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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

when it is more precious than a gold..

Kids and soft cuddly toys perhaps like rhythm and song. They are inseparable. Maybe not to all kids but for my son the answer is yes.

It dull yet it precious

This little rabbit I bought at IKEA for Eur 5 when he was in my tummy and fter he was born I introduced this little creature for him to hug and cuddle during sleeping. I never thought he would love this rabbit as much as I could imagine off. Where ever he goes, he brings this rabbit along. Even though in the first day at school until now he still brings the rabbit with him. He even said a few time to me  that the rabbit is his son. He got the idea of son thingy when I always say that he is my son and that is why I love him so much.

Reminiscing the incident that happened when we were on holiday in Paris where this rabbit once dropped on Champs Elysees's road. I realized about the missing after a few minutes and it took me quite a while to find it back after needing me to run back and forth like a mad! Fortunately, I spotted the rabbit sitting nicely on the window sill at one of the shop at the corner of the road. Indeed, I could not thanks enough to the anonymous who put the rabbit on the safe place :-)).

The second time Haris lost his rabbit was when we were on holiday in Austria. The rabbit again fell off somewhere right in the city center of Vienna. I did not realize the missing until one of the stranger patted on my back and handed me the rabbit. Obviously, Thank Allah for that to send me a nice hearted stranger!

The third and last time the rabbit went missing was when we were on the way back to KL from Kelantan by train. That was the last day we were in Kelantan and we supposed to return to Belgium in three days time. When we were waiting for the train, Haris asked for milk and every time he wants to have milk, he will ask for the rabbit. We were looking for the rabbit everywhere and unfortunately, we could not find it, let alone the shadow of it! My day made a phone call to my brother, asking for the rabbit since he was at home at that time. He checked for the rabbit everywhere and finally he found the rabbit at the back seat of his car. I explained to Haris about the rabbit and he tried to keep the emotion out of his voice, but he failed, and in the end, he cried out loud of his healthy lungs because he could not grasp the idea of losing it.

The main problem was, we could not get the rabbit straightaway since our train was due to depart from the station in any minutes away.

After having discussion, my brother came with the idea of sending the rabbit by lorry since one of his mutual friend is a lorry driver and he due to drive the lorry to KL in the following days. What a great suggestion!

I managed to persuade Haris to use the new rabbit ( which I had in my luggage ) for one night only. Though,  all I could say was, Haris petite face under the moon's silvery spell, who supposed to enjoy riding the sleeping cabin train for the first time seemed sadden. Full of sorrow, period!

The next day, when the sunlight peeking through the curtain in our cabin,  he woke up from sleeping and it only took a few seconds for him to ask about the rabbit. Again, I have to tell him in a decent and simple way to understand that the rabbit will be arriving in KL tonight by lorry. Guess what? He was quiet and understood me pretty well. So, no drama for the whole day!

In the night on the next day, my sister went to collect the rabbit from the driver and alhamdulillah, here it is now the rabbit safe and sound with Haris. I hope there is no such incident of dropping the rabbit again in the future. I just could not imagine if this rabbit went missing for good and if this thing happened, I hope he will get used with the idea of living without his best buddy.

Perhaps,  I will write again about the chaos and madness :-p.

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