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Monday, 30 May 2011

spring/summer 2011

We brought Haris to climb 400 steps at Liege city. The steps led us to the citadel park. From 400 steps, Haris managed to climb more than half of them. I am so proud of him because he less than 2 years old! After the whole tiring evening, he slept very early last night like adult used to say 'sleep like a baby'...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

He is about to start schooling...

My boy will turn 2 years old in two months away, so my husband and I have decided to enroll him to kindergarten at three years old. I have found a school via internet and contacted the person in charge regarding this matter. The director of the school said,

'If you are interested by what we call ‘immersion’, you should register your son ASAP. He will then be put on a waiting list. At the age of 2 ½, he can start attending kindergarten. There is no problem attending kindergarten between the age of 2 ½ and 5 as he will be taught in French. If he can get onto the right list, he will then be allowed to attend the last year of kindergarten in English and then attend primary school in English, where he will learn to read and write in English before reading in French.

You can make an appointment or come to the school if you happen to pass by.

There are no school fees as my school depends on the County Council, so it is also open to everyone.

So, here I am. Next week on 31st May I have set an appointment to meet the director to talk about this matter and if everything is ok, I will enroll Haris at the school. Just if I have a huge amount of money, International school would be my choice but what to do, though I am glad if Haris can continue his primary in English and French based school. The more he knows about languages, the better. Language is global and important after all, especially the international languages. So, in this case I am talking about French and English.

All the best baby! I can't believe you are about to start schooling.

Friday, 27 May 2011


The tiredness seems disappear in the thin air when I see my baby drifts away in his slumber..

Photo of Haris at 22 months old.

Worst experience with Hellvetia hotel, Venice Lido Italy

Ok, as I promised in my previous entry. This entry is just about the hotel that we stayed in Venice. The hotel's name is Hellvetia and it is located in Venice Lido and only 15 minutes by boat to the tourist area, St. Marc Square.

First of foremost, nothing was good about this hotel. The room was small, the furniture was lousy , the staffs especially an old lady in a biker jacket were rude, the hotel's policy was rubbish which was we could not bring any foods into the room except a small amount of drink and with a baby it was quite difficult. The funny thing was, we never saw any notices about this rules until the old lady saw us brought a box of pizza to the hotel and she said it was against the hotel's policy. I could not see any policy about bringing foods everywhere in the hotel until the next day after the incident the hotel put the notice on the reception desk about the foods thingy. I can accept if she said in a polite way but it was not!

Besides that, the hotel was pricey and the location was not so good. If you have a limited time of traveling just stay at the main land. It is quite expensive but trust me, you will satisfy and does not waste too much time on riding a boat.

On the day of our departure, we notified the hotel's staff that we wanted to checked out very early in the morning so we insisted on paying by cash at the counter a day before departure. We settled the bill and the staff said, he can only gave us the receipt on the next day because only one person was allowed to write the bill. Rubbish wasn't? Owh, one more thing, on the day we checked in the hotel, the staff held our passports for I did not know the purposed of that but one thing for sure, your passport is not something that other people can simply hold it. It against the rules.

On the day of our departure, we received an email from the hotel's staff and it said, we had broken the sink and the chamber maid was not there to check during the checking out due to the time of our checking out was too early. We checked out at 7 am and the chambermaid clocked in time was 8 am. The hotel insisted us to pay Eur 195 for this. We were not happy because when we left the hotel everything was in a good nick. Nothing was broken! We replied the email saying that we were not going to pay the amount and it was not fair to do the false allegation like that.

The hotel seemed did not want to give in, so they said, they will charge our credit card for this amount. Before we had time to cancel the credit card, the amount was charged to our credit card. We were so furious and filed a claim to our bank and attached all the receipts of payment etc. The bank said, if everything is ok we will get the refund. Fingers crossed! Though I am not happy with this matter. So, to the people out there avoid this hotel! We put a comment on website but unfortunately our comment was invisible to other people to review it. is taking side on the hotel.

So, if you want to book a hotel, avoid the not so well known hotel and avoid the hotel with the reviews are invisible . There is must be something wrong with the hotel if the guests keep saying negatives comments about it. This is the precious experience for us. After this we will loyal to IBIS or well known hotels instead of searching for a good bargain. Trust me, if something is too good to be true that means it is scam.

Though Hellvetia hotel ruined our sweet memories in Venice but I still thinking of visiting Venice again in the future...InsyaAllah..

Monday, 23 May 2011

shooting all these photos by using manual programmed

I am still learning. Learning how to use my dslr in a right way especially the manual programmed. It is not as easy as it looks but never give up!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Daily obsession outfit

My current obsession for my daily outfit is, wearing a legging. Legging is so comfortable for a mum with an active toddler, like me. Those are the pictures of me in leggings.Do remember this rules, if you are wearing a legging, avoid from wearing a short top and try to wear a dark colour leggings such as black, dark brown etc for the first timer to avoid from feeling awkward in the public. Being a mum does not mean we have to be boring. We should dress up a bit but just remember to not overdone it. The last rules is do not forget to take photo with your kids because they are just like icing on the cake for our pictures.

the ideas..

I was thinking of doing my online business to fulfill my ample time. Too many ideas in the head and yet so little effort to launch it. I have been researching and thinking about doing business in art and craft, actually more on supplying a raw materials in art and craft thingy.

Besides that, maternity clothes, children toys, books, handbags and perfume are part of my business ideas. The problem with me is, I have not confident enough to start the business. I need courage!

I am so in love with party theme. I just love to take order in designing themes for other people, though I haven't told people about this :-((, yet!. Frankly, I have a few designs in my collection that I have made by my own so here are some of them. These designs are for bottle wraps and chocolate bar wraps.

Friday, 6 May 2011


1.We went on holiday to Venice and Milan, Italy on 22th April until 26th April 2011. Photos are loads! There were ups and downs during this time trip but overall I like Venice so much compared to Milan.

2. I just received the tickets and hotel's booking in Paris for this coming June. This time we will be revisiting Paris and Disneyland and all are free. I am joining Am for his conference. This conference will be held every other year and this year is in Paris.

3. There is an activity for the spouses during the conference and one of that is, cocktail in Eiffel tower! Unfortunately, with Haris I do not think I can make it. But, will see though when the time comes.