Just please do some homework by searching for the better sale option. If there is any. Ok?

Wifey = prob..tq ling..

Actually it just my trick conversation with him. I mentioned about the quinny buzz price before and he said it is too expensive. So I used the reverse psychology. We have been married for almost three years so I know how to persuade him without showing it obviously. Hehehehee..Tactic itu perlu..Oh well, I found one of the baby's shop that is offering almost half price sale for all prams. So far this shop is the cheapest price for quinny buzz. Which is about Euro 420. Can u imagine how much we can save our penny after sale? More than Euro 180.

The conclusion is, baby costs a lot of money!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

pregnancy week 33

=The D day is approaching. If based on the countdown date, I have about 50 days to give birth. It really likes in the blink of an eye. The time flies very fast from day by day. Sigh!

=Braderie ended today. I only bought the maternity jeans for me and the rest is for the baby. Hmm..always

=Another 12 days to go before Am going to Washington. I have made up my mind after taking into accounts of many things. The decision is, I will stay over at one of the Embassy staff when Am is away. It much easier since their house is located in Brussels and nearby the Brussels airport. Plus, if something happen they can straightaway drive me to the hospital. But, I hope not. I want Am to be by myside when I give birth. I want him to welcome our bundle of joy. And I want him to call Athan loudly when the baby is arrived. InsyaAllah.

=I did mention about my 3 hours glucose test right? It meant to be my blood is positive with the glucose test. So I need to meet the specialist in diabetology department this coming Wednesday. I hope the doctor just decided to put me on healthy diet instead of taking any medicines or testing the blood by my own before and after meals intake. Huh! But, last night I crossed the line when I took three scoops of ice cream after having diner at Algerian restaurant with Laurence and Greg. It was our treat to them. To celebrate one of Am's achievement. Tell me who can deprive the temptation of this?

I am definitely could not. I was too into ice cream since the past few months. Before this I can live years without eating ice cream but not now. Perhaps my body needs something cold and sweet. I do not know la.

Right, these are the photos of my 33 weeks of pregnancy.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Third Scan

I went to the hospital this morning for the final scan of my pregnancy. Am and Laurence were loyally accompanying me during the scan. They both were never left me in the lurch especially when I fell pregnant and sometimes I feel this is a privilege of being a pregnanant lady.hehehe.

Laurence keeps offering us her assistance to deal with the hospital, city hall and etc just because she knows our difficulties in dealing with French speakers community.

Back to the scan story. Well, Alhamdulillah..the Sonographer said, everything is fine. The baby is doing ok and the head is facing down the birth canal likes getting ready to be born.

The baby's butt is laying cutely on my right side. During the scan the baby shows the face but, unfortunately I did not have the scan's photos. I need to get it from my gynaecologist after the next routine check up. The current weight of the baby is about 1.7kg and it is normal for 8 months age of the pregnancy.

p/s..Apparently, when the due date is approaching, I need to back and forth to the hospital frequently. So by hook or by crook better for me to get used to it! tapi sangat bosan ok!

Forwarded email aku copy paste penulisan one of the Am's junior. Aku memang setuju sangat2 dengan email ni sebab aku memang amat benciiiiii forarded email jugak.Mari baaca apa ditulis beliau..Kalau ada sesiapa tak setuju mintak maaf la ye..tu terpulang apda pendapat masing2.

Saya sangat menyampah kalau dapat email-email forward yang entah apa-apa.Lagi menyampah bila email yang diforward tu bukannya betul atau tak diselidiki betul-betul.Minggu ini saya menerima email forward pasal coklat crispy.Tatau coklat crispy? Ala.. yang ni..

Cokelat ni merupakan cokelat favourite sejak kecil. Ada sentimental value cokelat ni. Cokelat crispy ni merupakan 'jajan' yang mak saya selalu beli masa kitorang adik beradik kecik-kecik dulu. Seingat saya,tak ada la pulak ada cokelat lain yang dibeli melainkan cokelat ni.

Email yang saya dapat hari tu, alkisahnya berbunyi begini :






Di dalam gambar yang di attachkan..memang nampak ada cap halal Jakim. Jadi, saya pun nak memastikan la kesahihannya.Lalu saya masukkan barcode cokelat tu dalam laman web halal jakim :

Nama Produk : Crispy 12g Alufoil
Tarikh Tamat Tempoh :15/11/2009
Status : Sijil Sah
No Kod Bar : 9556032030931

See...ada sijil sah halal. Ok, untuk makluman..E476 ni sumber dia ada dari haiwan atau dari tumbuh-tumbuhan. Saya assume, kalau product ini dapat sijil halal, maknanya sumbernya adalah dari tumbuh-tumbuhan atau haiwan yang telah disembelih mengikut cara islam. Takkan la JAKIM nak sewenang-wenang bagi sijil halal. Kalau kita meragui kehalalan yang diberikan oleh JAKIM, HARUSLAH juga kira meragui semua product yang ada tanda halal JAKIM.

