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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Working on shape recognition and hand-eye coordination

I was thinking to continue  teaching Haris about the shapes and the colors for a couple of weeks before moving to the next activities. Learning about the shapes and colors are part of the Montessori activities and I should have introduced these activities to him before he reached one year milestones. Actually I did  but I never taught him properly due to lack of patience in me, sigh! Though,  I think it is better  late than never. Furthermore, the first child is like an experiment time for a parent, like me. Whatever is bad InsyaAllah I will improve myself if I had a chance to have another kids in the future.

Nevertheless I read somewhere ,the writer said something like this 'Toddlers start recognizing the difference in colors and shapes at around 18 months. When an interest in shapes and colors begins, it is time to start teaching and practicing with them.'  . So I guess I am not that late ;-p 

Back to the title of this notes, to gain knowledge about the shapes and colors means my boy needs to do more activities which related to the shapes and the colors.

Hesitate not, this afternoon off I went to the toys' shop to buy the wooden blocks shapes for Haris. 

                                        The adorable pieces of the shapes

These wooden blocks are not just simply 'a block', They allow the kids to create and build anything from them based on their imagination.  In other words, this activity generates the kids inner creativity. This set also helps the kids to work on shape recognition and hand-eye coordination considering that, this adorable set available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and trust me, they attract my son to play with them ;-))

                                           The view from the top of the container

What he needed to do was choosing the right shapes and inserting them into the hole on the lid of the container. While he was playing with the blocks , I kept mentioning to him about the shapes together with the colors i.e-the orange triangle , the blue circle, the pink square and etc to make sure him understood better and if he did, I can beam widely ;-).

                                              He said 'x-engle' means rectangle.

                                                Watching the block drops


areT said...

I wonder how our parents raised us, without all this Montessori skills or whatever, yet we grew up as a useful person.But I guess its all coming from "love". Kudos to them.

Nurul said...

Actually Montessori is not a new educational system. It started since 1897 by Italian physician, Maria Montessori. Montessori is not a formal education like we were having at the conversational kindie when we were a kids. This system more on teaching the kids about the life skills i.e-how to brush the teeth, how to wash the face, how to pour the drink, how to feed themselves, how to know the colors, shapes and many more. The kids will learn all these sklils from playing and officialness way. The thing is, if we want to teach them by following this Montessori system at home, so we must set up a learning space for the kids by following the guidline of the Mentossori. That is what I am doing now. Trying to set up the learning space little by litle :-)..actually our parents did use the mentossori skills but we never be taught at early age as young as from birth. We used to be fed, tying the shoe laces by our parents etc until we are too old enough. In our cultures, we set our mind like this 'ala kecik lagi, mana reti nak mkn sendiri, mana reti nak basuh tgn, kena tolong buatkan'. that is why we late learner in basic skills life..Nway as u said, kudos to our parents..they did a great job!

we as a new parents more demanding but it is ok..all depend on the parents jugak kan ;-p

areT said...

ala nurul..tak payah maria montessori..ikut cara Muhammad b Abdullah ajar anak lagi bagus:)~ala2 wardina saffiyah aku skg kan...kelass kau maria!heheheheeh

bagus cara ko ni..ini di sakki sbb ko byk masa yer nk buat sumer ni.Plus,ko byk membaca. bagus nurul..sekorang2 nyer aku dpt sheshuatu utk dipelajari ttg penjagaan anak dr blog ko ni...thanks mama haris..boleh gitew?;)

Nurul said...