Memang orang melayu ni, kalau bab-bab ada 'E' dalam ingredient terus campak buang.Lepas tu semua sumber dari haiwan adalah dari BABI.Apa?macam la takde haiwan lain...lembu ada..kambing ada..

Tapi kalau dah rasa was-was sangat takyah beli la.senang!

Satu lagi email pasal MARS akan berada paling dekat dengan bumi tahun ni sebenarnya email yg diforward tahun 2003.So, it was true back in 2003...bukannya 2009. Tapi email ni stil disebarkan malahan ditulis MARS akan dekat dengan bumi august 2009.

Yang menyebarkan pun, lain kali bacalah dulu dan selidik.Jangan dok tekan butang forward.Tak semua orang suka baca email forward ni.Dah la menyemakkan mail box.Lepas tu, email yang diforwardkan mengarut dan ada yang tidak benar.Yang sedih tu, golongan2 yang belajar tahap phd pun ada gak suka forward benda yg tak benar yang boleh buat spekulasi ataupun email yang entah apa-apa.

p/s: Jarang baca email forward..akhir-akhir ni baca memang menyakitkan hati..

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Braderie 2009

Talking about shopping. Yes, today until 7th June is the best day to spend money for the bargain prices items. Not just because the price is cheap but definitely the brand attached to each items make me become crazy.

Braderie, like last year is the yearly event in here. They celebrate Braderie before the summer sale in July. What I like during Braderie is, all the shopkeepers will open their stalls in front of the shop. They just piled up all the items and normally the price is reducing up to 75 percent.

For the first day of Braderie this year, I had a chance to buy 5 pairs of maternity pants. 2 baby girls clothes for my friend and a T shirt as a souvenier for my niece. All the items are worth less than 30 Euro and was bought at premaman. Walau dah nak give birth tapi maternity clothes ni bole simpan for the next pregnancy.

I will definitely going there again tomorrow until this saturday to take a look for the real bargain. Tapi tunggu Mr. Banker dulu la kan..dia pun nak beli something for himself.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Tua mengejar..

Aku duk belek majalah tadi..pasal health and living. Hmm..tetiba satu artikel ni macam wake up call lak untuk aku. Kalau di kira-kira lagi 9 tahun je aku akan masuk 40 an..Seram ye macam dah tua je.Kalau kata age tu hanya number, memang denial stage la.age tu la yang menunjukkan betapa kubur dah kata mari mari mari..umah kata pi gi daa..dengan umur la menunjukkan garis 2 tua yang sampai satu tahap krim kecantikan pun dah tak mampu nak tutup garis ketuaan. Dan umur jugak la yang menunjukkan kulit dan badan kita kerepot sana sini..susah hati..tapi itula, itulah hakikat yang memang takleh lari. memang tua mengejar. Anak baru nak masuk satu ni. Kalau ikut calculation aku, masa umur aku 40 anak sulung baru 9 tahun..kalau aku 50 dia baru 19 tahun..tu tak kira anak2 yang lain..mak ai maknanya dah pencen pun kena tanggung anak2 belajar lagi.patutnya dah pencen leh la berpoya poyaan..hmmm..sadis tul. Nampaknya before umur 35 tahun aku kena cergas..nak anak sekurang-kurangnya 3 orang. target 4 orang.

Rumah seme kami takde lagi..Apa yang ada kat sini sekarang tu la yg kami ada..kebanyakan orang dah settle down pada umur 30 an..haiyoo..debar2..

Tua mengejar..fuh..tapi apapun aku bersyukur, target sebelum balik mesia for good kami nak melawat dan jajah benua europe sebanyak mungkin. Tipu la kalu aku kata seme tempat kat europe ni sama..tak sama okay..kena pi tempat2 menarik..tengok tamadun manusia .Salah satu senarai kesyukuran aku bila pindah ke belgium adalah senang nak jalan2 kesana sini..kalau duduk manchester dulu nak pi paris pun pikir berkali2..macam heaven gila la dapat keluar ke paris..sekarang nak ke paris 3 jam leh sampai dengan bas.tambang lak 30 euro je return..kalau train lagi la..high speed train sejam stgh je dari sini..kalu book awal 60 euro leh dapat return.Holland pun sama..20 minit je kami jejakk kaki kat holland..germany 50 minit..dekat kan? Hmm..kira kena gunakan la peluang ni..gain pengalaman seme..Syukur la walau pun aku tumpang tuah Am je kan..kalau harap aku tak sampai la sini..

Apapun tua mengejar..amatlah menakutkan..So sebelum sakit lutut..sakit belakang..mata rabun..baik aku hayati kurniaan tuhan ni..tetiba lak terenung masa depan dan masa akan datang sebelum masuk 7 kaki bawah tanah..isk..seram.

3hrs glucose tolerance test results. 3 hrs glucose tolerance result just arrived. It shows my blood contains glucose in it. Sigh! The further action is, I need to contact 'Diabetologie specialist consultant' and let see what they are going to do on me. Nevertheless, I have a little idea what I am going to face until the day I give birth. Scary la!